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So finally decided to have rhinoplasty, reason...

So finally decided to have rhinoplasty, reason behind it was just because my nose was slightly big for my face. I wanted my nose done from the age on 16 just because i have always liked all my features but the one feature i never liked was my nose. I waited untill iam old enough to pay for the procedure. Iam 25 now. Beginning of 2013 i started going to see different surgeon, first surgeon i met worked for mya london he was iranian i beleive forgot his name. He basically told me my nose is not an easy one to do and he wont be able to doit, in all honestly he was extremly unproffesional and i definatly knew he was not experienced enough. I made a second consultation this time with dr lahoud transform. He was really nice to speak to he took pictures of me and decides my nose is not big at all and is my maxilla that is high therefore making my nose appear slightly prominant. He told me to contact nhs regarding maxillofacial surgery. I did this and the maxiofaciall surgeon said i definatly dont need to have painfull maxialla surgery and my maxilla is not too high just slightly. My third consultation was with Dr Gonschior at mya. He was easy to talk to we spoke about the maxialla issue and he said that if i lover my maxialla my face will look flat and my nose appear larger so he said rhinoplasty is a better option.
Dr Gonschior wanted to make my nose less wide all over and put a graft in my radix and make my tip less prominent however the consultation was not too detailed and the patient co-ordinator was in the room taking notes, this made me feel extremly uncomfy, maybe because hate pointing out my flaws to others.
Moving on after couple of months decided to have a consultation with Mr Paul Glossop in wolverhampton, travelling here by coach was easy and cheap. I met him and he was extremly proffessional clever and undrestanding. He has being doing rhinoplasties since the 1970s and is an ENT specialist.
He talked about working on my radix by placing a graft from my septom, making my nose less wide over all, shaving very small hump i have, using diamond incisions to make my nostrils less flared out, and pushing back and reducing my prominent tip. I just had surgery today with Mr paul at nuffield hospital wolverhampton. Btw the hospital and staff are lovely.
Iam going to post some pics of before, morphed pic of what i hope to achieve and after cast off them maybe one month then two months post op. Btw came out of surgery around 7pm and is currently 6am iam very relaxed as the painkillers work sooo well :).
This detailed review is for those that want that extra bit of information as i know from personal experienece how hard it is to find the right surgeon deciding to do such life changing surgery.

Day 2

Swelling especially under my eyes. Open rhino with osteotomy so was expecting swelling! My nose is really swollen but i can already see some result:).

My nose is soooo itchyy ????

Severe swelling! Frightened myself in the mirror this morning lol! My hubby keeps saying I look beautiful which makes me question his eye sight. Love all the support from my sis, best friend and hubby ??

Morning of day 4

Antihistamine tablets have been my best friend, to deal with the itching. One a day does the job perfectly. Swelling in going down slowly. Spoke to mr glossop on the phone fri eve, he said the operation went well and he was able to push back my tip as much as i wanted him to:) iam excited to get the cast off on fri.

Time scale slightly wrong

So on here says i had my operation on 13th, making today day three post op, but my operation was on 12th meaning today is day 4 post op:)

Day 5

So happy, iam taking my cast off on thursday at brentford nuffield.
My nose is stuffy but i manage to sleep okai. I feel like the healing process is going well not much swelling left. The reason why i keep putting side profile pics is because my side view is what i had a real problem with due to long length. It swollen yet still looks so cute:)


**Brentwood Nuffield

Cast off at home :0

So did loads of research to see if it is okai to take cast off on day 6 at home because was irritating my skin so much i could not sleep, turns out is fine so i had a steamy shower that made the cast almost slip off. The results are definatly visible yet subtle:)
I know the next three weeks will mean more swelling but luckily i feel patient atm.

My experience so far

Worst part of the whole procedure so far has been the ithching sue to nasal splint. Best part of my experience so far has been getting positive result from the surgery. Iam not sure yet how the final result will look but iam pretty sure it will be an improvement compared to what i had before. I went on this journey with realistic expectations and that is the one thing i will advice others to also do. I am not suprised that i like the results because i knew all the time spent on reserching for the right surgeon will mean i will feel safe in his hands.

Fat fingers

Causing spelling mistakes (small iphone keyboard, fat funky fingers)

Last update for now

Say day 8 post op cast is off iam happily recovering, for any one post op just be careful of things hitting the nose it really hurts (pillow hit me lightly was still painful). Iam really happy with my nose is refined, doesnt stick out when i smile or laugh so havent stoped smiling since it came off. Iam happy with size know but think i will be even more impressed with the results when the swelling goes down completly. Dr glossop was very down to earth he didn't promise me the perfect nose but something about him made me have a this feeling that he will do a good job. I would recommend him 100% only if you are after natural beautiful result. Might update after couple of months maybe a year. If anyone has questiona feel free to ask iam here to help because i know is hard to go ahead with surgery.

9 months later and all is wrong

Hump appeard and some weird bone or cartilage problem havent been to see dr glossop yet regarding this problem but before the surgery he mentioned if something dont turn out right he would definatly do a reviosion for me. A revision is the last thing i want to do but it might be my only option. I absolutly love the tip though. The white pimple looking thing is either bone growth or the cartilage because my skin is thin at the top it shows. The red thing is just a little spot nothing to do with this issue


Went to see dr Glossop today, he said the problem is a cartilage slip and he advised me revision would be best. Will book soon for revision. He also said apart from the cartilage slip he is 90% happy with the results, i feel the same way if that minor problem hadn't occured the results would have been almost perfect. Will update after revision.

revision on the 3rd of nov

Decided to have revision with mr glossop, we have agreed on a few changes first one being shaving the cartilage graft paper thin and afew other minor changes. I hope it goes well and will update after operation :)!

revision done :)

I had revision rhino with dr glossop yesterday eve. Nuffield wolverhampton has been amazing and Mr Glossop has been great. Will update pics when possible. Hardly have brusing nothing compared to last time no discomfort :).

so happy :)

4 days after revision the tapes on my nose were irratating my skin thankully they slipped off easily.
alot of swelling but the profile is perfect. Soooooo happy right now. He has made it exacly how i imagined he would.

week post revision

I hope the results stay like this forever. The most perfect nose i have seen on my face. Looks smaller already even with all the swelling. Cannot find a single fault. I am so glad i went ahead and did revision. Dr Glossop is honestly a great surgeon. My family and friends are also very impressed with the results and lack of sweeling and brusing. I literally have one minor bruise.
Mr Paul Glossop

Mr Glossop made me feel comfortable enough for me to trust him with my face! He was honest (saying he will not give me a barbie nose) instead he wanted to keep the nice bits if my nose and alter the not so nice parts resulting in a nose that naturally fits my face.

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