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So, I am having Flanks, upper abs, lower abs, bra...

So, I am having Flanks, upper abs, lower abs, bra fat, banana roll, full thighs and knees done on Friday and I cannot wait for the results! I am of course nervous but I am having general so hopefully it will be straight forward. Dr Hamlet at the Hamlet Clinic is doing mine. I saw a few (of the best) and he just made me feel that he cared and really knew his stuff. He also set realistic expectations and told me what was not possible (I wanted my calves done but he said they are too muscular). I trust him as he teaches Vaser and I have seen his work. Will post pics once all done. Wish me luck!!!

1st set of pics taken at 6 days post procedure

I am pleased so far - obviously very swollen on thighs and knees so they need to go down alot. My back is itching like crazy and I am swollen all across my back and waist but , so far, so good!
Dr Grant Hamlet

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