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Took me a good 2 years of reserch to even bring...

took me a good 2 years of reserch to even bring myself to have make an appointment but once i did knew it was exactly what i wanted to do and was booked in for around 8 weeks later. so far been ups and down but defintly worth it! im only 3 weeks po but am already pleased even though i have conserns about my puckering and how i have been stitched but i no longer have saggy skin and to look down and not see that is wonderful!!

Thought i should prob add abit of background here...

Thought i should prob add abit of background here so here goes.. i am 21 have 2 children of 3 and 4. i had an amazing figure before i had my children( not that i thought that at the time!) i went from 61/2stone to 11stone with my first and well my body was well and truely K.O never to be the same again. my second didnt really make any difference damage was already done, if anything she helped me to lose the last of my post baby weight i never lost first time round. Once upon a time i thought id forever have to hide this hidious body i was so ashamed of it has affected my life in so many ways.. generally depresses me, shot my confidence to peaces, clothes i wear, realationship with my ex partner he was not bothered by it at all but i was which make intimate occasions very awkard when his mind was in it, where as mine was on the possibly he may see it in the dark it was wobbling anythin and wanted nothing more than to run and hide even though i didnt even get as far as taking my top off! didnt matter coz i knew it was there.

I am now 3 weeks po and although i do not have this supermodel body and i am still swollen not standing straight all day i am thrilled to not have that sagging skin. recovery has been interesting few ups and downs but on the whole i expected it to be much worse. i was off all pain meds by a week po. am now back at work (i work in a pub). i am getting a little frustrated my not being able to do certain things hoover ect .. they call me the whirlwind at work i am constantly on the go so having to sit back and relax was a total reality shock one i did not like much but now i am doing alot of normal things beside lifting and pulling. think listening to what your body tells you is by far the main thing.
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