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Hello everybody I'm Aimee, I'm 26 and im having a...

Hello everybody

I'm Aimee, I'm 26 and im having a tummy tuck in 9 days.

5 years ago i gave birth to an 11lb baby girl. I'm only 5'2 , petite build and weigh 8stone 2lbs. I stretched a ridiculous amount when I had her, I put on 4.5 stone and then went on to loose 6. I was left with a saggy, wrinkly overhang of mushy skin which I cannot bear! So it's finally going!

At this point I'm kind of driving myself insane, I'm not quite "with it" because all I can think about is the tuck, the result, the recovery etc etc. Part of me is petrified but I'm mainly excited and just want to get it done and start recovering. What ever the outcome I will look a lot better than I do now, but I hope I have that "yessssssssss" feeling after speeding so much money!

Some more before pics, this is how I am now


This is a pic of me when I was pregnant, after I had my baby and now I've lost 6 stone, look okay clothed but like an old lady underneath!



So it's 7 days to go and I've started taking arnica 3 times a day, I've heard wonder stories about this and helping recovery. I've also started having a protein shake a day just to make me stronger and protein is good for recovery too. Anything else I should get? I've heard of people taking laxatives and stool softeners, when should I start those? Also what did people eat the day before surgery? I've read about eating a clear liquid diet.....will a soup and protein shake diet do?!? Thanks!

Mushy skin

6 days to go

Wow this health kick is really agreeing with me. my work skirt is so loose on me today and my fiance says my face is a picture of health - i think hes really trying to encourage me not to drink alcohol ever again ;)

I must say, waking up to all your lovely comments is making me so excited! They're so encouraging and supportive, and every time somebody says i'm going to have a good result i sort of do a little "sqeeee" inside! I said at the beginning of all of this "im not doing it to have an amazing body, or look better than anybody else, I just want to look 'normal'"..this is still the case but seeing some of the other results on here is giving me all sorts of ideas of a super flat tummy, 6 pack, the lot....just need to stay grounded because I would hate to be disappointed afterwards.

Have a good day everybody!

5 days to go

Nothing much to report. Except this week is going SO SLOW. Weeks haven't gone this slow since I was a 5 year old waiting for Santa to come or my birthday. I have 2 days off now and then just 1 final shift on Saturday before the op -eek! My friend has treated me to a spa day tomorrow so we are having massages and a facial with a swim etc. I'm looking forward to it. Then on Friday I have a day to do nothing! I suppose I should spend it getting my house prepped for me being out of action a while. And maybe a last minute workout to zap some fat before the op!

4 days to go

Took a few more photos this morning as I feel like I've lost a bit of squidge. Waist measurement is 26.5 inches and hips/pouch are 34. Weighing in at 8 stone 1.5lbs. Also a close up of my horrible belly button skin

Compression garment

My surgeon supplies my cg and it gets sent straight to the hospital. However I ordered this little number so I have a second one. It's not an official surgical garment it's just support underwear. What do you think?!


Here are the pics

3 days to go

Just had my admission time from the hospital. Need to be there for 10am and surgery will be 1-3 hours afterwards. My daughter is staying with her nana the evening before and she will take her to school in the morning. Me and my other half are going to go to the cinema Sunday evening as we won't be able to go out for a while and it will take my mind of it all for a few hours!

Weighed myself again this morning. Lost another lb so I'm 8 stone 0.5lb or 112.5lbs. Happy with that. Today I have been on a 40 minute walk in the sunshine, carrying 6k weights in a bag. Going to go on another walk later but maybe not with the weights!

But for now its nap time.

Aimee x


A bending forward and a sitting picture. Never looked at myself in these positions before because its too upsetting. Thank god it's going in 3 days

12 hours to go

It's just after 9pm here in england, I've just got home after being out since 11am. Have dropped my daughter off and I'm all ready to go In the morning. I can't believe its actually happening! Still seems a bit surreal. I'm starting to get a little nervous about the general anaesthetic but I'm sure it will all be fine! I wonder if I will manage any sleep tonight?!

Will be in touch tomorrow when it's all done!

Aimee x

Off I go!

So giddy! Had hardly any sleep at all, up every hour to pee after my liquid diet yesterday and then up for the day at 4am as I had an upset tummy (i took one of the stool softeners and the laxatives early so i could go in there empty!)

Have reached my lowest weight today of 7stone 13lbs or 111lbs. Waist is 27inches (that's gone up slightly, damn Chinese food on Saturday!) and hips/pouch 34.

Will be setting off in about 10/15 minutes!

Woohooo, see you all on the flat side!

Aimee x

I did it!

Woke up from surgery around 3 hoirs ago. I'm in a lot of pain, incision is really stinging, apparently that's the iodine on it and I cannot move my left leg yet as it pulls too hard. Have 2 drain bottles that are coming out tomorrow. I am so dizzy. On morphine, loads of other stuff and have an oxygen mask on. Just having some tea and toat and then I'm gonna have to call someone to come hold my drains whilst I pee. The thought of trying to stand is horrendous

Holy crap!

Getting up for the toilet for the first time was BRUTAL. Took 2 nurses and 15 mins to get me down from he bed. Then I couldn't move my legs cos the pulling is too much. I started sweating and threw up. Then had to try and get back up! I'm staying here and not moving now, ill pee the bed if I have to! I am in so much pain. How the hell some people go home on te same day is beyond me!

Day 1

Just had my drains taken out at 7am and been squished into my compression garment. Moving around alot better than expected and can even stand straight, though the nurse tells me off for it. Haven't seen much of my tummy yet because of of the dressings but ill upload what I have seen. My face is so itchy from the morphine and I'm so dizzy from the co codamol. Think ill jack them in and switch to ibruprofen when I get home! All in all I'm feeling pretty good!


The journey home has made me swell up so bad. Feel like my cg is cutting in and I'm 5lb heavier than yesterday! Putting an ice pack on and just took some arnica

Morning of day 2

Slept in my own bed last night. God I miss the hospital recliner. My back is killing from being in the same position all night. I attempted rolling onto my side in the night which wasn't too bad but my binder was digging in. I hate my binder. It's like an all in one swimming costume style. It's too long for my body so its all rippling up and is so rigid and hurts my inscision. Felt much better without it. Also woke up with some blood on my belly button dressing which wasn't there last night. Wondering why it's started to bleed now and not at all in the beginning? Here is a pic of me now lay in my binder


I keep meaning to do a proper update but I cannot stay awake long enough! Literally awake for about 30-60 mins then asleep for 2 hours. Is this normal?!

Compression garment

My cg was making me so miserable. Cutting in and so rigid and not smooth over me at all. Have changed into the Support underwear I bought. The white one on my pics. going to wear this at bedtime for comfort. Some people don't have cg's at all so it can't do that much damage surely?

Day 3

Morning all! Feeling a little better this morning. During the night I rolled on to my side and stuffed pillows under my body, between my legs and behind my back. Wasn't the comfiest sleep in the world but it was so good to take the weight off my back and tailbone for a while. I slept like that for around 3 hours and when I went to the toilet, the side I was lay on had swelled up more than the other, so I got back onto my back and slept ok. I think this is why my back isn't as stiff today and I can stand a bit taller. Getting back into bed this morning I somehow managed to stretch my incision and felt a ripping burning feeling and it went all warm. Hope I haven't ripped it apart or anything! I can't see anything with all my dressings on. I'd love to know what's happening under there but I have to wait until Monday when I have an appointment. Should I start trying to move about a bit more today? As from Tuesday I have to start doing the school run again on foot, about a 10 min walk there and back. I couldn't do it at the moment so I'm hoping I'm ok by Tuesday (that will be day 8)


Since I got home on day 1 I've only been taking paracetamol and ibuprofen as pain relief as the narcotics they sent me home with made me feel so sick and dizzy. I seem to be fine on this level of pain relief.

Whilst I've got some energy

I'll do my run down of the surgery day.

So I was told to be at the hospital by 10am, it's about 1 hour away but we planned to leave just after 8 because of morning traffic.

The night before I had taken a laxative and a stool softener to ensure I had a "good clear out" before surgery. OMG. I was up from 4am writhing in agony, sweating on the toilet until 6am. Not fun but I definitely got cleared out! Managed to sleep from 6.30 until my alarm went off at 7.

Was feeling very "buzzy" like when you're a child and going on holiday but also a little nervous, no more nervous than I would be for a job interview or something though. Mainly just happy the day was finally here.

Had my shower, blowed my hair, got my comfy clothes on, had my final sip of water, gave my cats lots of food and off we went! I felt fine, singing along to the radio and ordering out directions to my other half!

We got to the hospital at 9.10 am and was immediately taken to my room. I had an en suite bathroom, wardrobe, tv and a food menu. I thought with me being early I would be waiting for hours, so I got settled. About 5 minutes later one of The nurses brought my theatre gown and paper knickers in and told me to put them on. So I did and then got settled again expecting to be waiting most of the day.

Shortly after another nurse came In and went through all my paper work, allergies etc and I had to sign something to say there was no chance I could be pregnant. I asked her where abouts I was on the list of patients. She said I was number 5 out of 6 but because I was the biggest operation of the day, the surgeon was moving me up to 2nd, so he could keep coming back to check on me throughout the day. Ahhh!

After that a doctor came in and listened to my chest and went through the same questions as the nurse.

Then the surgeon came in and asked me to come sit by him and we went over everything from belly button shape, to scar to muscle repair. He then asked me to strip to just my paper knickers to take some photographs. We used the door as a backdrop and he had me bending over, pulling the skin out to show it all, standing in all directions. Not one of my most confident moments I tell you, but he is brilliant and so funny so it really put me at ease. Soon I was casually prancing around the room in my paper knickers, chatting away like it is normal! He then drew his markings on me, we talked about possibly needing an inverted t-scar, but after we did the "pinch test" he said I had enough skin and that he was certain I wouldn't need the t-scar. He said he would get my scar exactly over my c-section scar so I wouldn't have 2 scars. He was very precise, measuring it up with a tape measure And drew a line from my neck bone, all the way down the centre of my body, he said the only way to see if it was Central was to see if the line lined up with my cliterous. Again, not the best moment of my life lol. Anyway once all that was done he said I should be down for surgery in 45 minutes.

I kept going to pee like every 3 minutes but felt fine.

About 20 minutes later a lady came in the room. I thought it would be another visit but she told me she was the anethiatists assistant and she was taking me down to theatre. I said "what now?!" And said my good byes to my other half. This was about 11.15am.

I walked to a small room and she asked me to untie my gown and lay on the bed. I seemed to be there about 10 minutes so I got quite teary with the anticipation and the fact I was just lay staring at the ceiling about to be put under. The lady was lovely and kept stroking my arm and talking to me. The anethiatist came in and I didn't really take to him. He was wearing a bandana with skulls on and was very blunt. He asked if I had any questions and when I nervously replied "I don't think so" he just said "good".

The lady explained that they were putting a canula in my arm, so I turned away whilst they did that. They put in some liquid that spread a burning sensation up my throat and felt like somebody was sat on my chest, I didn't like it and was quite glad I would be asleep shortly. They put a mask over my face and were saying "breathe,breathe" about 4 deep breathes later and I was gone.

I woke up at 2.30pm I the recovery room, my incision was really stinging, apparently that was the iodine they just washed it with. They immediately brought me some more pain relief. I ket putting my arm behind my head to lean on and getting told off and to put it down. I wasn't "with it" at all and several people were telling me what a great job the surgeon had done and how good it looks. It's all a bit of a daze really. I got wheeled back to my room and put on an oxygen mask. I was in and out of sleep and couldn't move my legs at all. It was so sore. After 3-4 hours I came around a bit and was able to have some tea and some toast. The surgeon came in 2-3 times to check on me and said that it was a perfect operation and my belly button is beautiful lol. I had 2 drains that drained hardly anything. 15ml in one and 10ml in the other over the space of 17 hours. The first pee was the worst thing ever, but it's amazing how fast I improved. After a few hours I was getting up throughout the night to go to the toilet on my own and in by the morning I was moving quite quick and got told off of standing up too straight.

The hospital staff were so lovely, I can't praise them any more, they were so mumsy and loving, brining me cups of hot chocolate and making sure I was comfy and tidying up my bedroom. I'd love to check in There for another night but at £400 a night it's a no-go I'm afraid!


The surgeon told me he managed to get more skin off than originally planned, so I should be super tight!

day 4

Morning all!

Im standing up straighter this morning which im glad about as I felt like i wasnt making ANY improvment at all since I left hospital. I slept in my comfier support garmet last night, the hell binder had me in tears and i did a lot od research on the use of binders and decide to wear my hell one through the day, and my slightly softer one at night.

Ive had a baby wipe wash this morning and several BM's (yessss!), done my teeth and i plan to try and wash my hair. I'm not allowed to have a shower for 3 more days. I think what im going to do is put a swim suit on, to cover all my dressings, put a small plastic chair in the shower, facing away from the stream, sit on it and lean back, with my other half holding the shower head to clean my hair, I shouldn't get my dressings wet that way.

I also managed to take some pis this morning and also put a wash load on by myself. Was slow, especially with the bending but it felt good to contribute to the house instead of barking out orders all day!

After ive washed my hair im going to get dressed into something other than PJ's and put some make up on. Im a great believer in you will only get as far as your state of mind. If you feel good about yourself you're more likely to feel better and well-er. Im done with slobbing about in stinky pjs with scare crow hair!

Day 4 pics

Standing up and sitting pics. Day 4. No rolls but very swollen!

Turning point

Today was a real turning point day in my recovery

When I woke I could stand taller and spent around an hour on my feet. I put some Washing in the machine, folded dry laundry, lifted the ironing basket off the top of my wardrobe and put it in there. Then I put away dry pots and pans and did a sink full of washing up.

Sat down for a few hours and took a short nap, then I made myself and the other half some lunch. Followed by another nap!

Then I got dressed, put make up on, brushed my hair, shaved my armpits (!!) and went to pick my 5 year old up from school with my other half. We then spent about an hour going around some shops. I was slow and a little hunched but it was nice to get out of the house. I am sat back down now and feel okay, my scar line was starting to twinge as we were out so I was happy to come home but also glad I did it.

I knew I couldn't last too long doing nothing!!


These pj pants were a normal for last week. Not tight but I filled them. I have them on in some early pics I took. Big smiley moment!

Should I be worried?

This bruise has appeared and grown overnight on my inner thigh. It's probably bruising from my cg but I'm worrying about blood clots! Please tell me its ok!

Good morning day 6!

Feeling a little tired this morning. Had a full day yesterday, some of our friends and their child, to play with my daughter came over to watch the football and were here around 6 hours. It was great having normality and I felt fine because I just stayed in my usual spot on the sofa with all my pillows lol! We ordered dominos pizza, I didn't have much, 3 thin medium slices of margarita (but not the crust) and some chicken strippers. Oh god I paid for it afterwards. I was STUFFED into my cg on the loosest fastening. It's gone down this morning thankfully and I've actually dropped a pound since yesterday. Any food at all has me feeling completely stuffed afterwards, I can't really handle "meals" so I've been eating little and often...protein yogs, home made juices, protein shakes, pineapple chunks, some tuna, cereal bar etc just throughout the days with a ton of water. In hope I'm getting enough nutrition to repair, but I literally can hardly eat anything now! The home made vegi juices will do me good anyway.

Oh and a big thank you to my friend Chantelle who did my washing up, swept my floor, wrapped a gift up for a party my daughter is going to and brought me some vitamins, scar cream and a book to get stuck into. I


Not just why that only posted half of my update. Must have realised I was rambling and decided to cut it short for me!

I was saying I have some great friends


It's posted only half of my update again. I give up!

6 days

6 days post op and feeling good! Standing 99% straight, normal clothes, did my hair and make up before my visitors! :D

1 week check up

I'm so pleased with my super neat scar! No bumps and all symmetrical! Had the go ahead for a shower but have had strapping put back on as my BB is still a bit gooey and just to protect it all. A lot of swelling, nurse wasn't sure about possible sera but not enough to worry about and I'm seeing her next week too.

Oh yah!

Sorry I meant to say possible seroma above the Bb.

Also! I have NO scar/stitches around my Bb because my surgeon used dissolvable stitches from the INSIDE! What a legend he is.

Day 7

So I had my appointment this morning, was home for 10.30am and then it was my first day on my own. Just lay on the sofa most of the day. I'm allowed to shower but I don't want to :( I'm so swollen today it's making me doubt my result and I don't want to look at it. Feels like I have fat/skin rolls back. Skin is soft and can pinch it which I couldn't before today. I feel like a big thick tree trunk. I've drank so much water all day and ate well. My stupid cg is ridiculously tight and uncomfortable due to the swelling and I generally feel fat and horrible. Am I supposed to loosen or tighten the cg when swollen?

Day 8

Thank you for every bodies well wishes and messages after my last update. I am feeling much better today. I lost 4.5lb of swelling overnight and thankfully don't have any "rolls" and can't pinch any skin again. I guess I'm just one of those that swells gradually throughout the day and has very uncomfortable evenings.

Have been out briefly to the super market this morning. My mum drove me there and did all of the lifting, I'm ready for a good nap now!!

I haven't really made any improvement or difference the last couple of days which is annoying, but I have managed 2 days without any pain relief at all. I wasn't really taking much any way, the odd paracetamol or ibuprofen and sometimes one of the prescribed narcotics at bedtime just to help me sleep. However I didn't really need it so I stopped all together.

Nothing much else to report so I'll love you and leave you

Happy healing all

Aimee x

Day 9

Slept really good last night, switching between sides and didn't go on my back at all :D getting a little cabin fever now with not being able to to do much but I couldn't possibly go back to work or anything. My job is so physical. Lots of lifting and rushing about. I don't sit down at all in an 8 hour shift.

Took some pics this morning, in my bikini, as you do the second you wake up (ignore te bed hair!)


It seems I have traded in my saggy tummy for a saggy ASS. Just caught a glimpse of it in the mirror, flat as a pancake and down to my knees. I can't wait to start working out that baby!

I have to start doing the 'school run' on foot tomorrow. With 2 giddy 5 year olds and all their junk (lunch boxes, water bottles, book bags, discarded coats and cardigans. So I just went out on a practise run (and by 'run' I mean a snail paced stroll) by myself. Didn't go all the way because it's cold but I went near enough. A 12 minute walk to be precise. I am sloooow compared to how I'm used to dashing about, but probably a normal walking pace for most. I'm home now and in a few hours I may go out again (but with a bigger coat) I guess I need to start upping my stamina gradually so it's not a huge shock to the body when I go back to work.

Day 10

Double figures woohoo!

3 steps to being normal accomplished today

1) I got back to the school run on foot, shattered but I made it

2) I wore a pair of heeled ankle boots to a meeting and walked okay

3) I drove

Baby steps but getting there!

Day 12

I'm feeling good at the moment. I didn't think I was making any progress but when I compare myself to last Saturday (7 days ago) I was still really hunched over when walking and couldn't do much. I feel fairly back to normal now and my stamina is improving.

Does anybody else get stomach spasms? Usually towards morning when I've been in bed all night I get this feeling in my legs, like I can feel it building, and it's kind of nice like a stretch feeling, then all I sudden my tummy muscles just contract and it's done? Weird.

Also, I'm sleeping on my side and sometimes sort of roll slightly on my stomach, I'm dying to get back to tummy sleeping - is this allowed? Do I judge it on my own comfort or can I damage anything?!

My friends came over yesterday and brought me some lunch, the 3 of us used to hang out all of the time but 1 of them moved to Egypt for the summer to work. Anyway she came back last week so it was the first time in months we have all been together. That was really nice to have some company and catch up, they brought a long baguette, cheeses, pesto pasta, Doritos, dips, cake and fruit. Whoops! I was very bloated by the end of the night so skipped dinner and just had some crackers with soft cheese and ham. I am at 110lbs this morning, my lowest weight yet. Not sure why I'm losing weight as I'm normally so active but I'm sat/lay down all day now! And I'm eating all the time. Albeit healthy. Drinking tons of water and not had any alcohol for 4 weeks so maybe it's that. Actually I'm not THAT healthy because I had 3 chocolate bars the other night. So the weight loss is a bit baffling (I didn't have any lipo or anything) oh well not complaining!

Not sure what we're doing today, my daughter has dance class at 12, not sure how active I am supposed to be? I would probably feel ok going and doing something else after but not sure if I should still be sat down all the time?!

I'm a bad bad patient!

Totally over did it yesterday!

I did the super market shop, visited family, had friends over, hoovered, mopped and cleaned my house, drank a glass of wine and a can of cider, was clambering up on the kitchen surfaces to 'perch', made meals for the children and then separate meal for me and the other half at 8pm! Abs are a little tight today like I've done a big workout and I'm shattered! Going to be a sofa day today definitely!

Have my 2 week check up tomorrow with the nurse so will get to see my scar and belly button again :D


Having a little feel of this protrusion above my bb and its tender and I think it's my abs! Showing! Wowsers!

Another side by side

That freckle near my belly button used to be up on my rib just under my boobs!

2 week appointment

More swollen than last week, have developed a bruise that wasn't there last week and belly button is starting to scab up. Need to rest more. You can probably tell from my tone that I feel a bit "humph".

Swell hell

I thought this was meant to be a flat tummy. So swollen today like a ridge over my incision


I'm spitting 2 stitches :/ hope they don't turn into anything ugly. Only about 3mm sticking out at the moment but they are so strong like plastic wire!

Day 16

Well I had a bit of a down/ low start to week. Swelling was ridiculous. My tummy was no way near flat and I looked pregnant. I looked worse than I did before. I felt really worried that it would stay like that or that I was fat and if I lost any weight then I'd be left with loose skin again. It really plays with your head this swelling malarky.

Yesterday I decided to come down hard on it! I spent most of the day with ice packs on me, rested 80% of the day and started a juicing/ protein shake diet. After I eat solid food I just balloon, whatever it is. I'm pleased to say this morning I am almost flat! A stubborn pouch of swelling just above the incision but no way near as bad as it was and I can actually start to see results now. 1 thing with this surgery is it always
Looks worse before it looks better, and that can really mess with you.

Going to start taking regular measurements just for my own interest and to keep track of swelling

So 16/10/13
I weigh 111.4lbs

Waist: 27inch

Hips (around where my pouch was and where all the swelling is): 32.5 inch

Day 17

Getting a lot of niggling sensation, slightly uncomfortable around my incision and where my bruise appeared. Still resting up a lot and feel like I need to. Not feeling ready to go back to work on Monday as my job involves heavy lifting crates all day and pushing and pulling heavy trolleys.

I have been juicing 4-5 times a day to get an overload of nutrients. The different in my scar an swelling since I started is unbelievable. Apparently juicing makes you heal 3x faster. I swear by it

Weight today 109.2lbs or 7stone11lbs
Waist 27

Date night!

Well I am easing myself back into normal civilisation tonight. Being taken for a nandos and a few drinks. Typically, I am ridiculously swollen today but think I have disguise it okay! Along with the all in 1 stiff compression garment undeneath!

Day 23

I went to the doctors on Friday and he signed me off for another 2 weeks, so im due to go back to work on 4th November, meaning i will have had 5 weeks off! As my job involves a lot of heavy lifting, rushing about, pushing/pulling heavy trolleys, i think its the sensible thing to do. Feeling more "able" every day, but still napping a lot. I feel like im gaining weight around my hips and thighs, which isnt surprising as im not getting any exercise and im boredom eating. I need to knock that one on the head.

Im waiting on a call back from the nurse today, as I have about 6 clear plastic bits sticking out of my scar, which i assume are stitches. One is about an inch long and the others are a few millimeters . Im sure they are fine but better double check, as the scar between each one is closed up and healed, but around where the plastic is sticking out there is little scabs/holes for them to poke out. I have tried gently pulling them but nothing happens and i don't want to pull myself open!

Day 25

My big belly button scab came off this morning so now i can see my belly button properly for the first time. I love it!!! better than any belly button ive had before lol. Took a few piccies of me in a bikini i bought a while back and never had the courage to wear, and a close up of BB and scar.

I was supposed to see the nurse yesterday to sort out my spitting stitches, but my daughter got sent home from school sick, so ive had to rearrange for next wednesday, They are quite annoying, a bit spiky and they press against my skin and are quite sore. They're like fish wire. And i have a horrible feeling my skin has grown over one of them, but hopefully it will dissolve eventually. I started massaging my scar and stomach with bio oil last night,it feels quite raised, is this normal? like there is a thin cord all the way along under my skin?! My tummy feels less swollen today, im not sure if that's to do with the tummy massage but either way im happy!

29 days

So i reached the 4 week mark yesterday and swelling suddenly reduced by a ton. I don't expect this will be permanent but one can hope!!

Feeling pretty much back to normal, of course i can still feel it and have a raw scar and still in the cg etc. But my days are no longer spent lay on the sofa all day (damn you school holidays), im sleeping on my tummy again (woohooo!!), I went out dancing (oops). I had 6 stitches that were poking out and i was meant to go to the nurse tomorrow to have the trimmed or whatever, but ive cancelled my appointment as 4 of them have come out on their own. I have been massaging the area with bio oil every night and very gently pulling on the stitches every time i go to the toilet, and they slipped out very easily. The other 2 need a little longer i think but im happy to keep them there until they're ready to make their way out.

I wanted to get some 4 week pictures but my bloomin iphone has died a very sudden death on me, im expecting a new one tomorrow so should be able to start putting some new ones up, whats the betting my swelling comes back with a vengeance as soon as i can take pics?!

Also wondering whether to drop the CG at night time or just wear it anyway because it doesn't really bother me anymore??

1 month pics

These were taken after a couple of days of over eating, not wearing my proper cg and at 3pm after a big meal so look better in the morning when I'm not being a pig

Back to work!

I had my first day back at work yesterday. It went okay, I could feel it in my abs as I was rushing about but asked if I could doing some sitting down work instead. It was nice to be back but feel kinda sad that my little "recovery routine" is over.

We had a party last night and I didn't wear my cg for the evening. I was dancing and drinking and laughing until 3am. It's a bit tender to laugh today so I think I hurt my muscles a bit but nothing too bad

I can't believe its 5 weeks post op tomorrow!! It's flown by!


Some pics of me dressed in a size small skirt last night without my compression garment for the first time


I have totally neglected this site im sorry! I guess life is just back to its super busy old self. Real self also stopped sending me emails when people comment or update to my phone so that has sopped reminding me to come on!

Everything is good, had my 6 week check up last Monday. Very pleased with how it's all healing up.

I have been shopping for my Christmas party dress and I ordered my usual size 8 (us 4) and had to send them back for smaller sizes. Woohoo! That was a nice feeling.

All of my spitting stitches made their way out by them selves in the end so I'd advise not to worry about those.

Back to mega physical activity at work, lifting, pulling, and rushing about but it feels fine to do that.

Not started any exercise as yet as I don't have any time! I really need to though as my "love handles" are annoying me.

Hope everyone is doing good on her and I'll try check back more xx

7 and 8 week pics

Almost 4 months on

Just coming up to 4 months po. This is my Latest pic :)) all pretty much back to normal now, back to my busy active life :)

One with the scar

9 Months post

I had my first holiday since the op to Ibiza. I wore a bikini everyday with confidence! Amazing!

1 year on

Everything has settled down now. Still get a few pressure pains if somebody presses hard on my tummy. Swelling has pretty much settled down and I don't really put on weight on my tummy anymore. Good luck to anybody wanting a tuck. I'd say go for it!

1 year on pic

Montreal Oculoplastic Surgeon

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