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Ok so I'm 29yrs old, I have a beautiful son aged 5...

Ok so I'm 29yrs old, I have a beautiful son aged 5. I've always been insecure about my stomach, even more so since going through pregnancy.. I can't stand how soft n jiggly it is, it's ruining my sex life as I'm so insecure about it, and so I've decided to have a tummy tuck!!.... I've had a consultation at harley medical and they advised I needed a tuck and some lipo on the upper abdomen...I'm in the process of researching surgeons and getting info of of people that have had it done... Want to book very soooon : ) : s would love to chat to girls in the uk area and converse... (Tummy buddy) lol

Hoping to book for May! : ))

Ok so it's been a whole since I was last on here but I've just been getting the funds together to b able to get things moving, I'm goin for a consultation with dr dirk Kremer at harley aesthetics, have been doin some research on him and his work and so far so good, I'll update on how it goes but if anybody's got anymore reviews on him I'd b very grateful for feedback..so excited now I'm gettin closer to this!! : )))) xx

All booked for the 9th of June!!

Ok soo.. Since my last review I've just been deciding on which surgeon to go with.. My final decision has been made to have the op at arora clinic with mr adrian richards, had very good reviews n went to c him Monday, I knew there and then.. But I guess u just do with these things, his assistant was called aggie... Who was lovely so really happy I've taken my time in choosing, I'm having a full tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks, excited, nervous all a big mixture ATM, keep lookin in the mirror grabbing my tummy n tryna visualise etc lol, would really appreciate feedback on all you girls that have finished the journey, it's really comforting to hear from others that understand n exchange stories xx

More b4 pics

Pre op assessment

Just a little update... Had my pre op assessment today, got there quite easy, the hospital was very nice and the staff were really friendly, neway I had my blood pressure, blood samples, height/weight etc done.. All went well. The reality is slowly starting to kick in now, to think it's just over a week away from surgery is still quite surreal. I think next week will just be a huge mixture of excitement and nerves but I can't complain.. The time is almost here, all that waiting and longing for this and I'm finally doing it, I'll keep u all updated xx

OMG surgery tomorrow!!!! ????

Well the day is pretty much arrived (almost), got so much to do today as I'll be staying at mums the whole week, I've gota pack a weeks worth of things for me and my little boy, my head is so busy thinking of things I need, but I've just stopped for a sec and thought of the actually procedure, can now confirm I'm starting to become quite a nervousness wreck! It's such a weird feeling, for the past few weeks I've just been thinking of the end results, but now I'm just thinkin of anestetic, scalpels, stitches and the first few days if recovering! Eeekkk I'm guessing this is normal but oh boy ???????????? x

I made it!! : ))))

Hey all, ok so I got here at 11am and was shown to my room, nurse came in and welcomed me did blood pressure etc, I was told mr richards was soon going to come and see me,so I took a shower and got into my gown. Him and his assistant aggie then came in, they both made me feel so comfortable, neway he marked me up with his blue pen... This is when it all got real ????, I had some b4 and after pics taken then they went, aneathatist (sorry spelling) then came in went thru some stuff, then shortly after I got the call to go down.... I gave my mum a huge hug told her I loved her... Bless her she had tears in her eyes ????.. And off I went. It was an AMAZING feeling of waking in recovery I cannot begin to tell u how good that felt. I'm back in my room n have eaten, there's not slot of pain at all, just feels a bit tender n slightly tight, but I'm completely fine, neway going to go and order some tea on room service I think ????????

Day 6 post op

Complete ups and downs this week, I haven't been sleeping great so I think the tiredness has brought on emotional whirlwinds, it's crazy how much it takes out of you when your healing. So neway.. The tummy.. Thursday I woke up with a blister, wasn't on my incision was just underneath, was advised to pop it and dress it, seems to b ok now, tummys still swollen, feels constantly warm ATM but when I touch it there's parts at the bottom that are numb it feels so weird, I can see the difference the ops made tho even with the swelling so I'm hoping once I can stand completely straight and my skins stretched a bit to allow more comfortable movement it will be look even better, on the whole I'm happy right now just tryna ride out the day to day recovery x


7 n half weeks post op! Cudnt be happier!

Ok so the time had flown by, and it must be said I had a few ups n downs right after surgery as there was lots of swelling, butooking back I think it was just the tiredness/ meds n the depending on others that messed with my head. I am completely over the moon with my results!!!! I keep going to the mirror and lifting up my top just to see my flat firm stomach! Sounds crazy I know but I've wanted a tummy like this for as long as I can remember so I'm not ashamed to admit it lol, I would advise this surgery to anyone! : )))))))
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