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These are current images of my nose. I am very...

These are current images of my nose. I am very keen on having a natural feminine look as I feel that my nose stands out from my face so much. I don't know if I'm possibly exaggerating, but the more I look at it, the more I imagine myself with a cute nose and I just want it to come already! I am in the process of waiting for the financial part of my procedure to be sorted so I can start asking about date availability. I am quite sure I will be going for Dr Ivo as no other surgeon has been able to make me feel comfortable and in safe hands only just after a consultation.

Dream nose!!!

Just posting pictures of what I would like done to my nose. Used a photo simulator online. I want a feminine but natural fix to my nose something like what I created on my simulation app

20 Years Old, Rhinoplasty Consultation

I went for my consultation this morning with Dr Ivo Gwanmesia for a primary rhinoplasty. I have never before left a consultation feeling so happy like today. I felt extremely comfortable with Dr Ivo. He is very calm and reassuring and explains everything in so much detail. He is also very honest. Very lovely!! He is definitely very knowledgeable and made me feel like I would be in safe hands! He is definately 100% top of the list for me right now!! Very excited!

Whenever I have previously left a consultation, I always feel some doubt. However today in my consultation with Dr Ivo I felt so happy with everything that was explained to me, and I feel that my gut instinct is right to go through with him.

It was discussed that my dorsal hump will be removed, narrow nose by breaking bones, raising the columella and lastly straightening the tip as it deviates to the left. I am happy with this decision as this is everything I dislike about my nose at the moment.

Just Went for It

I decided it was just time to take the plunge and go for my rhinoplasty. I haven't told much people when I am scheduled for, but it is definately this week. I am SO scared. Literally so nervous... It's literally all I think about every second of every day that goes by. It is crazy for me to think that in a few days I will have my new nose!! So nervousssss... I went to buy some essentials today like my big V shaped pillow, arnica tablets and cream, antibacterial soaps and hand sanitisers to keep my hands clean when touching anywhere near my face, cotton buds, beconase nasal spray as requested by my doctor.

Wish me luck guys!!! Will be going through my first ever operation/surgery in my life so I have no idea what to even expect... Any tips or heads up that I should know about what to expect???

Thank you guys!! Will update once the surgery is done

Did Ittttttt! In my Room

I'm currently in my room back from my operation! Finally did ittttt Will write review properly when I'm home feeling better. Still feel like I'm getting used to the whole thing for now. Can breathe very well. The only pain I feel is my throat but other than that everything feels fine. Can't wait to see my nose!!

Day 2 after surgery day- so day3? Don't know haha

Last night was my first night sleeping at home and it was so horrible! So uncomfortable... And feeling my nostrils drip blood every second made it so much worse. I tried changing my nose gauze and fainted seeing the blood... Then later in the night got up because I felt the need to vomit... Night times are so uncomfortable! Never thought healing would be like this :(. On the other hand I saw my nose without the drip pad and it looks cute I guess... Hard to tell with the cast but I'm excited for it to be out already!!!

The days just don't seem to be going by

I feel like I have been the same for so many days now! Sleeping is honestly the worst. I did not sleep for at least 2 hours straight last night. I slept for about 30 mins and woke up again and tried to sleep but it just wasn't happening. It's so uncomfortable!!!! especially with the fact that I can barely breathe because one of my nostrils is still bleeding. I changed my nose gauze today and had a bit of dried blood and gauze stuck to the stitches which made me want to cry! There is not much pain but just an uncomfortable feeling... Hopefully things do improve day by day..I just want to be better now, I keep feeling sorry for myself, especially seeing how huge my face and cheeks are from swelling it just doesn't look like me! My nose looks nice and small on the other hand but of course because of swelling of my face it doesn't look proportionate... Just waiting till next week to get this cast off and these tubes out already!

Want the cast off nowwwww

Just a little update on my pics... Still with cast! Really want it off nowwwww ! Still got a bit of a bloody nose and yellow bruising... Lovely! My skin has always been oily so definitely getting spots as I haven't been able to wash my face too well which is bothering me... Few more days and things should be getting better :)

I feel SO good today!!!!

Oh my goodness. Last night I was able to sleep so well, woke up in such a good mood because I was finally able to sleep like a baby and have been having such a good day! Feel like the dried blood in my nose is hardening though making it really really hard to breathe BUT. Cast is off on Thursday so just a few more hours and I'll have my relief soonnnnn

Cast is offfff

Taking out the packing that was in my nose was horrible! Felt like my brain was being taken out... But it's more uncomfortable than painful... My front view looks swollen but I'm absolutely loving the side !!!! So cute I love it.. So happy already. Just need to wait for the swelling to go down Feels so good to breathe again :D

Full Day 1 without cast

Decided to feel like myself again, wear my makeup and all sorts... Was really emotional yesterday as my nose looked like a blob from the front.. I thought I was mentally prepared for swelling but clearly not! My face just didn't look like me and that made me upset... I kept looking for flaws which made everything worse so I need to get out of the house to stop looking in mirrors and taking pics because I will drive myself crazy!!!! Swelling is crazy on my left side so it looks like a slight bump is there but I know it's swelling as its not there on my right.

Forgot to add front view

Front view makes me sad.. Doesn't look like the old me

Before and 1 week after surgery

Before + After

More pic updates- 11days po

Update- nearly 2 weeks post op

This nose confuses me so much haha I really like how it's looking today! I don't know if I'm just getting used to it now but I even like how my front is starting to look now too... Well today, because I'm sure my swelling will be up and down

Forgot to add the front view- day 13 PO

Still swollen and wide looking but not as bad as before

2 week mark- LOVE love love my side profile

Front is slowly slowly improving but still a little wide... But my side profile at 2 weeks I am LOVING!!! So so happy

Hit the 1 month mark & Swelling progress

I wanted to post a pic of how swelling has been for me, as it was something that was really worrying for me and I struggled to find any pictures which showed progress from the front. My nose has been extremely swollen and sometimes painful to touch so I aim to keep my hands off it and just let nature do its job. I am now one month post op. Just hope it gets better and better *fingers crossed*

Am I being dramatic?

I genuinely feel like a small hump is coming back. It is hard to touch but it's only on the cartilage area of my nose. The fact that this is happening is giving my nose an overall droopy appearance... I had a breakdown last night because it really upset me. This is such an emotional journey. Did anyone else have this? And did it eventually go away? I haven't had much support from friends or family because they don't really give me any honest opinions. Would be nice to have some encouragement.

Surgeon is so lovely

I messaged my surgeon about the hump I felt was appearing. He always responds to any of my worries and this makes me feel so reassured! He is genuinely such a lovely person. I feel that I just need to relax myself and stay away from the camera and mirror as it's just going to drive me absolutely crazy!!!!

7 week update

Definately getting used to my face now! I'm starting to feel good about how my whole face looks from the front! Soon 2 months post op

Nearly 4 months Post Op!

Time has flown! I'm already nearly 4 months post op and I feel so much better about everything!! Swelling is honestly the worst! It completely distorts your look, but once you see it go, everything gets much better! I don't think I saw much reduction in my swelling till about 2nd or 3rd month but now I really love how my nose is looking. Of course I still have the days where it swells back up. Other than that I am so happy! Especially after finding an old picture and I couldn't believe, or even remember, how big my nose really was! I love the fact that now the swelling is going, the front of my face still looks like the old me but the side is such a massive improvement! (Which is what I wanted to originally fix anyway). Thank you Ivo!!!

Cast off day VS 3 months PO

Wanted to show how my nose has changed shape from
Cast off day vs 3 months post op (with some makeup on it)

Swelling takes a long timeeee to go away so be patient x!

A little over 5 months post op

Swelling has been such a pain! Nose swells up one day and then the other it looks so good! I went shopping today and it was such a shock to me when I saw my nose properly from all the different mirrors! I hadn't been shopping properly since my op and it made me so happy because I know how much of an issue it used to be to me whenever I would catch a glimpse of my old nose. I was also looking through my old pictures on my laptop and I couldn't believeeeeeeee that was the nose I had before haha!

Officially 6 months post op already!!!!

London Plastic Surgeon

So lovely with me and my family, even though I was very scared. Calmed my all my nerves and made me feel so comfortable knowing he would do his best for me! Has been really helpful even after my operation by keeping in contact and answering all my worries... Feel so proud that Ivo is my doctor, he is great!

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