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My initial reason for contemplating surgery was...

My initial reason for contemplating surgery was that the injury I had suffered a broken nose during childhood (at around age 10 years). I was running, and had tripped and fallen face forwards onto the ground. I recall crying and screaming, experiencing a high level of pain in my face, and a very heavy nose bleed.

Some time after this incident, a large dorsal bump began to grow. Since I had gotten that injury, it had caused me so much distress and low self confidence, and in addition, many years of bullying had made me want to pursue the route of surgery. From my high school years all the way into my university years, I would hate anyone seeing my profile, and was highly self conscious. I wanted my nose to be the way it was before it was broken.

I chose to consult and book my first rhinoplasty with The Hospital Group Clinic in Manchester, with Dr Araco, and went on to have my operation in a private hospital in Bromsgrove, West Midlands in 2007. I felt that there was quite a cold atmosphere in this hospital, and the nurses were rather unhelpful and un-attentive. After I left theatre, I was under heavy anaesthesia, yet they did not even assist me to the bathroom, nor did they help me with my dental hygiene- bearing in mind I could barely move or stand by myself. The aftercare of this clinic/surgeon was very poor, having only received one text message after surgery- and that was after I had contacted the surgeon as I discovered several stitches had not been removed inside my nose. I had the stitches removed in the a local Hospital.

In 2011, I began to notice certain deformities in my nose. Friends of friends and strangers would approach me at this point and question me whether I had had surgery, or pass rude comments, or laugh. I was still dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance and function of my nose, and was feeling emotionally tormented as people began to notice the deformities and comments. I had developed several deformities- asymmetry and a severely deviated septum (which cause limited breathing and air flow), asymmetry in the nostrils, a polly-beak deformity, bulbous tip, hanging columella, and weak bridge. I was unaware that I could possibly claim compensation for this, as I was fairly young. I had contacted my GP in 2010 regarding my concerns about breathing, and after being prescribed alternatives to surgery, I found that decongestants and nasal sprays were ineffective. I felt that a revision surgery was required, as this seemed to be my best option.

For my revision surgery in 2012, I consulted with Mr Basim Matti of Harley Street, London, which was £150.00 for the first consultation. I booked the revision rhinoplasty for June 13th 2012. During consultations, I informed Mr Matti that my two main concerns were that my septum was deviated and that I wanted it straightened, and I wanted my breathing difficulties to be resolved.

Mr Matti went on to suggest additional corrections needed to be made to my nose.
Mr Matti stated that the procedure would be known as a septoplasty, as it would be to improve my breathing. I consulted with him several more times before the operation. Before I could confirm my operation date I was told I had to get blood tests done which would cost £170.00. I chose to see my own GP for the tests, this cost me £120.00.

I found it highly stressful travelling back and forth to London by car and train for consultations and for my operation- of course, Mr Matti being a private surgeon, I was never reimbursed for my travel costs. I had left my job three weeks after my operation because of my vision (I am partially sighted) and because of the appearance of my nose, I could not bear people staring at me, and my anxiety was getting far worse- people at my workplace had began to talk about me, say that I “looked fake”, or point and laugh at me as I walked by. I informed my managers about my anxiety and depression, and I had such low confidence I could not bear going back there. I did struggle with paying for travel to London thereafter, but I sacrificed a lot for what I hoped would be my last operation.

The reason I chose Mr Matti was that it seemed he had quite a ‘good reputation’ for revision rhinoplasty, and I was willing to travel to London as I had hoped this revision would be the resolution to all my problems with my nose.

My revision operation was in June 2012, and it was scheduled for around 10:30am. My mother waited patiently with me, as my operation had been postponed by 3-4 hours. When I came out of theatre, due to the anaesthetic, I kept drifting in and out of consciousness. I woke to find my mother looking at me with a concerned expression, and 2-3 nurses kept coming in and out of the room. Blood was running down my neck from inside my nose/head, a heavy flow- like ‘water from a tap’. The nurses kept changing the bandage underneath my nose as the blood was coming through the bandage. I was initially going to be a day case, but due to complications, I was kept in hospital overnight.

The next day I was given painkillers, extra bandages, and ointment for cleaning the nose. (Months later I was billed for an ‘outstanding fee’, but I contacted the hospital and informed them I was supposed to be a day case, and was kept overnight due to complications, had paid for my hotel room the same night £95.00 at The Ibis Hotel), therefore, they waived the fee). The afternoon post-op, I returned to the Ibis Hotel Euston to rest, as the next day I would be returning to Manchester by train.

Around three days after my operation, I was still getting used to sleeping upright (surgeons recommend sleeping sitting up, and not leaning forwards to prevent blood clotting in the nose/face). My mother helped me with personal care and medication (as she had done with my first operation), and insisted on sleeping near me that night. I woke at 3am and told her I was going to be sick. From 3am up until 9am, I vomited around 20 times, and it was so painful, since I could not even lean forwards to wretch in the pail.

My mother phoned Dr Matti and he suggested I travel to London so he can do a check-up. I could barely move I was so ill! He claimed that it must be an allergic reaction to the painkillers (Clarithromycin) which Matti and the Cromwell Hospital prescribed. He instructed my mother to get a different medicine from the chemist, but instead, she phoned the ambulance, and I was admitted to the Central Manchester University Hospital’s A&E unit. I was so dehydrated, and lost so much fluid from my body they could not locate a thick enough vein to give me an injection. I was on a drip for around 9 hours and had to keep drinking fluids before I could return home. I was so weak and feeling so scared. I remember thinking about the blood loss from my head and the severity of my vomiting, thinking that I might die because of the complications after the operation.

It has now been over a year and 5 months since my operation, I still have asymmetry in my nose- which is visible from the front view, and both side profiles are different. My nostrils are uneven- one is so small I can barely clean inside it, and if I attempt to, the nostril skin tears. My deviated septum is now visible through this nostril, thus making it even more obvious I have had surgery. The sides of my nose have sunken in after the swelling has gone, and now gives an unattractive depressed, ‘sunken’ or hollowed out appearance to my nose (the excess skin may be hanging inwards to block airflow through the nose). The tip of the nose is too upturned, and unnatural looking, which has resulted in a “piggy nose” appearance. One of my nostrils is like a right angle, where the other is at an obtuse angle- the nostrils are not even or symmetrical on either side. I experience; frequent nose bleeds, sinus pain, severe headaches, mucus blockage, pain when wearing spectacles (I also find them too heavy on the bridge), a foul odour inside my nose (which may be infection or sutures), and at night I stop breathing. I have tried to use decongestants, but this is ineffective. I struggle to have a good night’s sleep and have to keep tossing and turning in effort to breathe, so I can sleep comfortably. I try to breathe through my mouth, but perhaps one nostril I could breathe through for a short period, then I wake up gasping for air. I feel as though my heart stops when I am drifting into a deep sleep. The second operation was supposed to resolve my breathing issues, and I cannot explain how angry and frustrated I am. Furthermore, I am attending counselling, as I am suffering severe anxiety and depression, and it is an understatement to say that I am completely heartbroken. My doctor has prescribed me Lustral tablets (50mg) for my anxiety and depression. It has gotten to the stage that I have left my job, become reclusive, and rarely have the courage to leave my own home for tasks as simple as grocery shopping.

I hate to look at my appearance in the mirror, I feel Mr Matti has not fulfilled what he said he would achieve in the operation. It is now more obvious to others I have had surgery on my nose, and people frequently tilt their head, talk about it, laugh or snigger when they realise. I can honestly say, this has completely affected my life experience in such a negative way- emotionally, mentally, and socially. It is even affecting my marriage.

I have been back at least 4 times to see Mr Matti. After I would consult with him post-op, he would tend to use a lot of ‘flattery’ in his speech (compliments and such, which I am sure he does with many of his patients to create a positive perception of the surgeon), and kept asking me if I wouid write a positive recommendation on online surgery forums. I decided to wait at least a year before I decided how I truly felt about the results of my operation. Many people do not realise that the first few weeks/months after a rhinoplasty, there is still some swelling, thus it is not really a valid representation of the final outcome of the operation.

I recently went to see Mr Matti (July 2013), with my husband. I told Matti I am still very unhappy with my nose – the appearance still being asymmetrical, my nostrils are uneven, my septum blocking my nostril, and my breathing difficulties. He was dismissive, (and I understand he has other patients), but I felt as though tried to hurry me out of his office. He reviewed photos of a 3/4 view of one side of my nose and said it is an improvement (but did not show other photos). He suggested I use a nasal splint called ‘Breathe Right’, which I could buy at my local chemist… this really irritated me, as the main reason for the operation was to correct my breathing. He said it was probably seasonal allergies, and that the swelling would subside after 6 more months (in total 19 months after the operation)- but he said there is only a little swelling on the right side of the tip (this is nothing to do with the side that is blocked). During the most recent consultation, I explained to him the trauma I am experiencing, and he said “it’s all in my head”, and suggested I get counselling, and that he could recommend a counsellor for me.

I am a young woman and all I wanted is a natural looking nose, like I had when I was younger. I have completely lost all of my joy of living life, lost my confidence, and am looking to get my last revision (God willing) by perhaps a US surgeon- I am looking at Anil Shah or Sam Rizk. I have also been told Araco and Matti have been sued many times before!!!!!! be careful if you are considering them! I consulted with Tim Woolford and he wouldnt touch my nose he said :( !

Cost of my primary rhino by Dr Araco = around £5k

Secondary (revision) by Matti = around £9k



Second Revision: Consults & Research - USA Moderators: Moderator, PN, Jojo1

So I continue in my rhinoplasty journey and have been doing a little bit of research on the top US revisionists - Gruber, Frankel, Shah, and a few others.

I have emailed Frankel my story and photos so I am waiting for his opinions by email.
I am considering paying the amount of around $150 to get an opinion from Gruber and for telephone consultations.
I had a consultation via Skype booked with Shah for 6:45pm, but that was delayed until around 10pm, now I have to wait until 11:30pm (UK time) so thought I'd come on here an kill some time! (and to avoid falling asleep)

So nervous guys!
I am due two eye operations in the New year, and I am HOPING I could get this rhino-septoplasty revision done around August 2014. It will be my first time visiting the US so I have a lot to prepare myself for!

Adding more pics so you can see how badly Matti messed it up!

Consultation with Shah

So guys. had a consult with Shah- wasnt the first evening where I waited like 6 hours, but the next day at around 7pm GMT. Spoke with his receptionist first she was nice (and so pretty!), and then Shah for around 10mins.I was so nervous and upset and scared just thinking about having another revision. he looked at my photos and said he would use Rib along the septum on one side of my nose, and spreader grafts on either side. I think he would want to narrow the top third of the nose/ bridge area, but I wasnt sure on that.
Plan on consulting with Gruber and emailed Frankel (SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!) i nearly fell off my chair when I read the quote for $21k!!! Yikes x

Been a While!

Hey everyone
So not been on here in a while!
I was due an operation this month but it has been postponed as there is no donor material (unrelated to nose surgery)
Therefore I am considering going through with a revision rhino-septoplasty now since I have the next 6 months to wait.
I am strongly considering Lucian Ion in London, I consulted with him he was a reserved but nice character.
I consulted with Matti and was unimpressed to be honest. The usual bull. I don't think I will ever go back into that building. Waste of time, money and energy.
I had also booked a consultation with Charles East but never got to see him as my appointment was cancelled on the actual day or day before (it was around a year ago now so can't remember to be exact). but it was the day before or on the day as i was only in london for 3 days.
I was a little annoyed but put it down to fate I guess.
Really anxious but in a strange way excited and at times very very scared.
Guys this has GOT to be the last time I do this. It is far too bloody traumatic for me.
I am queasy as it is when I see blood but the pain and mental trauma from surgeries is making me really hate life.
I just want my happy outgoing self back.
I want to get all aspects of my health sorted and I am positive my conifdence will follow.
I have had counselling and such and I think it is a waste of time. I am stubborn and know what I want and what will make me happy.
Just annoyed I feel like bad stuff always happens to me.
Those who have a successful primary have no idea how fortunate they are, bless them. Wish I was one of the lucky ones!
Please feel free to message or anything- I will most likely be on here more regularly now xxx Hope you are all well :)

May/June 2015

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and hope you all are building your confidence and not feeling upset about our experiences!
Thank you first of all to everyone who has messaged me in my inbox or on here, its really nice to know we arent alone and we can all help each other and relate and uplift one another.
I consulted with Charles East and Lucian Ion this week. They are really honest and came across very kind and considerate.
East wants to focus on my function more so, mattis work has left webbing in my nose thats why my breathing is so bad. I have an eye operation this summer, so East basically is asking me to wait a while and think about it as my eyes are more important. he was very thorough and had a good look at my nose. but he is an ENT he is more concerned about function. he said surgons can oly change 1-2 things at a time. I have to think about it to be honest and as i have put my body through this trauma so many times, this is not something, I - or you all should be rushing into.

Lucian Ion was really good too. He let me talk more- i noticed in the first consultation he let me talk and didnt talk over ,e so he listens to what I was saying. This time, he had the same patience as my first consultation and when i asked him "what do you think? " he said he can't impose what he wishes he wanted to know what would make ME happy. I thought that was really nice. He showed me different options and views, and possible outcomes and how i may feel after (it may be too long when I smile, and such). So we discussed and re-evaluated things we had brought up last year in the first consultation. I dont have the old print outs of his morphs, so he gave me a USB of my images which was a nice gesture. I also asked him about lip injections, and he honestly said they wouldnt look right on me and he said my lips look fine. I bet if it was Matti he wouldve jabbed me with an injection there and then. (kidding). Little things like this made me think that these two doctors werent just out for money. but this is only my opinion I suppose I havent been their rhinoplasty patient yet.
Ion plans on using rib ( some of the outer layer, and the core) - and I was happy with what he proposed - slightly narrower in between the eye area, and evening out my nostrils, rebuilding the dip at the side of my nose, and reversing a bit of the pinched appearance).
Both East and Ion did say the grafts Matti placed at my nostrils have warped/curved in thats why its pinched.
Ion said he will use some new techniques, which included injections and some glue internally to secure and fix the way the skin drapes inside. IT was a bit much to take it but i will not rush and think about everything deeply in time. Ion also said i need to think about it, and he would like to consult with me again before I decide. I am going to wait 8 months or so then I will see how I am feeling, both Surgeons said my eyes are my priority. So i agree with them there, and both said my nose isnt that bad and I am nice-looking haha (what an ego boost, but I slowly realise it isnt that terrible)- I still dislike it, but I think there are children out there who have severe facial disfigurement and people who cant afford simple healthcare. I am lucky, but I will not rush and make foolish decisions in relation to my health in future- I hope not anyway. As for the lip injections... I think i will stick to my make up tricks for that! :)


If you have any questions please let me know
hope you are all well x

Nothing Special. I think he is overrated. Very unhappy with results, as long as they have your money they don't want to know you!

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