Raman Malhotra Gave Me AMAZING Restylane treatment for dark under eyes....

In November 2014 I became ill with pernicious...

In November 2014 I became ill with pernicious anemia causing me to loose a lot of weight, and so I gained dark lines under my eyes. My looks have changed a lot since having the illness, so I have lost a lot of confidence and been very unhappy with how I look. I now appear much older and always look exhausted, unwell and undernourished.
I researched for over a year to try and find a solution to the problem with my dark under eyes, and finally after reading many stories I found Raman Malhotra on Real Self.
I noticed there were a couple of bad reviews on him which started from one girl's thread, so I was a bit 50/50 to whether or not I should proceed with my consultation as it cost £200 which is pretty expensive. I couldn't find any other professional surgeon specialising in eyes that I liked the work of, so I thought I would take a risk because the good reviews out weighed the bad.
I was SOOOO happy I did choose Dr Raman Malhotra , because I couldn't have even dreamed of a more perfect consultation. The moment I stepped inside his office I felt welcome and greeted in a genuine way.
Everything was very professional and detailed. I have a big medical history and a lot of medical problems, but Dr Raman Malhotra took his time to address everything. Because of my allergy to bees, he told me that it was best to under fill the eyes on my first time so the dissolvable solution would not be needed as it was too risky.
Dr Raman Malhotra was very patient of my needle phobia, and kindly played some background music to calm my nerves and let me close my eyes so I didn't have to see the needles. The nurse was so lovely and really helped to take the edge off of my fear. She talke to me the whole time and I didn't pannic and cry like I normally do with needles.
I had to ice under the eye area before the restylane was going to be injected. It was a very strange feeling when the solution was going in. It wasn't a typical sensation of needles. I heard weird clicking and crunching noises. It was very bizzare for me since it was my first ever experience of any injectibles to the face. It wasn't really painful like I expected. Just weird!!!
Overall the experience was pleasant and calming. I was allowed to get up in between each session to check how my eyes looked in the mirror. I could see instant results. It was amazing. My mum came with me and she was impressed too.
I was in the clinic for 1.5 hours, so that just shows how much care was taken with my consultation and procedure. I cannot wait to go back again for my top up in a couple of months time. I will add some images of my progress so you can see the results.
I would highly recommend Dr Raman Malhotra to everyone based in London and the UK. He is the lovliest guy I have ever met, and I hope my review will help others that may have been put off by the negative comments on here.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Day 4

I have noticed less lines under eyes now. Even though I have slight bruising, I dont have the hollow areas any more. My eye area looks much fresher. Cant wait until all swelling / bruising has gone. All my images are without make-up to show the true results.

Day 5

Ive had a headache everyday fromt he swelling, but paracetamol has helped. My cheeks feel less sore today. It hasn't been too painful overall, but main hurt to blink and sore around the nose, and cheek area. Feeling much better today.

Day 6

Quite a lot of improvements each day. I have continued arnica and not too sore today. Just a bit tender under the eyes, but not wearing any make-up.

Day 7

My last update for a while as I'm having a rhinoplasty done. I took a photo of myself with no make-up in the same location as my very first photo before I had my treatment done. I noticed in good lighting you cannot see any darkness what so ever. I am verrryyy happy with my results and it's only 1 week. I do have slight raised lumpy areas but I was told I can massage them on day 10. I think I was extremely lucky with my results & picking a top dr.

Before & After 1 week

Side by side photo to compare results after 7 days.

40 Days Later.....

Just a quick update for you all.... So I have had a rhinoplasty which is the reason I have not posted any updates for a while, as I have been recovering from that.
Luckily I didn't get too much bruising, but it did effect the results of my eyes slightly as they appeared quite dark again for a while. They did remain looking good in terms of no hollowness, and now that 99% of the bruising has gone, I am really happy that I can see the results from Raman Malhotra's injections.
I am meant to go back in one month for a top up but I am already happy with the results already. I do have slight lines under my eyes which is fromt weight loss and maybe improved with the 2nd injections so I will have to ask him on my next visit.
I have uploaded an snapshot of how my eyes look outdoors now.

Pics 40 Days Later...

Due to my big history of medical problems, I have seen a lot of private Drs over the years, and Dr Raman Malhotra is by far the best I have seen. He exceeded all expectations and went out of his way to make me feel at ease, especially with my extreme needle phobia. His manner was extremely professional yet remained approachable and friendly at all times. He was a great listener and gave me the full knowledge and honest opinions of my procedure that I needed. I LOVE my results so far. I cannot wait to return for my top up. I would highly recommend to everyone. I am so pleased I did my research and didn't try to cut costs by going elsewhere.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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