Phenol Peel for Hyperpigmentation - Severe Pain & Gross but Worth It - United Kingdom, GB

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I had hyper pigmentation below my eyes- nothing...

I had hyper pigmentation below my eyes- nothing huge but I was tired of wearing such heavy makeup to hide them. I tried a few treatments (inc. tretonin and Obaji Clear) with no real change; therefore my dermatologist recommended a phenol peel to bleach my skin lighter.

The treatment itself was fine, I had the solution put just below my eyes- a half moon under each eye. Mild-ish pain but about 20 minutes later I was in agony. It felt exactly like holding a boiling hot hair straightner against my skin. Skin felt like it was bubbling, although to the touvh it felt totally numb. These feelings lasted over the next few hours and I was very swollen. (Pain 15 out of 10!!!)

Day 1 of recovery
Around my eyes were extremely swollen so I could only see so much. The skin was creating alot of yellow "echy" stuff. I had done alot of my own research, some said the skin would be 'crusty' and others said it would be moist due to the Vaseline. I found leaving the area dry out was painful and cracked this skin so I was constantly putting thick layers of the stuff on. Not too painful- didn't need to take any painkillers today (Pain 5 out of 10)

Day 2
Eyes still swollen but not as bad. Yellow 'echy' stuff still quite thick. Skin tight and slightly sore. (pain 4 out of 10)

Day 3
Swelling around my eyes had subsided but had travelled down my face so the bottom half of my face was very swollen- but no pain.

Yellow 'echyness' remains the same. Feel fine within myself but look awful and have to put on thick lashings of Vaseline hourly.

Day 4
Swelling around lower face very obvious still. Sleeping is a problem as yellow 'echiness' dries to pillow as you sleep so when you wake your stuck to the pillow cover- painful.

Easting is also a problem as can't fully open mouth to avoid over stretching my face. Even getting up 3/4 times in the night to put on Vaseline.

Day 5
As amount of yellow 'ech' decreases, the skin below dries quicker so cracks have now appeared, which are painful- again, lashings of vasaline do the trick.
Lower face still swollen.

Day 6
Pretty much all of the yellow 'ech' has gone. Lots of cracks in skin which is very very stingy.

Day 7
The vasaline has been on so thick with me so far, the skin below looked quite pink but after having a good look today, it's alot more red than I thought but not as bad as I was expecting before the procedure.

Some websites say you can go back to work within 5-7 days..TOTALLY nol. Physically able but I look awful. Skin is too broken to wear makeup.

I am still washing the area 2/3 times a day by dabbing cooled boiled water on it.

Day 8
Seeing improvment daily. Still some very, raw red areas but not in any pain.
Most patients have this procedure for wrinkles and would see results by now but as I didnt have any before hand I can't see any change, just redness. Hopefully skin will lighten over the next few weeks so I wont look so tired, as before. Excited to see outcome.

Day 9
Not in any pain at all now and I'm finding I'm having to put less and less vasaline on all the time now. Although been itching today.

Day 10
Sin's been itching like CRAZY today but have to try avoiding rubbing it.
Generally fed up of not being able to go out and feeling greasy because of the vasaline but will be done in 4 days hopefully!!

Day 11
Not much change. Redness still going down but itchiness is sooo annoying!!

Will update as I go along.. :)

Day 14

It's day 14, which is the day most recommend I shpuld go back to work. As it turns out I have a month holiday so I have another 2 weeks before I have to be seen in publiuc and thank goodness for that!!  My skin is still very red and raw. I did try going without vasaline all together but my skin just became even redder, more itchy and stingy so 'm still putting the stuff on but only 2/3 thin layers daily.

I'm quite suprised because my recovery seemed to be quite fast and I had hoped I would be in a condition to wear makeup and get on with my usual routeen by now but I'm really not. I have a birthday party in 2 days and I just hope by then my skin will have healed enough and the readness has subsided enougb to be covered with some foundation and concealer..not looking too promising at the moment.

As yet I am VERY undecided about this procedure..won't see the results for an other 2/3 fingers crossed!!

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