Doctor Removed Half of my Breast Without Telling Me! - United Kingdom, GB

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Alot of you women may relate to me. I have been a...

Alot of you women may relate to me. I have been a classic example of a victim of clinical negligence. the story tells...
I went to see my Doctor on June 24th 2013 and asked about details of an 'areola reduction" he said it was a very simple procedure and would take 30mins and can be done under a local anasthetic, and he could do the surgery days later. I was delighted to hear that.
My normal breast were a full 34 B on the left breast and an A on the right breast. This didnt really bother me as I just wanted my very large areolas reduced.
On the day of the sugery, I waited 6 hour before the operation. The doctor came with the consent form and I asked him again about how small he will be able to reduce my areola he didnt even look at breasts and said 5 cm! He left and then I was admitted to the operationg room.
2days later...
The doctors uncovered the dressing is was the most horrific site for me...One areola was large and the other areola was so high up and oval shaped. He said to give it time and will settle and look more in proportion after the swelling dissapers
2 Weeks later....
My left breast which was the 'larger breast prior to surgery" was shrucken with hardly any projection except at the bottom and the other breast was now the larger breast.

Now I look like a had a mastecomy on one breast.!

All my tops are loose on one side,there is hardly any upper pole skin on my left breasts. My bra size has changed. If he had only tols me he will reduce one breast and If I had the option I woiuld have augmented the smaller breast instead instead.

My breats look distorted especially the left breast. I am ver sad and depressed
Professor Kefah Mokbel

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