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I have really enjoyed reading the reviews I have...

I have really enjoyed reading the reviews I have read so far, so addictive. Just stumbled across this site and I am soo glad I did, so many ladies in the same boat sharing their reviews and! My op has already been scheduled for the 2nd of Nov and have my pre-op assessment on the 2nd of October.

A bit about myself, I am a yummy mummy of two beautiful girls, soon to be 9 & 6 and have been married, coming up on the 20th of September, for ten years. I am sure my fam will feature in my journal as time goes on.

In a nutshell, I consider this to be my 'time' to really do something to lift my confidence and after a lot of research, soul searching and working out how to fund, I have taken the plunge to go for it!

Will get round to uploading some pics pretty soon....

To be continued

Feeling happy today!!

Had fun this weekend! surprise spa break booked by hubby ended with a shopping spree today! Thought I post some pics finally to show you what I am working with

Pre-op Assesment!

My pre-op was due today and had mixed feelings on way there, making the whole thing seem real. I have been majorly distracted with work and as my mum will be away for the month returning a day before the op I have been pre-occupied with getting her ready for her trip. Took my bloods (results in a week), swabs and pre op pics hehehe!
Another strange but nice thing happened yesterday, felt so elated walking into a sport shop to get a sports bra and was a bit embarrassed at 1st to explain that I'm not sure what cup size i want but definetly not the size I currently am - I'm an A cup currently and do find it difficult to get bras that I like in a 38A. Anyway back to my shopping experience after consulting my notes requested for the 38DD as that would be my approximate size straight after and felt real good walking out of the store and knowing that in the near future I will be able to go out and get 'regular' size bras and not a size up padded with 'chicken' breast padding to make anything that I am wearing anywhere decent!! Anyway enough for tonight, have a good evening!

I'm having done...

Think I've omitted to say what I am scheduled to have a full TT & lipo to the abdomen and sides and breast augmentation..whoopie!!

Change of consultant!!!

Had a call from the hospital today informing me that the surgeon that was to do my op unfortunately wouldn't be around on the day due to unforeseen personal reasons arrrrrghhhh! Made me feel a bit unstable today and myain reason for taking the plunge was my confidence in the surgeon! I have been offered a replacement surgeon and another consultation with the said to get to know him and have the option of going with the replacement or waiting or postponing my op! Next available consultation with the new on the 28th which gives me less than a week to decide whether to go ahead or not! I am sure he is qualified and everything but not what I need right now as I gear up to my big day!! -:(

Another day closer!

Yikes getting real nervous now as the days are drawing nearer! Still real busy at work though which is a good distraction!

More before pics

Thought i upload more before pics

Getting close now!

The count down has truely begun, ever thought of mine revolves around this!! Round and round in circles I keep saying by this time next week! Done some shopping yesterday for some loose clothes that I can easily get in and out of, and an additional support bra, still strange about the sizing, I still have bits and pieces to buy but the travel case is now out of the lift into my room where I can easily drop things into once I remember! My hubby confessed him true feelings yesterday that he is mega nervous and keeps thinking about the worst, I've ended up having to reassure him and made me realise what this means to him!! I'm just so positive and hope it rubs off! Getting my hair corn rowed out of the wAy on Wednesday - another milestone and with each milestone a step closer to the d-day!! Still haven't worked out how to tell my mum though, part of me is saying when I come through after and part of me wants to tell her as soon as she returns from her trip on Friday! So any comments around this will be helpful also.

Last day at work for a while!!

Was quite emotional for me on my way back from work saying bye to everyone! I had set several milestones along the way that would mark my pout of no return!! My hair got braided out of the way last night and I'll be doing the full body shave tonight! Still have mad butterflies going on but having see the after pics of momof383 I got spurred on, her after pics look so good. Off with the nail varnish tomorrow and continue with the packing. Mum arrives back from her trip tomorrow and still have to let her know that I'll be going for my op on Saturday!! She has known for a while that i had suffered from back pain which may have something to do with the fact that I have loose stomach muscles and hence my decision to go with a tummy tuck to kill two birds with one stone, but either way she will be knowing tomorrow!!!! Out with the girls tonight though, enjoying a treat at the local church as it's Halloween night and I don't do scary but the church has laid on some fun activities so another diversion for me!! Tomorrow I know will be a bit rough but will post something tomorrow!!

Update on my change of consultant

I just realised I had posted my update on my consultation with the alternative consultant!! Went absolutely well and as they say every disappointment is a blessing in disguise, I actually felt more comfortable with my this surgeon than the other!! To doubly put my mind at rest - as he could see how nervous I was getting - he actually offered me an additional nights stay at the hospital which I quickly took the opportunity so I'll be under his care for an additional day!! He also mentioned that on discharge the drains will be removed before so wouldn't be going home with me which got me quite intrigued as most reviews I have read so far the drains are in much longer after hospital discharge, anyway I'll keep you posted on that one too. Hubby rang me several times today to gauge how I am feeling about the whole thing!! Bless.. Focus now on kids for tonight and will be telling them that mum will be away for a few days.. I'll miss them like crazy but all for a good cause!!

All packed!!

All packed and ready for bed!! Fasting starts in 45mins so glass of water for me then bed!! Don't think I'll sleep a wink tonight, told the girls I'll be away for a few days a few tears here and there as I'll miss them like crazy but needs must! Been a it hectic today collected mum from the airport, finished work late today and went heating for a Caribbean take away as hubby suddenly got a craving for those tonight. Alarm set and I'll be up in about 6 hours, still really anxious about the whole thing now, speak in the morning on my way down!!!!!

All set and ready to go!!

Still pretty nervous, on my way there now! No turning back, when I get a chance I may post another update before xxxx

On the flat side!

Just returned from the theatre. I feel a bit numb and tight in the chest. Further updates tomorrow.

Some day 1 pics

What I have managed to take so far

Getting stronger by the day!!

Feel a bit more of myself today after yesterday, had a dizzy spell and nausea in the evening and was to do with all the drugs and meds pumping through my veins! Managed to walk around a bit today and have had a wipe down which was great!! Staying an extra night at the recovery clinic which u really appreciate and the nurses have been fantastic!! Want to take them home, had a good look at my new boobies today and I am soon happy but haven't quite looked at my TT properly yet!! Got news that 2kg worth of skin and blub was removed...quite a lot so body needs time to adjust.

Feel a lot stronger today

The road to recovery is real slow but got back a little more of myself today! My drain is out! That was a painful process getting that thing out but feel quite liberated now, waiting to be discharged so I can move closer to home - booked a hotel not far from home - so at least I can continue the rest! Dressings changed today will upload some pics now


Still on the road to recovery

I thought I leave it a couple of days before posting again! Getting stronger still by the day, sleeping loads and drinking lots of water, think it's all the drugs that I have been on but it's doing me a great deal of good! Changed into a regular support bra today and boy does that feel good, have started really admiring my new boobs now and can't believe I have 'form'! The compression garment is still a battle though, changed into another one today to have the other one washed and for the hours or so of relief that I had I got so swollen I didn't need a reason to slip back into the garment as soon as I had the opportunity! I can deal with the little discomfort but not the swelling appetite gradually coming back and haven't had a bowel movement yet which is still quite strange, I have upped my fibre intake now and downed a litre of prune juice yesterday and we shall see what happens. Still miss my babies but being away from the house has helped my recovery loads to no end as I am just like a busy bee once I am at home and I know I wouldn't be able to resist a bit of light housework here and there!! Been calling them on FaceTime every night which cheers me up! They are back at school now which Is a welcome distraction for them and will make the week go a lot quicker for them. I noticed that I am almost standing upright today I think I am about 85% straight!

1st post op appoinment

On my way to my post op appointment today and will give an update on how that went later!

Post op pics

So I went for my post op appointment and all went well, incisions redressed and another appointment booked for a week on Monday for the final thumbs up on whether I can finally bath!!!! Confirmed all stitches were dissolvable stitches as wasn't sure about what was used in the belly button. I was so swollen yesterday and in a bit of pain which I talked through with the nurse, was assured that this was normal as my mobility increases! Finished my course of antibiotics today and can roll on to regular pain killers off the shelf. Apart from the intense swelling which seems to occur towards the evening, things coming on nicely! Also confirmed that I'll be using the CG for the next 5 weeks...can't wait to be free of that also!

Bowel movement yeah!!

One thing I was dreading throughout this process was when I'll 'do' the 'deed'. My movements are not regular under normal conditions and a great battle to monitor hence why it seems I'm overdosing on prune juice!! Did the trick though, came out nice and smooth on its own accord 3 days in a row now! Just plunked my self on the 'thrown' and gently eased it through! There would have been no way in the world I would have been able to grunt and push with all this dull pain and for fear of opening my wounds. I'm keeping this up now and my water intake has hit the 1.5l per day!!

Swellllllll Hellllllll

It's been a rough couple of days but I'm back real self friends!
I've heard about the swell hell people but no one can prepare you for it! I'm real down at the moment as every evening feels like I'm pregnant all over again and feel frustrated! The compression belt! Any chance I get I rip the damn thing off, I know I'm meant to keep it on for as long as possible - 20min breaks max in 24 hours but hell, when the 'swell' descends its another thing entirely!!
Set back a bit on road to recovery and back confined to the bed for now.
Got my incisions redressed on Friday and healing really nicely, however when redressing the nurse forgot to dress the wound where the drains were and instead the sticky bits of the tape for the 'major' line was rubbing bad against this! So was oozing through this wound for a couple of days and because of the sticky bit over the wound every time I go to get up I get this excruciating pain down there so I was back to hunching over! Couldn't stand it any longer and went back today to get the whole thing redressed! Oh boy does that feel good! So looking forward to more healing over the next few days, any tips with this damn swelling though will help loads - really getting me down! I know it will take a few weeks or so but never thought would be this bad!
My baby's birthday tomorrow and had to get up to collect her present and wrap it nicely for her so waiting by the fireplace for when she gets up in the morning! Must have took me a Wole hour to do all of that, something I could have done in 10mins, but anything for my baby!! Anyho getting tired now, not much more drastic changes for now so no pics of interest! Happy MM journey!

An update from me!!

Hello guys, its been a few days and its certainly been a journey!
Baby's birthday went well and she was one happy bunny, will have a few of her friends round over the weekend for a movie play date so she is really looking forward to that!!
All through the weekend still experienced leakage and had to go back to the clinic for a check and then found out i had a case of seroma, so the leaking was the fluid that had built up from when i over did it last week and was told will take a couple of days for this to resolve itself. I was wondering why a lot of people on this forum seem to have their drains in for a lot longer than the 2 days that i had mine in and now i know its to prevent seroma in the early day. I have also come to understand that the length of time the drains stay in depends from surgeon to surgeon and their percieved risk of a seroma developing. My surgeons preference is to keep only until discharge with strict instructions of rest to preventany undue pressure to the wounds that would cause the seroma but in my case i over exerted and voila!
As i am writing this, the 'leaking' has subsided substantially and have two follow on appointments to check my incisions, one this evening and the next on friday, i am hopeful that by Friday my incisions will finally be 'sealed'!
Meanwhile my boobies are so lovely, have started massaging them and they have settled in nicely and over the moon with them! Still no pics at the moment but will upload when i get a chance. Happy healing everyone and remember to keep your feet up to avoid any setbacks!!

Some 'set back' pics

I have just felt up to posting some of my set back pics as it's been a trying time, I am finally out of the woods as will post those update pics later! It's been a tough few days but your support through this gas seen me through but all in all I'll do this all over again seeing my new figure xxx

Turned a corner

Went for another checkup yesterday - been going every 2 days to check my healing progress - and finally turned the corner, the wound is not seeping any more and just waiting for it to finally dry out. Steri strips gone from my breast and they are doing very good, dressings are now limited only to the area if the wound! I felt on top if the world yesterday and have been given clearance that I can resume, gently, every day activities including driving! Did the school run yesterday to surprise my girls and they were certainly surprised! Made my day and felt quite liberating. Posting some happy mood pics

Back to the gym

It's been a while but I really just wanted to get to the post 8 week mark before I posted an update and here it is! Finally been able to do most things but most of all I have hit the gym again which is great! Self confidence is through the roof and have also started scar treatment! A few people have started to see the change in me which is also boosting my confidence. I just keep wondering why I hadn't done this earlier! I have never felt like this before, so sexy and the hubby even knows it! I have been officially 'Sized' yet but I have tried on a 36D bra and fits like a glove! Couldn't believe I could walk into any store and pick up a bra my size!! I will post some pics when I get my camera back but in the mean time, happy new year :-)

Confidence still going strong!

It's been a while since I posted and here it is! A couple of weeks ago I finally got officially sized and I came up as a 38D! Which was a pleasant surprise! Been out bikini shopping as I'll be away in February for a much needed family holiday which I am now so looking forward to! Ordered a stack of bikinis online which I can wait to received and prance about it! Two piece and one piece sets and I still can't believe I could potentially wear one of those! Healing along great and have been on a fitness regime like no other to further tone and enhance what I now have! My confidence had reached an all time high as now i feel my body is gradually becoming the best it has ever been even before I had kids! The scaring is still looking a bit scary but I much prefer what I have now compared to the extra skin and it will gradually fade away! Will post more pics when I get round to uploading them but It definitely has been a worthwhile journey! Had a 3 month post up check up with my ps yesterday and I mentioned slight pains I get along the incision lines every now and again and was advised that this is normal as the scar is still repairing itself and the skin is still adapting, nothing much to worry about there! Sex drive is now at over drive and hubby is pretty much over the initial worries and still enjoying the new me! Update later with pictures! Have a great day

Pics as promised

Still Happy!!

It's been a while i know apologies for that! 71/2 months post op!! Yippe and still going strong!
Everyday life has taken over and i have been back at work, back doing school runs etc and hence been so busy busy busy!! My tummy, breast are doing real great and i have lost a few more lbs and my bra size has changed :-)! Now a 36D! I'll upload more pics when i get a mo but just a catch up with all that all is well!!
Happy days!!

I can only say that I am really happy with my PS, from consultation through to the aftercare treatment that I got I couldn't have chosen a better PS. Although he wasn't the original PS I had chosen, he was very attentative during the consultation process, explaining in depth what I was to expect and answer all my questions that I had, fully putting my mind to rest before I made the final decision. The results I have had to date has surpassed my expectations and could only get better when I am fully healed. The aftercare I recieved from both the HMG and the PS was overwhelming, accessible whenever it was needed and it sure was needed by me. I had heared about the aftercare service of the HMG and I have always had in mind that if I was ever to undergo this procedure it will be with them and I can wholeheartly say that I have not been disappointed. I have already recommended the PS and the HMG to a couple of friends and if I ever needed anything else done, the HMG will be my 'go to' clinic :-)

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