33 Years Old 3 Kids and a Much Needed Tummy Tuck and Breast Uplift - United Kingdom, GB

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I have been to see 3 surgeons and decided on James...

I have been to see 3 surgeons and decided on James Murphy Spire a Hospital
He was recommended by Jane whose had a similar procedure with him. I felt very comfortable, he took his time and answered all my questions. Count down begins. I don't want to think about it too much. Reading other people's reviews has been very helpful. Thanks everyone.

The Tummy - Big Hernia and Recti Diastasis 2 months pre op

I have been reading and reading reviews. I am terrified of the op! I have cancelled the op in my mind a million times. I am happy with my surgeon its the whole op and recovery that terrifies me endless. A few photos any advices and words of encouragement would be great.

Visit to the nurse 2 months post op

I went to see the PS nurse on monday, she said i should come over to ask a few more questions and get a bit more clarity, it was nice of them and i feel more confident with my choice. I,ll be seeing my PS on the 23rd to ask a few more questions before my pre-op in August. Its not easy not to over think the surgery. i guess when you have done then you focus on recovery. Before that all you can think of is the actual procedure. God is my strength.

2 weeks to go!

Wow my date is almost here, have tried to chicken out a lot of times thinking can I go through this recovery. Thank God for this site cos I would have I see so many lovely ladies who r so strong and I know everyday gets better. Really terrified of the breast reduction compared to the TT! Just praying everything goes perfect and no complications.
Going on a cruise 2mrw for a good relaxing break before the d day, funny enough am not as scared as before a lot of ladies here have helped me with that. Got most of my supplies I think will just buy as I go. 2 weeks and am on the flat side yippeeee can't wait. Will keep reading all your updates ladies, thank u xxx

Few hours to go

SX is today cant sleep much, feel like am ready no going back! Just praying for a safe procedure and happy recovery. Updates on everything else wld follow shortly xx

On the FLAT side!!!!!!!!!!

So surgery done thanks God almighty am grateful. Not seen PS yet to get details. Dont feel bad at all have been really sleepy. Drains not bringing anything just very little. Will try and update 2mrw cant stay awake. Thanks ladies xxxx

1 day post op

Hello ladies more awake now and pain is starting to creep in especially on the incision site. Surgery took 4 hrs all together and ps said everything went well. No nausea or any form of sickness and have been eating to much am just hungry. The lovely Jane i met on RS came to visit today very lovely of her thanks. Drains would be removed tomorrow and i would see tummy better. Just a sneak peak

3 days post op!

The whole experience has not been bad at all, home now resting and hubby is doing an amazing job of caring for me, his working from home which is great. A bit of liquid from the right breast and dressing was changed on that scary looking but i know things wld settle down. Very minimal pain ontop of my meds. Going to the loo is fine for wee going on my own. No BM yet but am taking all d necessary meds for that. Am not to hunched over which is surprising. Cant wait to see the incision on the tummy thats on monday will update more pics then. Drains also removed today which was fine. Praying for a good recovery xxx to all the ladies waiting to do this dont be afraid u'll be fine xxx thanks so much for all the good wishes xxx

5 days PO

Called the nurse today as i was feeling very light headed and feeling like i was in space lol! And getting sharp pains on my right incision side.She asked me to come in so she can have a look and review my meds, went in got seen by the PS and d nurse said everything was fine and changed my painkillers to lighter ones. Dressing is fine and said nothing to worry about. Am glad they r reachable and would see you at any slight concern. Thats very reassuring. Boobs doing very well no pain at all there just swollen, cant wait to see the real thing on monday. All in all not a bad first week. Also had a good BM today lol am so relived. Best of luck to all d ladies who r waiting for the dday and happy recovery to those on the same recovery road.

Waiting to see incision!

Hi everyone, how's every1 in recovery doing? So far so good everyday is getting better, my son's bday yesterday had visitors went up and down the stairs twice was not to tired at the end of the evening. Am really taking things easy no venturing out still in my compression socks and nightie I intend to be this way 2 weeks straight! Lol I don't get bored of being at home or doing nothing as I have 3 kids and work full time this is my first time since been married 9 yrs am doing nothing! Ladies am milking every drop of it! Have taken 4 weeks off I don't intend been active until after 3 weeks. Let hubby see wat I do daily.
With regards to recovery I would it's not been to bad at all, can't stand straight but I don't walk to much to be honest just loo breaks and pottering around to avoid DVT. Pain is getting manageable am not trimming much just taking when I feel tightness coming, the right side of my incision stings just the tight side I don't understand why? I had a boob lift and a bit of reduction that is very fine no pain at all, I am yet to see any of my incisions my ps takes them off after 7 days. Ladies please pray for me they are low and not hideous. That with flatness determines your happiness with this process. As long as my pants cover the tummy scar and it's thin and fine am good. It's the boobs one am most frightened about. Can't wait to see them Monday will update. Thanks ladies for all the info and support. Veld not have done it without RS and my lovely Janeellie. Xxxx till Monday for new update and pics. Enjoy the rest of your wend ladies.

Scars seen!

Hi everyone, i feel tons better today, went to hospital to get my surgery day tapes off nervous was an understatment! But all went kind of well. We started with the boobs and that totally freaked me out the scar at the bottom was longer than expected and there was sewing on d flesh at the bottom and d nurse was talking about dog ears towards the outward incision OMG i so did not want non of that. However i have been told both by the nurse and Janeellie that the incisions would flatten out and all the scars wld be at the bottom and i was lying down hence why it looked raised.
So its a waiting game with regards to the boobies. I dint take any pics as i was really gutted. Also there is a spot at the bottom which is a little open. Just gory! Arrggghh

Next we went to belly botton cute as a button loved that. Then the TT incision very very low and very very thin that lifted up my spirits. The tummy still as a weird feeling when she was touching and all its still day 7 have been told to chill out and everything would come together. Feeling wise i feel a bit like my old self was evening dancing in d car on d way to hosp lol. Came down the stairs for dinner with the family today. Hubby and sister in law still in charge of everything will see how i feel at day 14 before i start any activities. Am just chilling for now.

1st shower!

Nurse gave me the all clear to shower ystday. Dint really fill up to it so waited till hubby got back from work and had a nice shower and changed some of the gauze in the little areas still not knitted together and belly button which i think is so cute compared to what was there before. Really praying everything goes smoothly and no issues with scars whatsoever by God's grace.

I feel really good today been suffering from some headaches this past few days dint get any today thank God. Still just chilling on my recliner and doing nothing or going no were. I personally dont want to do anything until i pass the 2 weeks mark. Take advantage of the help when available. Lol. Boobs look much better and i can actually see my nipples amazing! They were looking at my toes before. Still really swollen since i know this is inevitable i wont stress and just wait till it goes down, still getting some sharp pains at the TT incision and taking pain meds 3 times a day. Wishing all the RS ladies on the recovery path a happy recovery. Xx

Glad & Sad!

Hi every one, how are all my RS ladies doing? I hope everyone is getting better and enjoying themselves. Last update was day 8 think am on day 13 now. Things have been going ok health wise am able to do more, move around better and generally feel well. I still take my pain meds 3 times a day but it's not the first thing I reach out for when I wake up and my belly does not hurt as much.

TT wise things are looking fine incision healing well just tape over it now, I am yet to experience a very flat tummy with no swelling at all it kinda feels flatter in the morning but I usually wear my binder all day except for when I shower in the evening. I am yet to go anywhere have been home since my op except when I yo to the hosp for dressing change. Don't feel like going out at all.
Belly button seems to be doing fine no issues healing nice I just wash under shower and change gauze. All looking ok.

Sad part is my right breast were I had a lift and reduction, have been trying not to look at it or worry about it, but then I went to see the nurse on Thursday and she took off the gauze a bit if skin came off either the gauze and dome oozing that got me worried she said to put the non-stick gauze. It's the T junction under the right breast. From fir I started to feel pain at the outer end of the stitching on the incision, I took off the tapes and gauze yesterday and told hubby to pass me a mirror as I had been avoiding to look closely my o my was I sad, there is a spot just under the nipple were the skin peeled and the one at the bottom T junction looks quite bad the skin is peeled and looks like an open wound, the incision end is also swollen and seems like something is going in there to making matters worse the skin around the incisions looks darker than the rest of my skin am so scared and sad everything else is going fine but the right boobs no issues with the left. I took pics which I feel are so gory to post. I however sent them to my RS friend Jane, she said not to worry and it would heal and get better she tried to be positive and cheer me up but I feel so sad and I started to find and read about people who have had issues with incisions on their breast my on my I should not have done that! Trying not to think the worse and praying the wound would turn around and start to heal. Going to see the nurse 1st thing Monday and i will make her know am not happy at all and very worried and give me medication if required cause she's saying it would heal on its own. Am really trying my best to stay positive cos at this point am regretting I touched my boobs should have left my saggy big boobs in peace. Praying things settle and I can start to enjoy my tummy and boobs. Thanks ladies hope everyone's recovery is going great. Stay blessed and strong xxx

Cant wait to get better

Hello RS ladies how is everyone doing with their recovery. Have been to deflated to update all this while, still having major issues with my right breast, have been dealing with incision splits been in and out of the hosp seeing the PS nurse last monday she removed a stitch which she said was disturbing things i have been in pain on the right breast since i can remember. The incisions seems to be getting better, but there is pain and hardness and redness. Called the nurse last friday and she said to come in today, she thinks its an infection and given me anti biotics.
I honestly regret touching my boobs wish i had just done the tummy. Its been pain on my right breast every day and am yet to enjoy a day of doing this surgery. Thank God no issues with the TT but i am yet to see a flat tummy it seems swollen. I hav been unable to even think about the tummy due to the breast issues.
Am back to work next week and really praying things would have resolved.
I am yet to see my PS for him to assess the situation my 4 weeks post op is next week i really pray things would have improved as i dont feel well or like my old self @ over 15 days post op.
I hope everyone else is doing well and back to normal.


Woke up today trying to stay positive and go about my daily resting lol. Started feeling slightly feverish took some melds decided to have a shower then Get some rest, next thing I got out of the shower grabbed my towel and felt something warm when I looked down there was blood everywhere gushing down from my swollen boobs thick dark blood all over me and the floor! Panic is an understatement and I was home alone. I grabbed some tissue put it on the boobs and ran to get my phone called the ps office and was crying so bad over the phone, the nurse tried to re-assure me it,s just accumulated blood that has to come out I was crying so much she asked me to come in ASAP told her I would like to see the ps as we'll.
Called my hubby straight away and he dashed home from work so scared poor guy. We got to the hosp and the nurse milked out some more blood and said it wold get better since the accumulated blood as found a way out. PS also came in and felt around and said not to worry and let all the blood drain out and with the anti biotics things should turn around. I have never been so frightened and upset at the same time on what on earth I did to myself. We'll no turning back now just praying and hoping for the best. They have asked me to call anytime day or night if I fell things r not going right and to come back on Thursday. At least they are reachable and very supportive and helpful which is good.
I feel like a weight has dropped of the breast to be fair, so have got pads there to soak up the blood.
It's my birthday tomorrow and I just would like to feel right within myself no pressies for once just to feel good and happy on my birthday. Got a meal planned with friends hoping I would be up for it. Fingers crossed praying when next I update it would be about happy thoughts like most people 4 weeks post op.
Thanks RS ladies xx

Feeling more like myself

Hi Ladies thank u all for the positive messages and i did have a lovely bday it was fun and i felt like my old self. The anti biotics and draining did help a lot. I have just stopped taking pain meds i took them for a month solid thought i was getting addicted.
Went to see the nurse ystday blood still coming out from boobs seems like am on a neva ending period from d boobs lol. Its still hard, lumpy and all ugly on d right boobs am just praying time wld heal d wounds and it wld become normal and d scars wld fade. Am back to work on monday not looking forward to that have been off for 4 weeks so time to get my butt of my recliner. Still sleeping on recliner as i cant sleep on my side due to the boobs.
Tummy on d other hand is fine i still look like a drawing board when i look in d mirror no definition or shape i dont even know how to address that issue, seeing my ps on tue for my 4 weeks post op will speak to him.
Am just praying in 3 months i wld be over d moon with my results at the moment it looks ok under cloths very very far from wanting to wear a bikini or flaunt it. Dont like for my hubby to see me without cloths still looks a mess. Am happy d surgery is done its d looking nice bit am really looking forward to will post some pics maybe its mee not seeing the good side to d surgery yet.
Thanks ladies and do all have a wonderdul wkend. Xx

Wish i was happy

Hi all, have summoned up the courage to take some pics, am so depressed and sad and at this point i cant see the light at d end of the tunnel.
I cant believe at 4 weeks post op i would be at this low point. Everytime i take my bra of to change the pad am crying my eyes out at what happened to my boobs its so sad and disheartning.
I dont even know what to do i wish the bleeding wld stop and for now my boobs look so ugly i cant bear to look in d mirror or for my hubby to look at them he's been supportive and optimistic but at the point of me being so depressed and unhappt its breaking him as well.
The issues i can see which i wld like any advice on are:
1. Underneath the breast has a hole sippong out blood today is day 6 should this still be happening.
2. The line along the stitches is hard and swollen and bumpy.
3. There is a dent inwards under the boobs which is turning black and very hard to touch.
4. This as all made the boobs uneven in shape.
I really need to know if things would change and another surgery would not be required.

To other things i am still using gauze on the BB there is always 1 sticky thing coming out its not dry i have to change gauze all the time is this normal i thot by now that shld be healed.

Tummy from the pics is swollen i have to suck in which i can do now with no pain otherwise it looks and feels huge. Am 4 weeks post op now is this still considered as swelling? Can any1 pls advise me on what post surgical garment to buy to help with the swelling at the moment i wear the cg given at surgery which is a very soft binder dont think its doing much. When i go out i wear my old ones. Am not sure what to do to help with the swelling.
I dont even eat much at all when am unhappy i cant eat i try to just nibble on something as i start to feel faint from not eating i cant seem to pull myself out of it as i cant bear to think what if the appearance does not improve and am just scared nothing else goes wrong. I neva envisaged things would come to this i was seeing my ps nurse abt 2wice a week so i cant say i was neglected am not just sure if the infection shld hav been caught sooner before it got to this stage. I have also looked at d site so see if i wld find some1 with similar compliants but i cant really and the ones i see talk abt corrective surgery or scar revision. I am not sure i can face that again.
I just want things to get to normal and i can be happy again i thot the surgery wld improve my relationship with my hubby but at this stage its driving us apart. I see my ps on tues for my 4 weeks post op i really pray he has a solution.
Thanks ladies such a shame to not have a postive review i cannt wait to get to that stage. Any advice on the tummy wld be great pls or on anything to put my mind at ease. Thanks ladies xxx

I'll get there some day!

Hi all, sorry have been MIA. Dont even know were to begin, first i think am happy i have done the surgery if I would do it again not to sure. I have not been the best candidate so far its been one issue after the other. Breast started to settle down, which by the way its still uneven and black and not so pretty. Next think a swelling on top of my belly button, serious pain and fever, PS took me back in surgery last week to clear out the infection been off work sick for over a week now. Not sure when i would be over all this and be 100%
Am just taking each day as it comes and praying nothing springs up again am on my 3rd course of antibiotics.
What i would say is i guess it just my luck things have not gone smoothly for me, i would however like to say my PS James Murphy and his nurse Jackie are exceptional they have been really good and always there with solutions to all my issues. When i call about any issues they saw me straight away and ensured things were dealt with immediatley i know things would have been worse if I did not have my PS and his nurse. I would like to say a massive thank you to them and they are the best. Any1 considering a TT or breastlift should definatley go with them you are rest assured the after care is 110%.
Looking back at my old pictures i am definatley happy in my new body and am hoping as time goes on things would settle down and improve.
Finally a massive massive thank u to my dear RS friend Janeellie she has been a solid rock all through this period always encouraging me and reassuring me things would settle down and i would get better. Thanks so much darlings.
I hope everyone on the recovery road is doing well with no issues.
I think am about 8 weeks gone hopefully things would turn out great eventually. All in all am glad i did it i love the way i look in cloths very lovely it out of cloths thats not so fab lol. Hoping to be back to work next week and to enjoy a fabulous xmas drama free.
Have a lovely holiday everyone xxx

Everything about my PS is fantastic! His practice and method is outstanding! He owns his practice at an hospital, not some PS that come out of town and not reachable after the procedure. He is very nice and lovely and I think he does a fantastic job all his post op pics are really good and reviews from past patients is 100% I had a lot if confidence in him prior to the op! I pray everything goes smooth sailing till am discharged and don't have to see him anymore. I have scored him 4 stars for bedside and time spent due to seeing him for about 3 mins after surgery before been discharged. This is not an issue to be honest because if there is something wrong he is available and he would see you. We all don't want anything going wrong so does not bother me much. Hospital stay was very good the nurses were amazing and nothing was too much trouble (u do pay heavily for this service in the UK) and for what you pay for you get a great service. They checked up on me at all times and the food was amazing so many choices. After care was 100% as well. I would highly recommend Mr Murphy his work speaks for him! Good natured man and excellent results and he never keeps you waiting for an appointment.

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