27 Years Old, Mum of 3. Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation.

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Extremely nervous for what awaits me...full tummy...

Extremely nervous for what awaits me...full tummy tuck with muscle repair and 395cc breast augmentation over the muscle.
I'm so nervous, I feel guilty, my anxiety is at a all time high, I'm contemplating 'is this worth it'. I wake up every day just greatful that my children and I are happy & healthy. So that's the guilt! My back and hips are really suffering with the muscle separation and at just 27years old I'm trying to fix it before it gets worse! The boobs are a bonus after nursing left me completely deflated!

5 days until surgery!!!

Some more pictures! I'm so sooo nervous! Wondering if I should be doing this! I have 3 wonderful, healthy, happy children ages 6,4 & 1. Am I selfish for doing this? I'm extremely Squamish and the thought of any blood ect makes me want to faint! Final pre op today.

Day before surgery!!

My husband and children all have a cold! I'm trying to do what I can to avoid it but that's impossible. I have a slight post nasal drip, I keep clearing my throat because it's so annoying! I don't feel ill. So I will go tomorrow and let the surgeon decide!!

All done!!

Surgery went well as far as I'm aware! Not Seen my surgeon yet! Haven't got out of bed yet either, been having issues with low blood pressure. Pain is manageable with pain meds. Haven't Seen my tummy yet!

Wish I didn't do this

Rushed for surgery on a 330ml hematoma. Feeling like crap. Is this worth the pain and worry??

This is tough..

Pain isn't the problem it's the restriction and feeling trapped in your body. It's actually quite frightening. I'm finally home though so I hope to recover well and quickly!! One drain site is still oozing, is this normal?

Feeling better

Still very tight but pain is minimal. Pain relief only at night. I wake up very stiff and sore but soon passes.

What a difference a week makes....

Day 17 PO

Feeling good, still very tired and slightly hunched and not very fast walking but this is at the end of the day swelling, Arnica is amazing.

Feeling great

I'm 90% feeling normal now. My boobs are still firm and sneezing hurts like hell but I'm finally nearly 'normal' yayyyy :)


Feeling great, still have a few stitches breaking through skin on TT but overall I'm very happy! I can say it was definitely worth it!!! Picture 1) before 2) around 9weeks 3) NOW!
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