25 YO - Mother of One - TT, BA, BL and Lipo - UK - 140lbs - 5ft 5in - United Kingdom

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So this is the next chapter in my life! I've seen...

So this is the next chapter in my life!

I've seen a lot of reviews on here and I have found them extremely helpful, so I just wanted to document my journey and hopefully help others too! So I guess I start with a little about myself: I'm a 25 year old, Mother of one beautiful almost 4 year old. I am married, I work full time and I live in the UK with my little family.

Since I was about 14, I've wanted a BA to enlarge what I've got now which is currently sizing at about an A-B. I was in the process of looking into my options when I got the surprising (and awesome) news that I was going to be a Mummy! So that idea took a seat far in the back of my mind. When I was pregnant with my little boy I never expected the amount of stretch marks and loose skin that I would get, I know that sounds a little naïve however my mum or my sisters didn't experience this throughout their pregnancies. I realise how extremely lucky I am to have my beautiful boy, and I wouldn't change my pregnancy, or him for the world, or for anyone! However I want to repair my body and I work hard so I feel like I deserve to do that. We aren't planning on having any more children (and we have some fertility issues) and I'm still young so I feel like this is the perfect time.

I had my consultation in London a few weeks ago and I met my surgeon, who I instantly knew, was right for me. Someone in my family works in the industry and recommended him, and after researching him myself, all I could find were fantastic, glowing reviews and I was really excited to meet him. During my consultation he went through all of my options, what I can do, what I don't need to do, and also the fact that if I can learn to live with what I have, I don't actually need to do anything, which I thought was nice that he brought it up and advised me to think about my decision rather than sell me as much as possible. However, he assured me that he absolutely can help me achieve what I want to, which was such a relief. I left there extremely overwhelmed and actually quite emotional, to hear that someone can repair what's been bothering me every single day was a really big deal for me.

After waiting two weeks to cool off and think about what I was going to do. I have decided to go for the full works, I only intend on doing this once (apart from implant maintenance in 10 years etc.) and I want to do it right without wishing I had done it then and there! I'm having a full Tummy Tuck with some Lipo, Breast Enlargement (Implants 300CC and 330CC), a Breast Lift on only one (to make them symmetrical). Its a 3-4 Hour Operation, and it is costing quite a lot of money, but to me its worth it.

From what I've read, I need to prepare myself, brace myself for some serious pain and make sure I'm really organized when it comes to this surgery. Having never had an operation in my life, or so much as a cannula in my hand, this is pretty daunting stuff for me, but I want it enough to take this big step!

Its officially 8 weeks today until the big day, which is super scary, but just a reminder for me to make sure I'm treating my body like a temple so I get the best recovery, and I am in the best shape I can be.

I'll upload my photos later this evening, Looking forward to talking to some of you ladies on the same journey.


Slowly Getting Closer...

So Next Tuesday it will officially be 6 weeks to go, which really doesn't feel like a lot. I'm nervous, but I am glad its getting closer.

One thing I am finding really difficult, is its literally on my mind constantly, so therefore I constantly feel like I need to talk about it and I get the impression I'm starting to get on peoples nerves! Trying to keep it all to myself or at least reducing the amount of time I speak about it.

I've purchased some 1000Mg Vitamin C Tablets which I have started taking, and also some Arnica Pillules which according to my research I need to start taking 5 days before surgery. Now the tricky part is the Alcohol ban, everyone seems to be inviting me out and all I want to do is hibernate until afterwards. When I keep turning events down people are getting annoyed, which is difficult as none of my friends have ever had surgeries like this and don't understand how much anxiety and emotion it can bring.

What is really odd, is that before my surgery was booked, I felt about 10 x More self conscious than I do now I know it is booked. Its almost like, I know my body is changing, so why do I care about what it looks like right now, so what if my tummy sags, my surgeon will soon take care of that! Its actually so refreshing that I feel this way, there are a few outfits I have tried on that I cannot wait to wear post surgery and healing!

I now have the realself app on my phone, so I will post my before pictures this evening!

Before Pictures

Just one to show my tummy situation... When I've had the BA etc I'll show it all properly x

4 Weeks to Go!

Wow, I cannot believe its 4 weeks until the big day! Well, its just under 4 weeks now, and soon it will be 3! As always, the surgery is at the forefront of my mind. I've been on the phone to my surgeons PA and she's been amazing, I have been anxious as I have never had any surgery before! The one and only time I was in hospital was when I had my son, and I was only in there for a few hours! I've been completely boring all my friends with this still, to the point where, I can see them zoning out when I mention it (which is all the time).

So, my implants are being placed OVER the muscle. I apparently have enough breast tissue, and I do trust my surgeon however I'm reading so much stuff about how sub muscular is the preference for most surgeons? Now I am thinking, am I doing the right thing getting them over the muscle? I do want a good cleavage and they aren't huge implants (300cc) And then I think, surely if it was a bad idea or not right for me my surgeon wouldn't have even recommended it? The last thing I want is to not be happy with my breasts and have to pay out again for revision surgery. Its so tough because its a lot of money and everyone's recovery and results are different, I wish I could see my after pictures in advance to know what my end result would be...!

I'm so excited for this and I am totally ready for it, just the thought of wearing nice lingerie with boobs to fill a bra and going out shopping is getting me super excited! I know I will have scars, but I can handle the scars in exchange for my saggy skin! I do have the guilt starting to creep in I must admit, spending all of this money on myself, when it could go towards saving for our mortgage! But I keep telling myself, I will save hard again and I will get there eventually. I just have to stay focussed. My family know about the operation but my in laws don't, I'm very worried about people judging my choices to spend so much money on myself, they will almost certainly think its a really selfish decision. This has constantly been something I have wanted and we are in a position to do it, and there is nothing wrong with it, I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

I'm also worried about when I am home and recovering, and I am limited with what I can do whilst I am still sore. I already feel guilty about my husband having to do everything! And I hope it doesn't affect my little boy seeing me unwell :( I've taken the day off work before my operation, and I am going to spend the day cleaning the house from top to bottom, ironing, batch cooking and freezing. I dread to think what my anxiety levels will be like the evening before, will I even sleep?

ALSO!! (Yes there is actually more! My Mind = 1054Mph!) - I have been trying to sleep on my back so I am used to it by the time I have had my Boob-Upgrade, and it is soooo hard! I find it really tough and near impossible to get to sleep when my face isn't planted in my pillow, I am sure going to miss that for a while! Can you even change how you naturally like to sleep? Is that even a thing? I suppose I'll be in painkiller land for the first week or so, it might not even be a problem.

I'm also trying to find something to wear when I leave the hospital the following day, logic says something loose fitting and comfortable/soft. I really need to get myself to the shops and sort out my hospital bag. I'm usually so organised but everyone is having baby showers... or kids birthday parties... or weddings... that I haven't had the time to go shopping. I think I am going to get everything on the 26th when I have my bloods done and see my surgeon again before the operation. That seems like a good idea. Worried about the bloods as usually I pass out!

I've started to eat a bit healthier in a bid to shift a few pounds ahead of the operation. Ideally I would like to lose 6lbs, which is -2lb per week, I think I can do it, this is motivation if there ever was any. I've been taking my Vit C tablets too which I genuinely feel a benefit from, especially where energy levels are concerned. These are something I will continue to take as I have noticed an improvement in how I feel for sure.

Yay!! 4 Weeks to go!!! :-D

8 Days to Go!

So today I had my blood and MRSA tests done and I also met with my surgeon again.

The good news is, he's going sub muscular now with the implants so my panic about over the muscle is now long gone. We talked about it and he decided that it would be better under the muscle if I was ok with the pain, I just said let's go for it, I'm already going to be in pain anyway so let's do what you think is best!

He also told me to stop shaving (I think he wasn't pleased I shaved yesterday as it irritates the skin) and also to stop taking any vitamins. I've only been taking vitamin C so that's not a problem, but I am panicking about getting sick before surgery, I work in an office and seriously everyone has a cough or cold at the minute, I'm walking around like, please don't breathe on me or touch me, no offence lol :)

I'm being admitted in the morning on the 4th so I should be in theatre before lunch time...

Purchased the hibiscrub today all ready for my antibacterial showers beforehand! All so exciting... and scary.... but I know I am in good hands. I really trust my surgeon and I have not found a bad review anywhere. Everyone is extremely complimentary of his work and commends how thorough and ethical he is, which really ticks all the boxes for me.

I really need to buy my bra now... so I had better get that done and quickly. I'm going with macom as they seem to be very popular and their website is the most helpful I've found.... post surgery bras are pricey aren't they!

Making the most of sleeping on my front and face planting my pillow!

8 days! 8 days!!! Ahhhh!!! ????????????

Bra's are Here!

My Post Surgery first Bras have arrived... all fit great! Only 5 more sleeps!!!

I am SO excited now! I don't feel nervous today at all!

Just trying to keep away from anyone who's unwell through fear of getting sick and having my op postponed!

More Before Pics

How the tummy hangs...

1 Day Post Op

So as I'm typing this out on my new phone and I'm very tired I'll keep it short... my surgery is complete as orly yesterday and I'm now at home...I'm very sore and tender but stable...pain wise it's quite a strong ache but pain killers when I can take them helps...most painful Part so far is belly button area! Had a glimpse of boobs this morning when my dressings were changed and I like what I see! I will update properly when I get to my laptop and I've had some sleep...pics of me in bra and binder attached! So glad it's all done now just hoping for a speedy recovery!

3 Days Post Op

Today how I feel has really improved, the first night at home I was terrified something bad was going to happen, had a bit of a panic attack in the night and was convinced I was going to die (dramatic I know!) It was extremely daunting being at home on day 1 post at night time being expected to sleep when every time I nodded off I felt it was difficult to breathe. I was sleeping on a recliner seat downstairs and I was away from my husband as he was in bed I think that's why. Last night I slept in bed propped up on lots of pillows and I had a much needed straight 8 hours.. I've even reduced my pain meds...I am only taking one tablet every four hours instead of two. I can get up and walk hunched over and i even made my own toast this morning..who knows tomorrow i might even put make up on ;) the little things! I'm also starting to feel itchy under my binder so I think that's a good sign. I have sensation in my entire stomach and breasts which I have done since the morning after surgery and my surgeon said that's really good. I feel like he has done a great job and the care i received from my surgeon and the hospital staff was first class. All in all I have improved every day so far and I cannot wait for the improvements to continue.

Day 5 Post Op - Feeling Good!

So today a few great things happened in terms of my recovery :

I put mascara on
I left the house (husband driving) and visited family
I have only taken 1 painkiller today and that was at 6:30 am (mornings tend to feel the most sore)
I had a bowel movement and although it took an hour it was surprisingly pain free
I took my compression binder off and had a clean around my dressings (I was too scared to do it before) gosh it was so itchy last night!

Today I am feeling so fantastic. I got dressed and although I'm wearing all the surgical bra/ garments I'm so pleased with what I see in the mirror. The psychological difference it truly makes to not have the saggy tummy hiding under my jeans is immense. I felt emotional. I'm so pleased this is done. At this very moment I'm freaking proud I didn't back out and made a decision for me!

I can't wait to see my surgeon on Monday for my first dressing change and see what the incisions look like. To be honest I'm so happy the sag is gone the scar doesn't feel like a big deal at this moment and I don't think it ever will be.

I will post a picture of my naked upper body with dressings eventually but I don't feel comfortable without my compression bra and tummy binder on just yet...so here is a photo of me in clothes...bearing in mind when I tried my surgical bra on before my BA I barely filled it and everything was so flat!!


The actual 5 day post op update!

Today's updates:

Went to the supermarket with my husband and slowly walked around whilst he did the food shop ...was quite tiring but a milestone nonetheless

Shaved my legs! I mean it's probably not the best most accurate shave in the world and I couldn't really reach all areas of the leg but still... I was able to shave my legs! Lol; the little things in recovery :)

Again I only took 1 painkiller and that was in the morning which was a paracetamol and not the stronger painkillers I was prescribed

I will say this though, I think I'm going to take it easy tomorrow apart from going to London to see my surgeon..I have to say I'm pretty tired...and I need to remember I am in recovery and these things take time :)

Not a lot of movement really takes it out of you when your recovering and this has been my most active day so far with 2000 steps

I didn't sleep too well last night as for some reason when I sleep my binder and incisions itch like crazy! So tonight if that happens I am going to open my binder as I lay down to let the air get to it...it's soooooo itchy and itching as I type

I've also got a picture of me laying down but all my dressings are on...but I can already tell how happy I am with these results...I will hopefully post a boob picture tomorrow too after my check up

Still feeling so fantastic about doing this. When you see something in the mirror that's bothered you so much and made you feel so ugly for years and it goes? The feeling is incredible!

My scars :)

Now the dressings are off I've attached a picture of my scars...at 1 week PO I am extremely happy! My belly button the way it's stitched looks like a love heart which is so cute lol anyway tonight I can have a shower, yay!

Ps turns out the itching was because I had a reaction to the dressings so it was slightly better last night

10 Days Post Op

So today marks day 10 post op... is it weird that I am almost missing the anticipation of the operation?! Like...I was SO incredibly focused on it since its been booked in...in fact since my first consultation and now although I'm focusing on my recovery I feel like I just whizzed past the whole thing...isn't that strange?! It felt like time was ticking backwards some times on the run up to my surgery. It feels a lot like when my wedding was over, I was looking around wondering what my next move would be (we already had our son) lol I think I need to take up a hobby or something haha!

Anyway enough off subject, I'm improving this week, I've had showers, ive done the washing up and helped out a couple of times...nothing major as I know when I need to sit down. I put my son to bed last night which was lovely, ive missed doing that.

I'm wearing some huge (could also work as a parachute) cotton underwear over my scar with compression on over the top in the day.
.and I sleep in just the underwear with no compression at night as my surgeon said he was happy with that. Sleeping is getting better I had a full 8 hours last night!

The Back ache now is mostly at bedtime as when I lay down I find it difficult to move around...during the day it's not too bad.

I've been working from home this week..it's only office work so I've just been sitting at home with my laptop and phone...nothing strenuous.on Tuesday I signed in and I just cried and cried lol I don't think it was work but it was the back to reality (sort of) feeling. When you are in recovery sometimes it can feel like you are very detached from the real world...and when you go back to it, it's really nice, but also kind of weird
I'd kind of forgotten what my routine was etc.

Boobs wise... the one that had the lift as it was only one is more swollen which I imagine is normal? Pain is minimal...only in the morning when I first sit up do they feel uncomfortable... it's so nice to have boobs!!

I cant remember if I have said this before but hands down this is the best money I have ever spent and best decision I have ever made. What it's hard to see in my before pictures because I had a rubbish camera, is the sheer amount of long, wide stretch marks that covered my entire tummy. Not to mention the wrinkled skin. I knew at least what I would get out of this operation was the loss of the skin which I was happy with. I knew some stretch marks would remain but this is better than I could have imagined. I'm so thankful that there are skilled plastic surgeons in the world that can give these kind of results.. and so pleased with my choice!

I said before my surgery that I was totally OK with never wearing a bikini again and I didn't expect to be able to even after surgery....genuinely I was OK with it as it's no big deal however...

You'll find me on a beach in a bikini next year for sure! I really do not care about my remaining stretch marks as they are no where near what they used to be. I cant wait to go shopping for them! And new bras too! Yay!

2 Weeks Post Op

Back to reality today! Back in the office working. I was supposed to have today off but I felt like I needed to get back to some kind of normality! So far today has been fine, I'm mainly sat at my desk getting up for short walks so it's really not strenuous. Trying to find something to wear was funny it either was tight fitting and showed off my nips lol or it was slightly too low and showed the bra! So I went for a baggy top and hoped for the best...it's not too cold in here today lol!

I had my 2 week check up yesterday and my surgeon was happy with the progress :) Now I have to tape my scars to keep them smooth and I no longer have steri straps like I do in the pic Ive uploaded just to show the girls and the scar!

Next check up is in a few weeks, excited to see how the next few weeks go! Then when I see my surgeon next he will advise re using creams and the breast massage...

Sleeping is still slowly improving and I've started taking bromelain for the swelling hoping that will help things. Last night my tummy was soooo swollen but I had walked around a lot yesterday and just had dinner so it did go down!

All in all good progress...will update as the recover process continues :)

Almost 3 weeks post op

Feeling much better this week...more mobile...less stiff...hardly any pain...! I tried on some underwear and it covers my scar too :) attached a pic

Life changing

3 months and a couple of weeks post op now and I can honestly say it's made such a difference to my day to day life. I feel so much happier about my body and so much more confidence. Without the tummy in the back of my mind my focus is back on the things that I should be focusing on, and I'm so ready for this year. Holiday is booked and I've even bought a bikini! My scars are healing perfectly and my TT scar is easily invisible with a few dabs of concealer. Hands down best money I've ever spent!!
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