Labiaplasty Regret - United Kingdom, GB

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I thought I was normal and all us females looked...

I thought I was normal and all us females looked the same but in my first relationship my boyfriend remarked on my big flaps,the only reference I had for other vulvas was porn when I looked at the magazines I didn't resemble the women in them,years later I was dating a guy I worked with,I was approached by another guy in work for him to tell me I had big lips,obviously he had been told by the guy I was dating-the third time this humiliation happened I was told by another guy I was dating in front of a room full of people that I had dangly bits like a man,I did not like the way I looked for 14 years as felt like a freak.I scouted different surgeons and they were all qualified the same,so I went with the cheapest,he removed all my labia minora after asking me 3 times did I want it all of and I said no,he talked through the wedge method and said oh there's blood vessels there,I asked is that a problem how are you going the seal them,oh don't you worry about that he said,so he took a blow torch to my privates,I woke up,looked and was horrified!I could not walk as I was burned and in tremendous pain,he removed all my minora burned me,the skin over my clitoris is like a piece of chewing gum,I look even more abnormal now than before surgery,I had a problem with about a cm each side of skin,now I have issues with the way I look from my clitoris to my backside as whatever he used to burn the skin also burned right up to my butt,I have very visable scars,there is no symmetry and I look like Frankensteins wife,my head could not cope and I was off work for 12 months in total,I was on anti depressants for years after and I felt very suicidal,I still feel suicidal and every time I look,I feel worse,my head cant cope with it,if I had to do it all again I wouldnt even if it was done right,my sex life before this with big lips was great even if the boys I dated found me repulsive,now my life and sex life is ruined he burned me with I'm guessing something similiar to a blow torch so he has burned the outside and inside of my vagina, burning that sensitive area causes a lot of pain for sex also he has made the entrance to my vagina very small,not big enough for sex and I'm guessing not for child birth either,wish I never did it,some days feel like hanging myself.the skin he left is attached onto other skin I am not even anatomically correct,it so obvious I have had surgery, I said to him I don't want scars I don't want anyone to know,he didn't listen didn't care,my life and sex life is over, I strongly advise you not to get this procedure done,if you have a life and do not cry every day at the way you look,then you do not need this,as it can go wrong,I didn't even fit that possibility into the equation, I look like a freak! I went crying to another surgeon he performed a fat transfer to give the illusion I had minora,he told one of the nurses he would stand in court for me as it was a botched job,wish I never did it.


Labiaplasty performed by qualified surgeon who specializes in reconstruction of female genitals, yea think he may have lied on his cv about that one.hope karma gets him and ruins his life like he's ruined mine.

labiaplasty freak

Can I fix this?

Not normal

I just don't understand

Advertises he is the best
Dr Khalid khan Belfast

Absolute rubbish

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