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Ever since I hit puberty I have been constantly...

Ever since I hit puberty I have been constantly uncomfortable and in pain; especially being a horse rider! Relationships have suffered and the discomfort caused a great deal of mental upset, I would often fall asleep crying. I found out about this procedure 7 years ago and begun seriously considering it but embarrassment and finances stood in the way. Finally plucked up the courage a month ago to go to a consultation and had it done today! Right now I am very swollen and sore but it feels amazing to not have the excess tissue.
Any tips on recovery would be great!

1 week post op

So far so good! Haven't had much pain at all, the swelling has reduced a bit. It's still slightly uncomfortable as I'm on my period so I'm having to wear a pad, which is irritating as it feels rough against my skin. Haven't experienced any itching yet, dreading that bit. Going to continue doing what I'm doing and will check in next week!

3 weeks post op

Can't believe how quick the times gone! Am pretty much back to normal now. My stitches haven't dissolved yet and I can feel them every now and again but nothing too bad.
Last week I used quite a harsh soap by accident and boy did I know about it. I went and had it checked out again because I was worried I'd gotten an infection it hurt that much; it's all perfectly fine though. I've since started using femfresh and that seems to be gentle enough.
Am so happy with my results already, definitely the best thing I've ever bought myself.
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