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I've suffered/dealt with acne for the past 11...

I've suffered/dealt with acne for the past 11 years (I'm 23). The past decade has taught me there is no immediate or one cure, and whilst some issues may be linked to your diet/skin care regime, every individual's skin needs are different and the causes range from person to person.

During my teens, doctors prescribed various types of contraceptive pill to calm my skin, all of which made me gain weight and become completely emotionally unstable! but did manage to control my break outs slightly.

Largely due to my own fault, I'm left with severe scarring from years of scratching and squeezing. From ProActive - Clinique - Doctor Brandt - Biotherm.. I’m confident I've tried near every product under the sun and thrown a disgusting amount of money at them too. None have managed to clear my skin but for those that are interested, the best skin and make-up range I did discover was the Sanctuary Spa range found at Boots.

Last year, in a desperate attempt to clear my skin I spent a whopping £500 on two excruciating skin peels, where i lost 4 layers of skin a go. This still didn't rid me of my scarring completely and did nothing to prevent further break outs.

It wasn't until my Mum read an article on IPL that I decided to give this treatment a go. Dawn, my therapist, was absolutely brilliant during my consultation , explaining the procedure, what to expect and how and why it works. I wasn't expecting a miracle cure but a few days after my first session I noticed i hadn't had any fresh break outs! By my third treatment, I was excited to see a dramatic difference to my forehead and cheeks, and still no break outs! Half way through my course of 8 and I could really tell my skin was responding positively - still no break outs and my skin felt the smoothest and looked the clearest it had in a long time. 5 out of 8 sessions in and I can't wait to see the end result. The treatment itself is quick, only a little bit painful (I'd liken it to waxing in how it's not pleasant but the pain is instant and disappears as soon as it's finished). If you've had your bikini line or underarms waxed, you'll be fine. For those that are searching for a miracle cure, I can't recommend IPL enough.

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