Invisalign Journey for Crossbite, 22yo: United Kingdom, GB

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Hi everyone- I've decided to do a live update of...

Hi everyone- I've decided to do a live update of my Invisalign Journey as when I was researching which orthodontic treatment I should undergo I found this site incredibly helpful in finalising my choice and hopefully my story can do the same!

So I'm a little late onto the bandwagon; I've already had my consultation, impressions, 3-D xray and clin-check and am currently on day 6 of my first set of trays.
As I feel there is an abundance of info concerning these preliminary stages I wanted to focus more on how I am coping with the treatment and the changes I am noticing.
When researching Invisalign on here I also found that my condition was rarely matched, therefore I'm hoping I can help someone else facing a similar situation.

So like I said, I am now on day 6 of my trays and am still adapting my lifestyle around them.
For around 4 years I have been determined to get Invisalign, not only because of them being less noticeable than the fixed braces but also the ability and control to take them out. I had done a vast amount of research and finally my parents caved and agreed that I did not have a 'hollywood smile' and seeing that it is the norm in my generation to have straight teeth I could go ahead and choose my treatment!
So the problem with my teeth has been dubbed as: mild overcrowding and a crossbite. Always stated as a 'cosmetic' issue. My two front teeth are rather large and have overlapped for around 10 years of my life- although getting subtly worse over the years.
I think it was my visit to the hygienist last december that finally swayed my parents to give in, as the hygienist literally had to saw in-between my teeth to clean them due to how close together they were and then lectured me on my potential gum decay.

When I first saw my clincheck, I, like many people, couldn't stop looking at it and swinging the cursor from left to right to see the change! I had a small space between my two front teeth and more space around my gums which would make flossing much less painful.
Also my middle line matched up- which I think made me the happiest.

Luckily I had asked my orthodontist to send me my clincheck so I could show my parents- so I had unlimited time to view it!

Week 1: cont...

So continuing from my last post- it has been just over a week since I started wearing my trays and I have to admit that this wasn't the easiest treatment I've ever experienced!
Now I've also done extensive research over the months and knew that any procedure that involved moving teeth isn't going to be painless, but waking up on day 2 I was perhaps near breaking point already!
My teeth and gums ached so much- I guess an overall good sign to show movement- but so much so that I couldn't bear to take them out because it hurt more! My teeth were so sensitive this first week that eating anything (even soft foods) made me worry that they may fall out!
However, I think from around day 6 these preliminary pains had subsided a huge amount- which was so reassuring. I can now click the trays in and out of place with ease, and even noticed yesterday that I didn't have to be as gentle with chewing as I first was.
One thing I have noticed is that I have a tendency to clench my jaw and not 'grind' but definitely bite my back teeth together. For the first couple of days the added layer of plastic in my mouth made this incredibly hard to do and annoyed me that I couldn't put my teeth together. It means that my jaw and mouth look slightly longer than they usually do- but probably so minor that only I notice!
However, I really don't notice it that much anymore- which is a positive sign!
On the subject of eating- I think this has been my hardest hurdle so far. I asked my orthodontist whether I would be able to drink some things through a straw- like other people have suggested on here- but she sadly said no.
So on the first day I was the perfect A student (although only took them out once too avoid extra pain!) but was starving by dinner and vowed to plan better the next day.
I should mention that I'm currently rehearsing 8-10 hr days for a show I'll be in later this week, meaning that I have very little time to prep meals and eat before I leave, and also get back home considerably late! So after day 1 I let my guard drop and allowed myself to sip a smoothie through a straw...Unfortunately this has become the norm for me, as I rarely like to take the trays out (or have the opportunity to!) and try to be super vigilant about the 22hr rule!
I am also a HUGE snacker. My mum actually laughed when I told her how hard I'm finding it to plan my meals and what to eat as she says it's a good thing that I can't snack and therefore will learn to eat proper meals. Hmm- yes and no. Because I'm not giving my body the normal constant flow of energy it's used to- as I never eat enough at breakfast and become crazy hungry around midday but have to wait until around 4 or even 6pm to eat- I find that I am now overindulging in snacky foods more so than I usually would! I am now cooking massive dinners that I stuff in my mouth as fast as possible and then munch on crisps and chocolate after!
I'm hoping that once my schedule settles down that this will change and I'll be able to readjust accordingly, and I suppose over the weeks I will become a little less concerned about timing how long I have my trays out!

I am also flossing twice a day, although the ortho said once should be fine (despite the guidelines). I prefer to have my teeth totally clean in the morning after breakfast and then again before I go to bed. If I eat anything else in the day I tend to just brush and rinse with water.
I also made the mistake of smelling my trays yesterday- BAD IDEA!
They are in your mouth for the majority of the day therefore they smell like an unclean mouth... probably not helped by the fact I drink with them in.
I even made the exception to eat ice cream the other day and a piece of mango... Perhaps with tray 2 I will be better!

I should quickly add in relation to the clincheck photos: I was originally estimated that my procedure would take around 1year-18 months and around the average 22ish trays. However, when I received my clincheck it appeared that I would only be needing around 14 (to possibly 17) therfore making my whole journey around 6 months! (but then an added 6 months to continue to wear the retainer on a daily basis). I don't know if that means that my condition is truly very minor (although I don't feel it is any less complex than a lot of other people's shown here) or maybe my teeth are just good movers?! Who knows! Fingers crossed they comply though, as it means I can be downgraded to Invisalign Lite- an extra £1000 off my treatment!
Dr Flora

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