31 Years Old, 5'1.5, 112lb- 495cc Overs - United Kingdom, GB

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So I thought I'd do a review to help others like...

So I thought I'd do a review to help others like myself who are either looking to get breast implants or are scheduled to have the procedure done.

I'm 31 years old mother to 2 children whom I both breast fed. Pre children I always had naturally big boobs. At my biggest I was a 32FF. After my first child I went to a 32A and after my second child I have been between a 32C and now measuring a 30DD.
I've never been happy with what I be been left with after having children. Although I know I have them the best start which I don't regret my confidence has plummeted drastically. I generally wear baggy tops and padded bras (I know I'm a 30DD but that's smaller than you think). I'm 5 foot 1 and I wouldn't class myself as petite, I'd say I'm short. I'm a typical pear shaped English woman so my hips are a lot wider than my top half. If I gain weight it goes to my bottom and thighs before anywhere else. I started slimming world back in March to lose the last stone I've been carrying since having my youngest who is now 4.
My husband said to me in July after knowing for a long time I've wanted a ba, about going for a consultation. I spoke to the friends of mine who have implants and contacted the clinics they used and decided Transform as the one for me. The staff were really friendly and put my mind at ease.

In August I had my consultaion with my surgeon and I have asymmetry, my righ breast is slightly larger and lower than my left (It's always been a little bigger but having kids has made it more noticeable). My surgeon said I can get away without an uplift, we discussed putting a bigger implant in my left breast but he doesn't like to do it because he said you can normally see the difference plus my left boob sits higher so a bigger implant too would sit higher. I totally trust his opinion and after doing research on this I can see he is right. I'm having the implants over the muscle because I have plenty of excess skin thanks to breast feeding. I explained to my ps I wanted volume pole fullness back and I want to balance out my bottom half. I'd give anything to be able to wear a dress that fits. So after trying sizers I've settled on 495cc's they're the Allergan naturelle and they're the soft touch. I am now questioning whether to go around the 550ccs mark? I just want to look in proportion.

My pre assessment is in 4 days time which I'm very excited about. My husband said to me last night to find out how much a lift would cost on top of the implants so tomorrow I shall call up and find out. And see if it's actually worth it. My surgery is 4 weeks today and it can't come quick enough.
I'll upload some pictures in my padded bra, my hips in comparison to my top half and my boobs as they are currently.

Breast uplift?

So I called my patient co ordinator yesterday but unfortunately she was not of the office. She is going to give me a call tomorrow (Wednesday) hopefully with the cost of an uplift.
The more I think about it the more I feel it's only my right breast that has a little issue. My surgeon isn't in this week so I'm not sure what will happen. I told my husband I think it may make the price go up at least a few thousand pounds.
Has anyone had an uplift and implants recently if so could you tell me a rough price for it please?
I still have my pre assessment for Thursday and I'm off to Florida at the end of next week. When I get back I'll have 4 days to get everything in place, like cleaning, washing, food in the freezer ready for my surgery. Can't wait :-)

No uplift!

Spoke to my patient co ordinator today and she went through my notes and said there is nothing in my notes that states it's something I need or that my dr is concerned about. She also reassured me that he would not put implants in if I needed an uplift and he would have referred me to another surgeon they have.
However if I do feel I want one, then I would need to see a different surgeon in a new consultaion.

Pre assessment

So yesterday I had my pre assessment. The nurse I saw was absolutely amazing. She gave me so much information and food for thought that I feel a thousand times better. The usual medical history, bp, height and weight was taken as well as before photos.

She informed me what would happen on the day of surgery but what I really took from her was the post op care and list of do's and don'ts. Now I knew I wouldn't be able to shower or bath for a couple of weeks but I had been thinking a shallow bath would be OK. That's a big No no! Also no hair washing for 2 weeks....*cringe*.
That bit bothered me slightly when she first said it but after explaining why I'm accepting that and I'll be buying a ton of dry shampoo. Like she said they're an investment and you need to look after them. You don't buy a new car and go and smash it up deliberately a few days later so 2 weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
So that it, it's really happening. The balance had been paid for and I've 23 days until my surgery. That sounds so far away but I go away 1 week today for 11 days and on my return I'll have 4 days until surgery. It's just crazy. I'm so excited I just want to to be here already.

Macom bra

So today is 20 days until my operation which is just crazy. Last week I ordered a Macom bra after being recommended it by a lovely person who's journey I found on here. I was a little bit hesitant in ordering one because they are quite expensive and I wasn't sure I wanted to invest nearly £40 on one bra that in time I probably won't use. However I heard good things and thought it looked good because of the design.
At my pre op the nurse said they recommend the Macom post surgery bra to which I told her I had already ordered one. She seemed pleased with that.
My boobs are an investment I want to do everything I can to keep them looking great.
I got home after and decided I better try the bra to see if it fits. When you order the bra you only order your normal band size. I went for a small which is a 32 although I measure as a 30 as the XS is a 28/30.
The 32 was too big for me. The band didn't feel at all supportive even on the tightest clasp. I know I'll have some swelling post op but I really want to feel supported. I want to know the bra is doing its job properly.
I had to return that bra and they're exchanging it for me but I did decide to buy a black one too (the other in the clay) so I have one clean and one for the wash. The XS fits perfectly. It's not too tight at all. So my advice is if you're going to buy one just order your band size you're wearing. Don't think I'll go up one because it'll feel too loose.
Anyway that's enough rambling from me.


So my operation is next Sunday (yay!!) and I'm going to start my arnica tablets. The only question I have is how often do I take it? Can anyone advise me please?

5 days to go.

Well in the UK I currently have 5 days left until I get my surgery. I can't begin to tell you all how excited I am. I have no nerves at all, it's something I'm looking forward to. I just want to get back to the UK so it'll be even nearer to 'b' day.
I do have a little guilt that my husband is going to have to help me around the house a lot but it won't be forever.

Less than 48 hours to go.

Well I'm about 36 hours away from being picked up to be taken to the hospital and as the day has progressed I've become really anxious. I'm presenting with a few mild anxiety/panic symptoms. I have this chest pain and shortness of breath. I don't deal well physically with anxiety and if I'm worried it really affects me. I've had absolutely no nerves and I don't feel worried about the operation itself. It's the recovery I'm worrying about.

I've had so long focusing on going to Disney World I haven't given much thought beyond that but the typical wife and mother in me is freaking out now. My husband is unable to take time off work so I'll be managing by myself. I know I'll cope fine but I guess I'm worrying over making sure I can get the kids to school and still provide them with decent dinners. I'm even worrying about how I'm going to get to parents evening next Thursday. I just need to see how I cope with the pain before I worry about the rest.

Has anyone else suffered with anxiety? I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow. The Jet lag isn't helping me either.

It's 'B' day

Well I can't believe the day has finally come. I haven't felt any nerves at all up until now. Now, I'm feeling scared and yet excited. Just waiting to be picked up. Admission is at 9:30. Not sure on surgery time. So I'll say bye for now and see you all on the other side

Out of surgery

Well I'm now the proud owner of some new boobs. They look huge due to the swelling. I feel great just a little tenderness. My arms ache which is strange. My in laws have just left to go home so I have the rest of the day and night by myself. I'll try and take a photo when I can. Feeling so happy right now x


Nausea has set in so I'm feeling a bit rotten. No pain just a little achy. Had an injection to help with the sickness. Has put me off eating that's for sure. Here's a little picture. Hard to see because I have my bra on. I had 495cc over the muscle.

7 hours post op.

So it's just over 7 hours since I had my ba. I can not express how much I love them already. I made the right choice going with the 495ccs. The staff here at Riverside Hospital (Transform) have been fabulous so far. They're all so lovely. My nerves kicked in just as I laid on the operating table and this really nice man held my hand which really comforted me. I've sent pictures to my husband and her said they're massive and look great already. Just about to have a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst watching some TV. This picture is when I got straight back to my room before my Macom bra got put on.

1 day post op

So I'm finally home and resting well. I feel good just pressure on my chest which is normal. Having no the drains out wasn't very pleasant but it's over with now. They have seem to have gotten more swollen again this is normal. Here's a photo. Excuse my swollen tummy. Very pleased with how they're looking so far :-)

Day 2 post op.

Well I let my husband see what he paid for last night and his eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas and his smile was priceless (well actually it wasn't entirely priceless he did pay for the surgery after all). I asked him to take a picture so I'll add it on, with the before and after. They're sitting high which is normal after all the picture was 1 day post op. My hips look huge and it's just the pj bottoms I bought some button up pjs for post op and went up a size so they're actually way too big for me.
So today I went for a gentle/very slow walk as I've been feeling great, but I felt very tired once I got home. My pain is minimal. On a scale of 1-10 (ten being the most pain) I'd say I'm a 1-2. It's more a tenderness than what I class as pain. I'm still so happy I already feel more confident.

Day 5 post op

Well all is healing well I think. I'm just going to offload here. I'm finding it really hard to just rest. My husband works full time and we have two children aged 7 & 4. All I see are jobs needing to be done. Vacuuming, the washing is starting to build up. I may have to get a cleaner in next week, other than that my hair is greasy which is making me feeling a little rotten. My boobs, I love them. And that's my focus right now.

6 days post op. Advice for you ladies

So today I'm 6 days post op. Absolutely no pain or discomfort so far. So I haven't had any pain relief. Took a little peek at my boobs today and I'm still over the moon with them. I'll probably upload a picture on Monday because that's my first post op appointment.

I'm writing this because I've still been following people's breast augmentation journeys and I feel this may help you ladies deciding on your implant size. When I went for my consultation to pick my size I basically had 2 sizes in mind. 470cc or 495cc because those sizers I felt looked good on my frame. I walked away and opted for the smaller size because I didn't want to look too 'top heavy'.
As soon as I got in the car I wasn't sure with my decision. I worried that I'd wake up and wish I had gone that little bigger. I spoke to people who said 25cc isn't much difference but I truly felt I would feel the difference. I went back to my clinic and tried the sizers again. I was swaying more towards 495cc. I brought my patient coordinator into the room and explained to her I thought 495 but I wasn't entirely sure. Her words of wisdom were the following and this is something I think everyone should read.
The women she has seen who were torn between two sizes and opt for the smaller implant all seem to wish they had gone for the bigger one. That reaffirmed my decision and I chose the 495. I still had 8 weeks until my surgery at this point and at time I thought about going up to 525cc. I didn't. On the day of surgery I stuck to 495cc and I'm so happy. I think it already has balanced me out well. My husband this morning said I look slimmer if anything.

So if you're having under muscle implants or torn between two with a small difference in cc's then go for the bigger one. Because what I've read on here and what I've been told ladies end up wishing they'd gone with the bigger size. Good luck to all making such an important decision :-)

9 days post op

Yesterday I saw the nurse and had my dressings changed. I got to see my incisions for the first time which I have to say look so good. I have minimal bruising which the nurse was happy about and everything is looking good. I was told to leave the dressings on for another 2 weeks so I can't shower until then. My dirty hair is doing me in. Still in no pain and the tightness has eased.
I tried driving yesterday evening. Not the most comfortable especially when changing gear. I think I'm paranoid about doing internal damage. My left breast has felt the tightest out of the two during this whole journey. And today I felt like it eased. As I was moving about my left breast moved. It felt really odd and I'm very aware of this. Has anyone else had this? I guess it's normal they're going to start moving in time I just got so used to the tightness and firmness it's weird. Also I'm getting sensation back in places and I'm finding that strange too. Anyway I'll try and upload a picture later after I've done the children's dinner etc. Still loving my new additions. No regrets!!

9 days post op pictures

Very hard to get a good angle when taking selfies. I feel like my left breast has dropped a little and in other photos my right is bigger (always had asymmetry although at the moment it seems less noticeable). My Macom bra really compresses them, out of the bra I can see they're quite big, but still smaller than my hip width. I think they'll balance me out well.

15 days post op

So today I got to remove my dressings thankfully, the adhesive was really starting to make my skin sore. My incisions I think look very neat. I do have one concern, which is silly because I've read enough stories on RS and know that each boob heals differently. I mean technically each boob has had its own surgery but my left is sitting so high. My right has dropped beautiful but my left looks so different, the bottom of the left breast appears more flat.
I know it still has so much changing to do but tonight I'm worrying about capsular contracture. I also keep telling myself how my right was always slightly lower and bigger than my left so this is a factor too.
I'm just so aware of it I can see the difference even when wearing clothes. I'm still loving the size so that's all good. Just worrying. Anyone else had these worries?

3 weeks post op

Well I'm 3 weeks post op already, I'm so happy about my results so far and I feel they're only going to get better as it still early days in the healing process.

I have zero complaints, my left breast is still numb in certain places my right has full sensation.
I love the projection I have, it's exactly what I dreamed of when I first spoke to my surgeon. I've been rubbing coconut oil in on my incisions as advised but the skin around them is flaking. All jmy skin is so dry from the holiday I had just before my surgery. I can't properly scrub my boobs so suffering with dry skin. Most people haven't noticed I think wearing the Macom bra makes them look smaller. My husband is in love with my new additions.
For the first time in 31 years I feel great, I feel so much more body confident and trying on clothes is so much fun. I can't wait to try on proper bras.

27 days post op (4 weeks tomorrow)

All is looking amazing on the boob front. I have to be honest they look better than in the photos I upload. Those who don't know hasn't seemed to notice or hasn't mentioned anything if they have. I've been getting what you all call zingers. My left boob is coming back to life and by god it's sensitive. But painful sensitive. I wanted to wear a sports bra today, sometimes I feel the Macom bra crushes them, I know it's not but now the sensitivity has arrived I'm aware of my left breast all the time. I put the sports bra on and worried it's not supportive enough so I'm back in my Macom bra. I'm sleeping flat and on my sides which is a nice feeling, I'm actually sleeping better. I feel amazing, my body confidence has rocketed. Where I am part of slimming world and have continued to follow my plan I haven't gained any weight from the implants. They weigh just over 2lb so I'm pleased with that. I do feel my boobs are way too sexy for me. I'm not a glamorous person and they're in my eyes perfect. I'll leave you with a picture I took this morning. Not much change. The lighting isn't great. They actually look more symmetrical at the moment but the photo says different. Happy boob days!

5 weeks post op

So I'm 5 weeks today, my boobs have changed again, they're so much more squishy. I find it quite hard to take a photo. My scars look very red and yet about a week ago they were white. I went to boux avenue yesterday. The woman wouldn't size me, she was only willing to measure my band size which is still a 30. She was saying the swelling could still be there until I'm 6 weeks but I don't think so. She tried to tell me my left breast is swollen so I had to educate her in asymmetry and how my left breast has always been smaller and higher than my right breast which soon told her. Can't wait for the 21st so I can go bra shopping straight after my 6 week check up. Anyway loving my results, I could hug my surgeon he's truly changed my life for the better.

5 weeks and 5 days po

The end is near, I'll be 6 weeks on Sunday and Monday I have my check up so hoping for the all clear and go ahead on ditching the support bra for real bras.

Because Monday is too near to Christmas to venture off to the shopping mall, I went there today and got sized in Boux Avenue. So I'm a 28FF. Seriously I could have fallen over. I wasn't expecting to measure a 28. The lady said I can wear a 30 band though but I'd need a F cup. I bought two bras ready for when I can. Ones a 28FF and ones a 30F. My boobs are feeling great. I'm so happy with their appearance. I took a picture this morning. I am still on my Slimming world journey which is why I think my back is a 28.

6 weeks and 1 day post op

Had my 6 week check up. Turns out I have slight rippling in my right breast on the outer side. I have to be honest when the nurse was trying to get me to feel it I couldn't. I'm not at all worried because I can't see anything obvious and it was a potential risk.

I'm now allowed to wear under wired bras. Which o tried on today and put a top over the bra and I have to say I prefer the non padded bra over the padded bra I have. I feel huge with the padded bra. It's certainly going to take some getting use to now I don't need to wear a support bra. I still love how they look and I'm so pleased with my results. I've decided to try and not lose anymore weight because I think this will affect how the implants look. I've literally lost a few pound since having them. And I'm paranoid they'll look too stuck on, not that I don't like the fake look I do, and let's be honest my boobs are fake but I still want to look healthy.

Anyway they haven't changed anymore since the picture I took the other day so I won't upload another picture yet.

Worried 6 weeks + 4 days

So, I just went to get changed and put my Macon bra on and I'm freaking out. As the nurse mentioned I have slight rippling to my right implant, but I'm worried the implant is bottoming out. I was looking at them in the mirror (and I know the right is lower than my left) but it looks different. Also I can really feel the implant, if I press on the edge gently from my inner side the whole implant moves right over. My left isn't like this at all. I know the left is totally different but I don't know what to do. I guess I'll call the clinic on Tuesday.

8 weeks + 1 day

So today I'm 8 weeks and 1 day post op. Not much has really changed. I'm so pleased with how they are healing. I'm continuing with the coconut oil on my scars. I see my surgeon on February the 9th so I'll be interested in what he says. I still can't feel where this rippling is suppose to be. If it's there it's not visible and the nurse only felt it. I can't feel anything. None of it worries me as it was a risk and I alway keep an open mind. Looks like I may have to give up roller derby training as its a very physical sport and the nurse was concerned about damage. I can't afford to fix anything if I were to displace or damage them. Anyway here's a picture of one of my boux avenue bras. It's a 28FF. One of my favourites.

Couple more photos

So I took a couple of photos, one is of my projection, please be aware I am wearing a lightly padded balcony bra. The second photo is to show how my breasts are in proportion to my hips. So although being short at just under 5'2, I have wide hips for a short person.

3 months post op

Well I'm 3 months post op today, I have my last check up with my surgeon tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that. My breast I think look very natural. I'm so happy with them. I still have moments where I think I should have gone bigger now I'm use to the size, but then I remember I'm a 28FF that's more than enough boob for me.
I'll upload some pictures once I've had my check up tomorrow

13 weeks 6 days po

Sorry for the delay in updating everyone. So on Tuesday I saw my surgeon and had my 3 month post op check up. It was the strangest appointment I've ever gone to I was out within 3 minutes. He asked how I was I said good, he asked if I had sensation back I said yes to my right breast not all back in my left, which he documented. I whipped my top off and got my boobs out. He said they look very natural, good spacing nice cleavage, scars look good and they're nice and soft. I said there was rippling he checked and confirmed there is now rippling to both breasts. I said I could feel or see he said it's barely visible. It's a risk I knew could happen which I was told at my consultant appointment and at my pre assessment and when I signed my consent form. I left feeling happy. I went home and that night in the bath I had a feel and felt the rippling, wasn't too bothered. Today is the first day I leant forward and saw it. Boo (thumbs down)!!!!! It's not too much of an issue but a friend said to becareful invade it's my body building up too much scar tissue, a bit like CC I guess. I think it's the poor quality of my skin, the elasticity wasn't great from the amount my boobs stretched when I breast fed. Anyway. I still love my boobs, despite the sad little ripples. They've changed me so much, I feel more confident in clothes and myself. And if it means a few ripples I'm actually fine with it. I'll upload some pictures (my right is still slightly bigger although it looks so much worse from the picture.

18 weeks and 6 days po

Well it's been a while since I last updated, last time I mentioned I've been getting some soreness to my boobs. This has definitely improved. I bought a non wired bra under the recommendation of the nurse at my surgeons office and I've been wearing that on and off some days I wear my wired bras other more relaxed days I wear the non wired one. And I'm back to wearing my Macom surgical bra at night. I still get the odd zingers but it's not even 20 weeks po yet so I just need to remind myself I'm still healing internally. My boobs look really natural, especially in clothes. I alway thought they'd look more fake but they don't. I think the proportion on them in comparison to my hips work fine. If anything a little on the small side and I think the only way to have really balanced myself out is having a moderate/ mod + implant but my rib cage is so narrow it just wouldn't work. I love them, I can't wait for the warmer weather to be honest I'm sick of jumpers I'm ready to show off my new figure.
So a reminder I had 495cc uhp inspira implants. I went for the former ones out of the two. I think they're called soft touch (can't really remember, they were more expensive). They have a less chance of rippling although I do have slight rippling, but you really can't see it, only I can feel it. I was a 30DD pre op and now am a 28FF/30F post op but have a lot more upper pole fullness.
No one can really tell I've had anything done because before children I was always busty (but on the larger size anyway). Here's some photos and a couple of the Panache non wired bra.

24 weeks post op.

Well I'd thought I'd do an update. Not much has changed however I'm still getting pain in my left breast. It comes and goes. I'm still wearing my Macom bra to bed, it's mainly for security and comfort. I went back to boux avenue today to get a couple more bras. I just got a plain nude t shirt bra and a pretty pale pink t shirt bra still measuring at a 28FF/30F.
It's quite important when getting fitted to tell the person measuring you your boobs aren't real (unless it's blatantly obvious but so far no one noticed mine) because it means bras will fit a little different which you may have to bear in mind. I'm still so happy with my results I feel more womanly and complete although I do have the odd big boob day. Anyway here are a few pictures my scars are white and barely visible. Although the picture makes them look more white than they actually are.
Dr Meleagros

Mr Meleagros is an excellent surgeon. He's straight to the point which is what I liked most about him. I wouldn't have felt comfortable worth a surgeon being too over familiar. He does his job and he does it beyond well.

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