40 Yrs Old Deep Regrets. United Kingdom, GB

I intend to write a more extensive review ay a...

I intend to write a more extensive review ay a later date. For now I am only two months in. I have experienced fat loss to the temples,side of face,cheeks and jaw line. The clinic denies this and has become hostile to my concerns. I dread the coming months. I am deeply concerned and traumatised by this treatment. I mentioned my concerns regarding fat loss prior to the treatment however the practioner who owns the salon assured me this was not possible with this machine. I now feel this was a blatant sales pitch. I need to go on anti depressants and it has affected every area of my life.

Surgeon recommendations? Support groups?

I would like to hear from any others who have this experience in the UK. That and I may need a fat graft, does anyone have a surgeon they could recommend for this procedure?
Rejuve Sheffield

They have recently become hostile to my concerns and have refused a verbal request for the consent form. I now have to request my photos and consent form in writing.

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