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I intend to write a more extensive review ay a...

I intend to write a more extensive review ay a later date. For now I am only two months in. I have experienced fat loss to the temples,side of face,cheeks and jaw line. The clinic denies this and has become hostile to my concerns. I dread the coming months. I am deeply concerned and traumatised by this treatment. I mentioned my concerns regarding fat loss prior to the treatment however the practioner who owns the salon assured me this was not possible with this machine. I now feel this was a blatant sales pitch. I need to go on anti depressants and it has affected every area of my life.

Surgeon recommendations? Support groups?

I would like to hear from any others who have this experience in the UK. That and I may need a fat graft, does anyone have a surgeon they could recommend for this procedure?

Further damage

I have deliberately put on 2kg. My clothes don't fit me anymore. However my face continues to worsen. I have further fat loss in the upper cheeks and under the eyes. The owner of the salon has threatened me that should I post on social media my predicament, she will take appropriate measures to defend herself. I don't know how she is planning on defending against the photographic evidence plus the support I have of a leading plastic surgeon who has said he will confirm in writing what is happening to me due to this treatment. My suspicion is that her staff were not fully trained to do this treatment on me.


I have seen 3 doctors in the last 24 hrs who perform prp. They are all shocked at my appearance, especially after they see my before and after photos. It is evident something has gone seriously wrong with the administration of the treatment. I have been told by a lawyer though that I can inform people of the clinic, it is not considered slander if it is the truth. I want to shout from the rooftops which clinic it is. They refusing to even refund me or admit any culpability. Well there is a whole professional community out there that can validate and defend my position and experience. Sadly I think this is mostly an American site but for anyone who is in the uk Sheffield do not use rejuve on eccesall rd!' They are crooks! With no compassion or sense of responsibility for what they do.

3 months post recording changing face

I am devastated. Losing confidence over changing face.

Doctors confirm my worst fears

And finally even my cheeks disappeared, just in this last week. The doctors who examined me last week both agreed I had lost volume in this week. Something I already knew from touch and appearance. Here's the photo s

Before the treatment ruined my face

This is taken 2 or 3 months before I had the endymed radiofrequency
Rejuve Sheffield

They have recently become hostile to my concerns and have refused a verbal request for the consent form. I now have to request my photos and consent form in writing. I update. I submitted written complaint and was told I would have a formal reply in 2 weeks. That was a month ago. I still don't have their photos of me nor the consent forms I signed.

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