Had Earfold Procedure Done 2 Years Ago; I'm Wanting Removal Due to Irritation, Pain and Visibility. Advice?! United Kingdom, GB

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After wanting my ears pinned for many years, I...

After wanting my ears pinned for many years, I researched and came across the minimally invasive procedure known as Earfold. It had amazing reviews for those who had had it so early after it had been announced.

Fast forward a few months I arranged to get it done, during the surgery one metal implant wouldn't grip onto my cartilage correctly which resulted in the surgeon having to make a long incision down my ear in order to reposition it. This caused the procedure to run over the 'no longer than 15 minutes claim on the website' to 1.5 hours but it couldn't be helped at all, especially as I had a great surgeon who made me feel at ease during it all. The bruising occurred instantly after and lasted for about a month whereas the swelling took about 3 months to settle down. Pain in the ear lasted a very long time which would be expected when there is a foreign objected inserted. I'd say the pain has only just fully left when touching the ears which brings it to a year and a half after I had it done. I still get pain trying to sleep, if I need to scratch an itch on them or if I wear headphones. I also get pain in hot and cold climates as it changes the temperature of the nitinol in my ears.

As all the possible swelling has completely gone, the implants are SO visible and I feel my ears are over-corrected. I have been asked by people why my ears look funny and why they have implants which makes me feel slightly self conscious having to explain. The only good thing that has come about this is that my ears are 'back' and don't stick out as I hated it when they stuck out, however I still do not like my ears but they will always be better than they were to me.

I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice about if I were to have them removed. Will the skin heal normally over where the implants were inserted? Will my ears go back to how they looked before the procedure? Will I be able to have traditional pinnaplasty once they are removed? Thank you.
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