Day 1 and 2 of Cosmelan Treatment - United Kingdom, GB

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I am of Mediterranean descent - so olive skin -...

I am of Mediterranean descent - so olive skin - after several pregnancies and aging (I am 45) I developed pigmentation on my face that did not settle down. I was recommended cosmelan by a trusted dermatologists. I went for it. After coming home with the mask on I started to look it up and was a little shocked by the reviews. The cosmelan I used does not have cancer agents in it. It does have titanium dioxide but that only causes cancer if inhaled as dust. Cosmelan is a thick cream. You might also think about the fact titanium dioxide is also a common ingredient in most sun cream. Ok. So they told me to leave the mask on 7 hours. I get to about 6 hours and it starts burning, but more to the point my eyes are stinging and watering. So off it comes. Skin looks fine. I just put on the k cream and go to bed. It's feeling a bit tight and sore. It's very hot so I know I am going to be red tomorrow. Day 2. Wake up, face red and a bit swollen - just like they said - although i would say its more like severe sunburn rather than a day unprotected.... more like ketchup bottle face?! Do the cosmelan 2, k cream and sun screen on top. Feeling very tender and a bit of a headache. Take some panadol. Throughout day re-apply k cream at 2 hour intervals. I was told to do cosmelan 2 twice a day, not 3 and I think probably right. By afternoon swelling down, still hot to touch and red - particularly cheeks, under eyes and chin. Not as tight. Cancelled meetings for next two days. They said a week off and I think they are right. Will post tomorrow again - but so far exactly as they said. That means should start peeling tomorrow.

I put up day 3 and 4 in response to comment so...

I put up day 3 and 4 in response to comment so here is day 5 & 6. Face continues to peel - but much less noticeable, now it looks like a mild dermatitis as opposed to omg what have you done reaction - still looking sun burned. I cycle a fair bit and notice that my face gets very red and burns with contact with wind. Still slathering on the vaseline at night around the mouth to control burn areas there. An not religious with use of cosmelan 2, as I still find my skin reacts violently. Tend to always put in on at night and one day on one day off at morning. Absolutely religious in application of suncream SPF50 - my face feels like it is burning in the sun - so not difficult. It is definitely a 1 week process. Starting to see benefits, but less in pigmentation more in quality of skin. Its true. You dont need make up any more - skin glows and is more uniform but pigmentation still there. Masked by slight sunburn effect. But I am hopeful. I get that its the cosmelan 2 that in effect 'burns' away the pigmentation. I now get it could take 6 months for any real improvment to appear.
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