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Hello ladies i've been after butt implants for 4...

Hello ladies i've been after butt implants for 4 years & after thinking it will never happen the other half has been very generous & offered to pay but it wont be for another year & half at least. Anyways i'm from the UK & so far only found two places that do implants and i got quoted 5500 & from 6000. I dont really want to travel if thats possible due to having a 2 year old boy but if needs be i will have to. If anyone has had to travel to get theres done your experiences would be appreciated. Thankyou.

wish pictures

I hate waiting.

So i'm still doing research i wont be having it done untill 2016 due to it not being financed. I will be having consultations at some point this year in London to see previous work they have done & to ask a couple of questions. I just wanted to no how far ahead did you ladies book to have your surgery.


I have decided that i want to go with Dr Gongora. I am from the Uk but only found two places that did implants and i got quoted £5500 and from £6000. This is for implants alone not fat transfer which ive read the implants alone wont do much. I have been quoted $8000 from dr gongora for implants fat transfer 5 night stay at there clinic but as i live so far away i have been advised to stay 2 weeks after surgery so i can return home with no drains or stitches. Ive had a look for flights and accommodation for after ive stayed at the clinic but trying to book it as a holiday seems impossible. I dont really want to be leave my little boy in manchester even though it will be with family for over 2 weeks. Could anyone help me everything online seems to be no match. Thanks in advance ladies.


As i'm 22 and living at home with my 2.5 year old boy ive just brought it up to my mum for the first time. Ive told her i'm going to mexico to have my surgery and would she mind having my boy as it will be boring for him and wouldnt be fair to keep him indoors all the time. Then my mums saying not to go as i will proberly end up with complications. I havnt seen one bad review from gongora i understand you can have problems from anywhere its just the fact if i do have problems once i'm home its then having to pay for another £700 flight and also an 15 hour atleast plane journey. Could anyone please tell me any problems they have had and what the outcome was please it would be appreciated loads


So dr gongora is a definate for me i seem to be on and off with whether to get it done or not ive wanted this for 4 years and now it can happen i'm excited about a big bum but then complications come in my head and throws me back off the idea. I've been trying to lie on my tummy to get used to that but i cant do it its very frustrating

changed my mind

So i decided to give the natural way another go. Ive been exercising and having protein shakes almost everyday and my butt has grown an inch. Its not as big as i would like it to be but i'm happy after a month. I was going to mexico to have implants but due to living in the uk its costing so much money for flights and so on so ive got a consultation a week today at the private clinic in manchester for fat transfer. If i can get this waist smaller my butt will look bigger and at the moment i am quite happy with the size of it.

squats do my booty good.

So i thought i would give exercising one last time as i have had previous problems having to stop due to my knees. I purchased some knee straps for £8 of amazon and they have done wonders. I have been doing squats and alsorts of glute exercises for around 3 and a half months and my booty is 3inches bigger. Woohoooooo. So for now whilst i get the money i shall be sticking to what i'm doing but its not something i could do for the rest of my life pretty much i just hope i can get another 3 inches on it.


So ive been at lower body exercises for 6-7 months and when i started i was 38inchs i am now 41inchs. Woooo i just need to work on how to loose a little of the belly now without it coming of my bum. I'm still after gaining atleast another 3inchs but i am so happy that i have finally got something back there.
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