Size GG for Gigantic Girls!!!! Age 46, 2 kids - United Kingdom, GB

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I have always been large busted and always hated...

I have always been large busted and always hated them. I have all the usual culprits; large dents in my shoulders, which i HATE, back, shoulder, neck ache, hunchback from the weight and all the other problems that come with the largeness! I have just over 2 weeks to go and this has been a whirlwind. I had my first appointment with the PS at the beginning of December after only really deciding that the time is right a few weeks before! I've just had my follow up appointment and spoken to my own Dr, and he is has signed me off from work from the date of the I guess, it's all systems go. Just dragged my husband around the shops looking for front fastening bra's today and bought a pair of button up pyjamas (don't really know why but have seen them mentioned on a few reviews so though they'd be useful. Just starting to pack my hospital bag, apart from the pj's and bras, not sure what else should go in it. I am extremely nervous about the actual operation (I'm a nurse so I think I may know too much) but just trying not to think about that part. My PS knows that I am petrified. , I've been following lots of reviews on here which have been so so helpful. I will try to put some before photos on in the next week but I'm not sure if I can cope with looking at my boobs flashing up on my review for the next couple of weeks. Any words of wisdom or advice would be greatly appreciated x

Just over 1 week to go

Pre op appointment on Thursday. Starting to feel less nervous as the time goes on. Really looking forward to the time off work so focusing a lot on that part of it. Going to tell the kids this weekend (age 9 and 11 both boys) but going to just tell them that I'm going to have an op, not actually say what op I'm having (youngest is obsessed with boobs so really don't want it spread around the class). Will tell them afterwards though so they know to keep away from that area. Any advice on this would be greatly received. Reading lots of reviews and looking at a lot of pictures has help immensely, I'm so thankful that I joined this site. For that, I thank each and every one of you x


Some before pics

Pre op bloods pre op bloods are back and they show that I have an infection. Felt fine but last night a sore throat started. Blood test due next Tuesday (the day before my op) to make sure I'm fit enough. Gutted does not even come close!!!! Will have to wait and see, but until then...Rest and plenty of fruit, veg and fluids !

No surgery tomorrow ????

Just had bloods retaken as my immune was low last week as on previous update. Even worse today so not having it done tomorrow. Truly gutted, tears and everything!! Have spoken to my gp (primary care) and they will recheck bloods next week and possibly do some investigations if still not right. Hoping to be able to rebook as soon as possible. I will have to go back to work tomorrow. Cannot quite believe it but feel a bit better now than I did earlier. I've psyched myself up so much that it's such a bitter blow :(

Sorting out my bloods

Thankyou so much for everyone's support on here. It's fantastic. It's been an emotional few days since the cancellation of surgery. My ps has been in constant touch and is arranging for me to see the haematologist (blood dr) to go through my bloods. Nothing to worry about as far as hes concerned but just wants to check everything is ok. I have a new surgery date at the end of march but he stated that if everything is clear, it will be sooner. I hope so, not sure I can bear to wait another 2 months!!!! There are times when I am now wondering if it's really worth putting me, my husband and kids through all this again or shall I just live with this as I have done for the last 30 something years!?!?! Well see what happens in the next week or so. May feel differently by then!!!!

Blood doctor

Just a quick update. Going to see the haematologist on Tuesday. Am hoping all will be ok with my bloods so I can reschedule surgery. I will post after my appointment on Tuesday x

Bloods back to normal haematology appointment went so well. All ok and back to normal yippee. Spoke to my ps yesterday and the bad news is that I can't rebook surgery until week beginning 21st March. This has made me sad as I was rely hoping to be in by the end of February. Still, onwards and upwards. He will see if there is a cancellation in the meantime but it's unlikely. So, I'll have to wait another 6 weeks. Anyway, at least all ok and I have a date well before the summer. Keeping positive x


My new date is 21st March (4 weeks today). So I am waiting......not very patiently I must add. My PS was very apologetic and said that if there is a cancellation, my date would be moved forward but this was very slim. I have my pre op bloods again on 15th March which is worrying me due to what happened before!!! I also had a routine mammogram today (I get them yearly due to family history) which I,m hoping will be ok. that's it really, I wait and I prepare (again)!!!

Date now 23rd March 2016

New date now 23rd March instead of the Monday. Pleased really as have a trip to London (with the girls) planned the weekend before and not back til Sunday evening. This gives me a couple of days to sort the house (messy boys and man on their own for the weekend!!!) And get some shopping done beforehand. The kids break up on the Thursday as it's good Friday the next day so it's not great timing but hubby is off and it's all in hand apparently. They should be able to help around the house a bit hopefully!!!!
So just waiting patiently for the next couple of weeks with preop next tuesday. Really hoping that will go better than last time!!!! Weekend away will be a great distraction.
Would love to hear from anyone who has surgery around the same date. Thanks to everyone for their stories...they are so helpful xx

Today is finally here

Quick update. Went a bit quiet as have lots lots of problems with my bloods but all sorted now and TODAY IS THE DAY. After 2 cancellations, a bone marrow test and many many blood tests, I am due to go in today for my long awaiting BR. Eeeeeeekkkkkkkkk very nervous and very excited but also a little doubt as to whether it will be cancelled again. Will update as soon as I am on the other side!!!!!

3rd day post op

3 days after the op and I'm so very pleased. Came into hospital on Wednesday at 1pm after doing a ninja food shop and tidy up at home. Didn't go into theatre until 6pm so had an agonising wait to then. Very tearful when husband had to go home to pick up the boys at 4pm but relatively calm all afternoon. Didn't get back to the room until 22.30pm and then slept on and off all night. Pain wise, not been to bad, only needed paracetamol and ibruprofen . Yesterday evening I had pain in the side which they think may be from the drain so was a bit tearful. Managed to sleep well with codeine and in a good position. Had a few visitors yesterday but nothing too taxing. Just been told that I can go home this morning so quite looking forward to that altho I will miss the delish food in the hospital!!!! Couple of photos from pre-op. Will put new ones on when I get home.


I came home yesterday, been fighting with the queasiness but that seems to have passed on today. Drains were taken out yesterday morning which was really painful especially on the side that had been giving me a lot of pain the previous night. Left hospital yesterday afternoon but went to bed as felt really sick since lunchtime. Felt better when I got up and had a good evening. Today I have felt lovely , no sickness and hardly any pain. My friend came over and washed my hair and my husband helped me have a very shallow bath so i feel fresh as a daisy and today is a good day!! I've put on some post op photos. Still overjoyed with the results.

Day 9 post op

So far, so good. It's been a pretty uneventful recovery up til now (thank goodness). I had my dressings taken down on Wednesday and gosh, my boobs look scary in the flesh. Very mishapen and bruised But I am still overjoyed with the look of them with bra/clothes on. Couldn't be happier and this is life changing. Still on a few pain meds but mainly in the evening as they get sore and I feel like I need to hold on to them when I walk. First outing to meet friends for brunch yesterday and it felt good to be out and about. I have a few questions. My nipples feel very sore and oversensitive and I am wondering if that's normal. One of them seems to be erect quite a lot and I am also wondering in this is common. Other than that, all good and I couldn't be happier. Best decision ever. I will post some pics later on today of my frankenboobs.

Day 7 frankenboobs

This is how they looked at day 7...pretty scary I think but oh so small eeeekkkk


Trying to upload pics sorry

Day 12

Took the tape of today and it it was very sticky and hurt coming off. PS stated to take it off and renew it every 5 days so that's what I did. Feels better now, a few hours on but was stinging earlier and I wondered if I'd done too much recently. Anyway. Still an unremarkable recovery. Still sleeping on my back which I still find really uncomfortable but am managing to sleep all night (not much will stop me from sleep) just that my back feels really stiff in the morning. I am still taking the odd pain killer during the day but generally not in any pain, just occasional discomfort. Absolutely still love my new boobs but as you can see, they are still swollen and mishapen but already look better in just 5 days. Overjoyed with the results. Wore a little strappy top yesterday and still can't quite believe how life changing this is

Day 12

More day 12 pics

Day 18

Recovery is still going well although not much has changed in the last week or so. I am still taped up which I change every 5th day. Looks like everything is healing ok from what I can see. Moving around normally and even sitting in the car feels less bumpy. I am still swollen at the sides and still very misshapen. I look at other pictures at this stage and everyone else's boobs look great and so much better than my shape. I need to be patient and let them heal more before I judge them. Dont get me wrong though, I am still utterly overjoyed and would only like the shape better for my husband as he's the only one who is going to see them, but I don't want him to be disappointed. I am already wearing clothes that I wouldn't have been seen dead in a few weeks ago. Utterly life changing. I am having my bloods checked every week to check on my infection markers (see previous posts with ongoing problems) and have to have an injection every so often if my bloods drop. That's not too bad in itself but just makes my bones ache for a few days after. The nurses in the blood unit gathered around me last week and asked loads of questions about the surgery and all said how great I'm looking which was fabulous. I wore the smallest t shirt I could find and had to admit that the girls did look great haha. I'm wearing a very lovely bra that I bought from Amazon during the day but find it a bit restricting and tight in the night so wear a looser sports bra at night. Im in a 36D and am so pleased with the size so far. Hoping I may get to a C with less swelling but will be happy with a D. I had a weird moment in the shower when I went to lift up my boob to wash underneath it without thinking. There was nothing there?!? It was an amazing feeling when I realised. Anyway, that's a happy me...caught up with the journey so far. Happy healing ladies and I'll post some pics soon xx

Day 18 pics

3 weeks and 2 days

Yesterday, there was not much to report, everything going well and still swollen but no pain. Then I took off the tape to renew it! I feel like I've taken a complete step back. My nipples are really sore today. They felt like they were going to fall off in my hand as the tape is so sticky and so difficult to get off. Now I'm worried because I have more pain today and feel like I did over a week ago. I'm hoping this is normal. Im not sure that I want to continue with the tape until I see the PS on 29 June. The wounds look ok tho, no oozing or anything but I'm so worried for the next time it needs renewing. Is it going to hurt like this every time? I'm worried that every time I take off the old tape that it's opening up again. It only seems to be around my nipples. Underneath looks fine although there is a strip if glue or something that I am scared to pick off. Should I just leave that alone? I am wondering whether I should speak to my PS about it all. Apart from that I'm doing good . Starting driving and back to work next week and doing much more during the day so all good. Still not sleeping on my side yet whcich is annoying. Anyway, hope everyone is ok. Any advice would be most appreciated especially anyone that has been using the tape. Pics to follow. love this site xx

Week 4

Back to work this week and doing ok. Still tender and swollen on the sides but seem to be healing quite wel. I've ditched the tape that was irritating me so much and now just using a non adhesive dressing over my nipples, really for protection. I'm still not sleeping on my side due to the swelling on the sides but am sleeping really well. Still getting the sunburn feeling but more discomfort than pain so only taking the odd pain killer here and there. All other activities are back to normal although I still use a little pillow with driving to keep the seat belt off my girls!! I feel that they are taking shape and do feel much better about how they are starting to look. I am still in awe about how I feel without those heavy breast weighing me down. Still the best decision ever and would do it again in a heartbeat

Week 5....done

I'm actually nearer week 6 but am going to see the surgeon on Wednesday so will post week 6 then as I haven't seen him since week 1. Healing well, no broken spots that I can see. Still have some of the sticky plaster on the wounds but most of it is off now. No dressings at all. Back to normal except still not sleeping on my side as it feels uncomfortable and lumpy. Also, I remain swollen at the sides and still look a bit boxy but couldn't give a hoot as I still love them. Husband not so sure as he loved my big boobs and said I looked small in a top I went out in last week! Big compliment I though haha. He likes the way that I feel about myself though so all good. Last week I tried on some bras from a departmental store (Marks and Spencer for those that live in UK ). They felt lovely and comfy but no...not me, I thought I'd get some from a much cheaper shop, because I can for the first time ever. Big mistake, they didn't fit and felt awful so was really disappointed in myself. They'll definitely be going back and I need to get that idea out of my head. Anyway, still love them so no harm dine but will update further after Wednesday and will post some pics. Happy healing to you all if you've had it done and if you haven't yet....DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND. It's life changing and you won't regret it xx

Week 6

I saw the surgeon for my 6 week check up. All going well and he seemed pleased with my healing. I can massage with any cream or oil, he doesn't feel the scars are bumpy so thinks silicone tape won't make any difference to them. The sunburn pain has finally stopped and I definitely feel much less tender. The girls are starting to feel much softer and I still love them. So no real news and everything going really well. Hope everyone is well too

So pleased I could burst

7 weeks post op

7 weeks yesterday and feeling good. Still can't sleep on my side for any longer than 10 mins as feels hard as lumpy. Also still get swollen in the evening but energy levels are now 100% and feel back to normal. Massaging the girls after a shower with oil or moisturiser, whatever is the nearest. Went bra shopping a few days ago and am a 38C. Absolutely overjoyed with that. Happy healing everyone and good luck to those who are doing it

Weeks 8 and 9

Not a great deal to say. Still a little tender at times but really nothing at all. I have had a the tiniest little opening which my surgeon feels may have been a stitch that hasn't dissolved yet. He was not worried and it has now dried up so I'm also not worried. Stilll not sleeping on my side but sleep well on my back. Not a lot else to say. No real difference in looks but are a little softer. Hope everyone is healing well and good luck to everyone about to take the plunge xx

4 months today

I cannot believe that I am 4 months into this life changing journey. So, everything has healed, I have full sensation in nipples, scars fading slowly and just a bit of discomfort at times but no pain. I spent a week on holiday wearing nothing but bandea bras/bikinis and finally my head caught up with my body in that I can go all day without being trust up in a bra. As you can see from the pics, I am a bit full at the sides and maybe a little wonky but I couldn't care less because I absolutely love them and how they make me feel. If anyone has any doubts just go for it, you just won't look back xxx

C cup

Just to add that I am a perfect C cup. I have an abundance of soft bras and will probably never buy another uncomfortable underwire ever again :)
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