From 32H to 32D - Happy and Relieved - United Kingdom, GB

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I am 9 days post op after undergoing breast...

I am 9 days post op after undergoing breast reduction in the UK. I went for a 32H to a 32D (ish) could be DD. They look small to me but that's because they were massive. I love my new look I can't believe it when I see my profile. I am 5ft 4 and weigh 145 lbs. I had 800g removed form my right side and 852 from my left. The surgery took a long time (4.5 hours) but I am assured it was because my surgeon was so meticulous. I get my dressings off today and can't wait. I can't say I have ever been in great pain. I feel bruised and tender but it has always been completely manageable.

I knew a lot about this operation because I researched it for years!! There were no real surprises for me except I didn't realise how happy I would be instantly. If anyone is thinking about this surgery, do your homework, give it great consideration and then go for it!!

I spent 20 years considering this surgery. I am so glad I went for it. Can't wait to go shopping.

Well my surgery was 2 weeks ago today. I have a...

Well my surgery was 2 weeks ago today. I have a wound infection am on antibiotics. Knew something wasn't right and can feel they are working even though i have only been taking them for 24 hours.
I am thinking of going back to work on Monday but am a bit scared to be honest. I suppose i am feeling scared of the reaction and also i feel like i am a different person in a way. Very strange!

Well it's one month tomorrow and is all going well...

Well it's one month tomorrow and is all going well. I can't complain about the care I have received. I have seen the cosmetic surgery nurse 4 times and the consultant just once, but I see her again next week. I am back at work after nearly 4 weeks off. Tired today but heyho it's nearly Friday! My wounds are healing nicely, I am just frustrated that the t-junction is still a bit fragile looking. I think it is because my skin is so sensitve. Still the nurse said what a great shape and size they were so I mustn't complain!! Still got small inadine wound dressings on. and now taping the healed wounds. I m so impatient though.
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