Been approved for a breast reduction on the NHS

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Hi all! Been looking at the reviews on here for a...

Hi all! Been looking at the reviews on here for a while and finally had chance to join and tell my story/get some advice. First off can I just say that every story I have read has been very interesting and I can relate to most ladies on here and all of the after photos are amazing and making me very jealous lol. Ok, I will introduce myself and tell you more. I have just turned 30 and have never been any less than a D cup, I am 5'4 and 79kg. By breasts seem to appear over night when I was about 11 and have been growing (and growing) ever since. After having 2 children I am now a 36J H/GG on a good day. I am in constant pain with my back and shoulders and have recently been diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease. I am seeing a physiotherapist who has suggested that a reduction would help me massively, a nurse at my doctors surgery has also suggested the same. Although I have always wanted it done, I never thought that the NHS would do it (still not holding my breath). However, with my recent health issues I believe that a reduction would medically help so I am seeing my GP on the 5th September to see if he will refer me. I am desperately trying to bring my BMI down as I am current 29 and I know I need to be 27 or less for them to even consider me. I do have private health care through work who have been brilliant with my current back problems (this is who I am seeing my physiotherapist through) so if my GP does refer me I am going to see if they will cover it. It's still very early days for me but I thought I would start early. My dream is to be able to play over the park with my kids and run about without having to hold myself down or being in pain.

Called my healthcare provider, and......

They will not fund removal of healthy tissue :( has anyone else has this and can it be overturned?

Feeling a little disappointed

So after going to see my gp yesterday I am not sure I'm actually going to get anywhere. He has agreed to refer me, however he has advised that the PCT are likely to refuse my request as there is no available money! He has recommended that I see an orthopaedic surgeon and discuss it further with him. He seemed very dismissive and basically told me that as I have degenerative disk disease that the damage is already done so a reduction would not help at all. Now, I am no doctor but surly carrying around this much extra weight around on my chest does not help the strain on my back. He even said that barriactric surgery might even been suggested. I was quite offended by this as I am only 1.5 stone overweight (which I am desperately trying to loose to be in the correct BMI range). All in all in was a bit rubbish but at least he has referred me so I just have to wait for the appointment to come through. Thank you all for your comments, they are greatly appreciated as I am totally new to this :)

Little bit of fun

So the other night I asked my husband to weigh my boobs! I was paranoid that they are 'not big enough' to be considered for a reduction. I was quite shocked as one weighs 900 grams and the other is 930! So I made my husband put on one of my bras and I filled it with rice to that amount. He could see first hand why I want this done. I am lucky that he will support me with this decision but for any ladies out their who's men aren't that supportive, do what I did, it will certinaly open their eyes to the amount of weight we have to carry around. Well on a different note, I got my referral though today and managed to book and appointment with a consultant for the 7th October (not bad for the NHS). I have to see an orthopaedic surgon first and if he thinks I will benefit then I see a plastic surgon. I have been referred to the PCT to be considered but not heard back from them. I guess they are waiting till I have seen a consultant before they decide. All in all progressing a LOT faster than I thought it would. Still concerned that the PCT will reject the request but I will just have to wait and see. Here's to the waiting.....

More tests....

I saw my consultant last week for my back problems and it turns out my GP (the useless idiot) hasn't referred me properly :( He thought I was there for my lower back but that is being dealt with separately through my health care through my work. After a quick examination of my lower back he asked if I had my MRI which I was advised by my GP would have been sent over with my referral. I was so angry, not only was my breast reduction not even mentioned in my referral, he didn't even send over the information he should have. After a quick chat and a little vent from me he has agreed to help me try and get this done. He was so lovely, this shouldn't be his job but I think her felt sorry for me. I have had 3 x-rays and a full back MRI and he has said if there is degeneration in my upper back then he will write to my GP and advise that I would benefit from a reduction. He said they have to be very careful with the wording, not sure why. He said my posture is quite poor (tell me something I don't already know) and he is going to do some research on back pain and breast reductions and the criteria required. He has also advised me to do the same at which point I started reeling off the criteria to have this done on the NHS and he realised that I already knew a LOT more than he did. I go back to see him on the 21st for the results and see what he has to say. I have loads of information I will be printing out to take with me but if anyone has any information they can share it would be greatly appreciated. He does seem like the kind of consultant that will do everything he can to help so fingers crossed. Oh and 1 more thing, was very impressed at how quickly I was able to have my tests, I had the x-rays on the same day the MRI the next day and see my consultant within 2 weeks.

I forgot

I have also lost 20lb since the beginning of September :) my boobs on the other hand look even bigger now due to the weight loss!

Updates haven't been posting :(

I have only just realised that my last few updates haven't shown on which totally sucks as I wrote loads :( anyway I will give you a very quick run down of that else has happened. I got my results of my MRI and although it didn't show any further sign on degeneration, my back is curved, however not enough to need surgery. My lovely consultant agreed with me that I would benefit from a reduction and wrong back to my GP. I have since spoke to my doctor who wrote to the individual funding board and they have agreed that I meet all the criteria and that I will be given the option to see a plastic surgeon :) it does state in the letter that if the plastic surgeon feels that I would be a good candidate then they have to apply for the funding. Oh and that the minimum they will remove has to be 500g (which I knew anyway). So it's still not been approved but another step closer. The letter came last week so I will be calling my GP in the morning for an appointment to discuss surgeons. Quick question for any UK ladies reading this... The letter does not say that they have approved it and the application for funding still needs to be made, however I meet all the criteria they ask for. Do you think they are likely to approve it? Just concerned that I got my hopes up and they still might be dashed :(
On a slightly different note, I went and got measured yesterday after loosing 2 stone and I am a 34H (UK size not sure what that is in US) still WAY to big for my frame.
Going for my epidural injections tomorrow for my back pain so I will let you know how I get on.

Not much new to add

Well like the title says not much new to add. I had my epidural injection for my back pain last week. I was shocked at how much I had to rest after. I thought I would go in, have it done and straight again, but no! I has to be sedated (I have no idea why) and had to stay in for a couple of hours afterwards. Resting after was erm, difficult lol. I have a 4 year old who is quite demanding and sometimes just wants me rather than her dad. I think I should have rested more than I did because my back has been pretty sore since. It did make me think about my surgery and how I'm going to need as much help as possible when I have it done.
As you know I haven't yet got approval to have it done on the NHS, will hopefully see a plastic surgeon early in the new year. I see my GP on the 20th December who will go through consultants with me but I have a friend who had her reduction on the NHS so I will try and see her consultant as he comes highly recommended. Once I have seen a consultant he then needs to apply for the funding if he feels I would be a good candidate.
If the NHS route fails (I don't get the funding) my wonderful dad said he would pay for me to have the surgery, bless him :)


I have the courage to post some pics. All you ladies are wonderful, sharing your stories and literally bearing all so I thought it was my turn. After loosing a lot of weight I am finally happy with the way I look (apart from these spaniel ears hanging off my chest that cause me no end of issues). I hope I get approval, but I am so worried that I will get rejected because they will not be able to remove 500g and still leave me with boobs that are right for my frame. They sure feel heavy enough, in fact the best part of the day is when I get undressed for bed and my husband holds them up for me. No clothes, no bra, he just takes the weight of them! The relief is amazing, I instantly feel like I can breath easier and can feel the stress on my back and neck easy. Will update again after I see my GP on Friday.

Don't you just love it when...

You write a massive long, detailed update, press post and you loose it all, grrrrrrrrr :( will try and post it again tomorrow, it's now 1am in the UK so off to bed!

Figured out what the problem is

I have to update on my iPad or it won't work!

So, I saw my GP and he was actually really lovely. He said that he was shocked as they have not approved any requests for a BR on the NHS for years. Thought this was a little strange as my friend has her BR on the NHS in January, but never mind. He was really happy that they have given the go ahead to see a PS, even though the letter isn't approval for funding he has said that if they were not going to approve it then it would be rejected straight away (won't be holding my breath just yet). He has written to the PS team and I am just waiting for an appointment. Must admit, little concerned that I don't get the choose my surgeon buy hey it looks like Ivhave the green light so I guess that would be having my cake and eating it. However, don't get me wrong, I will be heavily researching my PS once I know who he/she will be. My friend had a PS called Mr Nick James and he suppose to be VERY good, I have researched him and he seems to be known for his breast reconstructions so fingers crossed for him :) If they say I'm a good candidate and they they can remove the required 500g then they will apply for the funding, I think that's when my nerves will kick in.

Oh I forgot to add...

That I have a party to go to next weekend. It's a black and white party and I needed a new dress. So, off I went yesterday to find one. I found the most beautiful dress, it was in the sale and was just perfect. It was a UK size 10 which I haven't been able to get into for year. Thought I would try it on and it fitted perfect! I was getting more and more excited in the changing room, until it came to doing the zip up at the top, could I get it done up, no :( I was gutted, there was about a 5-6 inch gap so there was no way I could have fit into it. I actually swore at my boobs in the mirror, god knows what the other ladies in the changing room thought. Then I tried on another dress which was also lovely but I would have had to wear no bra with it which is a massive no no as you probably all know.
I haven't been shopping for so long I actually forgot how depressing it was not fitting into things, they either fit perfect on the bottom and WAY too small on the top or fit on the top and WAY too big on the bottom, again something you all probably know all too well (it sucks). I managed to find 2 dresses in the end both are a little big on the bottom but they are a style where it looks ok. I will see if I can get some pics next weekend before we go out.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to New Year. I know I am. 2014 is the year my boobs WILL be made smaller :)

Got my letter today whoop :)

I got my letter to see the PS team at my local hospital. So I now know I will be seeing Mr Muhammed Javaid on the 26th February. I have already looked him up and have a night of research planned on him this evening. Even though I don't get the choose my surgeon, I still need to be comfortable with his work. So far he looks pretty good. He also has his own practise which is good because there are photos of his work on there. Saying that I am assuming that the PS that I have the consultation with be the one to perform my surgery (if it's approved). I would think it's quite odd if it isn't, then again as it's on the NHS I just don't know.

To related in anyway but..

I have been hit with a bad head cold and I feel totally rubbish :( All I want to do is sleep and eat junk food, which isn't good when I have to keep my BMI in check! On a good note my 4 year old daughter has decided to go to sleep before midnight tonight (she is an awful sleeper) so I might actually get an early night :)
Actually I have a quick question for all the ladies that have had their surgery a while ago. How long was it before you felt completely back to normal? I only ask this because we are massive NFL fans and plan to go and watch one of the international games at Wembely in September I will be totally gutted if I miss it but equally I can't put off changing my life for the better. I would just like to get an idea for when/if I get approved. My friend told me it took 6 months from the date she first saw her PS (same hospital as me) until she had her op which is taking us dangerously close to September. I hope the NHS can keep on surprising me with how fast this is all going through and I can enjoy the game standing up, pain free! That would be AMAZING :) Going to be heart broken if they reject me as I really don't want my dad to pay for it, it just don't seem right x

I saw boobs lol

Yes, I know that quite a strange title for an update, considering that I see boobs every time I come on here. I caught up with my friend that had her breast reduction 2 years ago and had a good old chat about it. She showed me her boobs and they look beautiful! I know that there are many many post op photos on here but actually seeing a pair that are fully healed in the flesh was amazing! The scars were barely noticible and they moved very naturally. Even tho she has put on a little weight since her surgery (I didn't even notice as she is quite tall) and has gone up a couple of cup sizes, they still look fab.
I actually cannot wait until my consultation next month. Been having a number of headaches over the last few weeks again and pins and needles in my arms and hands.


So I decided to take a look through the rest of the Real Self site. I have been coming on here since August last year but have never looked anywhere else other that about breast reductions. So, I decided to take a look at the Breast Augmentation reviews. First of, it's so strange reading reviews from the complete different side of us ladies. I find it very strange that women want big boobs after having to deal with them for practically the whole of my life. I wonder whether I would want them bigger if I had A or B cups. That is my though of the day lol. Anyway, I was reading one ladies review and she said that she was drinking coconut water and it helped with constipation after her surgery so I thought I would let all you lovely ladies that are post op know in case some of you are suffering.
Nothing new to add with me, still waiting for the 26th Feb to come along, counting down the days. I have lost close to 30lb now and dropped 2 (close to 3) dress sizes and currently nothing off my chest. It feels good to be smaller elsewhere tho, even if it does make my check look even bigger.
Happy healing to all you post op ladies and good luck to all of you moving to the smaller side in the next few day as I know there are a few of you x

Going back to 2012

I was just looking through some of my wedding photos and thought I would drag my dress down from the attic and try it on. I will post some of my wedding day and some from today. Being that I am a 34H now, I would hate to think what I was then (was never properly measured until recently). They look so small compared to back then but they are still massive to me.

So sick... (Rant coming on)

Of people telling my boobs are not that big!! Admittedly, they don't look as big in a bra but seriously, I just want to say to them 'well you carry them round for a day and then tell me they are not that big'. I did actually show someone that said that my picture that I took on my phone of me braless and their response was 'wow, ok then they are' lol. Not that I want my boobs flashed about but it sure did shut them up lol.

Anyway on a different note, one of my very my best friend gets married next month and I am one of her bridesmaids. I tried my dress on the other day and it's beautiful, however, it's going to need to be totally altered for my boobs to fit in it properly. I feel awful and offered to pay for it myself ( as technically it's my fault) but she said don't be daft. Hoping it can be tightened and a halter neck strap put on it to stop me from falling out of it. Just another joy us big boobed ladies have to go through (altering clothes that we should just 'fit' into). Just another reason I can't wait till the 26th but at least we are in February now :)

I have a question....

For you ladies (might have to be the ladies in the UK having this done on the NHS). Do you get signed off work after the op or do they expect you to make holiday arrangements? Just trying to sort out my holiday this year (just in case) x


I have been reading a lot about measurements over the last few weeks. From nipple placement during a breast reduction to requiring a free nipple graft etc... I thought that I would take measurements of what they are at the moment. Well my N2N (notch to nipple on my left side is 35cm and on the right it's 34cm, the F2N (fold to nipple) (underneath) is 13cm on left side and 13.5 on right. My areola's are both 10cm in diameter (or burger nipples - being called that will always haunt me) :(
I have read that the 'ideal' placement for the nipple should be between 19 and 21cm so I have marked this on each boob to give a (very) roughy idea of where the 'should' be. Please note that this is only done with the N2N measurements, not the complete measurements that a surgeon would use. I went for 20cm as it was in the middle.
These photos shocked me the most and I have since read some information on Ptosis which basically means drooping. There are 3 grades of Ptosis, with 3 being the worst. Grade 1 is where the nipple is directly in front of the crease, grade 2 is where the nipple is 1-2cm below the crease and grade 3 is where the nipple is pointing directly to the floor. It would appear that mine are grade 3. Then again, I knew they were droopy, they always have been. It's still nice to know that I shouldn't need a free nipple graft, close but should be ok. It's going to need a very skilled surgeon to sort these puppies out!

Forgot to add

I know it's silly but the underwire come out of my favourite bra (the black one in one of my photos) yesterday, I am gutted! I brought it less that 3 months ago and paid £30, which I guess is about $45-$50. Think I will be heading back to Bravissimo tomorrow to try and get an exchange. It's daft I know as it's only a bra but I'm sure many of you ladies can understand the difficulty of finding a bra that is actually comfortable.

Best friends hen do!

Tonight was my best friends hen do. I am bridesmaid eat her wedding next month. We have known each other for nearly 20 years she she is like my sister and I love her dearly. It was a wicked night, everything you could have asked for in a hen do. Girlies, giggles, drink (lots of drink) and naked men lol. However, if one more person told me 'wow your boobs are massive' I was going to scream. Yes, I know they are massive thank you very much, I have to deal with the every day! I thought I coved them pretty well, obviously not! Now I can't wait to get out of my dress that's far too big on the bottom but way too small on top. Still had a wicked time :)

Actually impressed

That I managed to post after my friends hen do, and it actually made sense!

I had a moment in work today where my boss messaged me and asked if I was still wanted a reduction. I said yes I do, and reminded her that my appointment is this Wednesday. We get on really well and she has known from the beginning that I was going for this. She said they didn't look that big since I have lost weight. I very nearly offered to show her but had to remind myself she was still my boss lol. The weekend I was told they were massive and today they are 'not that big'. It's amazing how you can cover them with oversized clothes.
Well, I'm getting pretty nervous about my appointment on Wednesday. I will let you all know how I get on. I will either be over the moon or devastated, I really do hope it's the first.


Very very nervous tonight! Just sitting here going through a list of why I want/need this done and questions to ask the consultant tomorrow. If anyone has any good questions to ask please feel free to post them on here. I feel pretty well informed by all your wonderful reviews and the research I have done. But I am sure there will be something I forget. Being the NHS I don't know how much say I have in size if he says yes, I guess I will have to see how the consultation goes. I don't want to be any bigger than a D and no smaller than a C. Thank you for all of your good luck message, they mean a lot :) My appointment is 1:55 PM so I will update as soon as I get back x

I'm baaaack - warning very long post coming up!

And it all went ok, I guess. It was pretty much how I expected an NHS consultation to go. They weighed be first to make sure my BMI is under 27, which it is at 25.6. Then I went in to see the PS. He seemed nice enough, he asked me about the problems my breast cause me then he took some measurements. We established that my left side is bigger than my right, and for that reason hangs lower. He measured N2N and F2N then the width of each breast. He explained what happens (everything he said I already knew) and then left the room. To which I was a little shocked by, he didn't tell me to get dressed or anything. The nurse (bless her) laughed and said, get dressed he will discuss more in a minute. Once he was back in the room he showed me photos pre and post surgery and a slide show of what happens and possible complications. Then we moved on to what I was most worried about, the amount to be removed. He is sure he can remove 500g from the left side, however he said something about only 400g from the right. The amount to be removed is a strict guideline for the surgery and they will not remove any less. He seems more than happy to do the surgery and has
said that I would benefit from it, however I could be left with and I quote 'very small breast possibly a B, maybe a C (C I would be happy with) . He would obviously do the right one first, remove the 500g then do the other to match. I asked whether he thought that would fit my frame and this is where his tone changed as not in a good way. It was very much like 'well you are not having this done privately so you don't get much say in it, we will remove what we have to and if it's too small you can't complain'! I honestly thought that if removing the required amount would leave me with breasts that were too small for my frame then they would not do it, however he is more than happy to do it and never answered my question whether he thought they would be too small. How am I suppose to know this, I have never had breasts that small which is why I asked the question.

Now I have a lot of thinking to do. I personally think a B cup would be way too small for my frame because I have quite broad shoulders. However, could I live with that knowing that I would, potentially be pain free? Another thing I have been thinking about is the markings they to before the surgery. They mark you up the same on both sides with precise measurements so that everything stitches up ok. What happens if they mark you up, get you into operating room, cut you open, remove the tissue, then realise they have only cut 450g out? Do they then cut away more to make up for the missing 50g they need to meet the required amout? Surly they cannot do this as thet will mess up their measurements and they won't be able to stich everything back up. This has me worried some what!

Anyway, I have asked him to go ahead and apply for the funding which is was happy to do. If that's approved I will be placed on the waiting list. Right now my head is saying go for it but my gut is saying don't. I plan on having a long chat with my hubby about it tonight. He is amazing and has supported me 100% in my decision. Then it's up to me to decide whether to do it or not. I need to weigh up the pros and cons and I still think the pros are going to outweigh the cons. The only con is that I am left with really small breasts. I either stay a H and live with the daily pain and discomfort or go for it and risk being too small.

I didn't think it would be this hard, I thought it would have been either yes, we can do it or no, we can't because we can't remove the 500g safely. In a way it would have been easier if he had said no then the choice would have been take out of my hands.

After lots of consideration...

I have decided to GO FOR IT :)
After endless conversations with my hubby and reading all of your lovely comments I have come to the conclusion that I need this doing! Plus the final decider was when daughter rolled over the other night (she was in our bed) and rolled into my nipple, OMG the pain, it actually brought tears to my eyes. I didn't think she was anywhere near me, I forgot when I don't have a bra on they lay across the bed lol.

I think a B cup shocked me because of how small it is (compared to me now) which is why I had doubts but you know what, after looking and endless pictures, B cups look good and they sure won't be saggy whoo hoo!

I have also decided that if/when it's done, I would be more upset if I was too big, rather than too small. B-C rather than C-D, I'm ok with B-C if it means my years of pain are going to be gone and I can excersise pain free and run and play with my kids without holding my boobs down.

Now to play the waiting game for the fusing decision to come through. Apparently there is a waiting list so I might be waiting longer than the 18 weeks the NHS currently say they have to treat me in, from time of referral. I'm ok with that but I am so over these now, they need to be gone! Thank you all for your wonderful comments, every one of them has helped me make this decision x

Stupid phone

That should say funding approval not fusing approval!

Patiently waiting.....

Not posted for a while but I and still about seeing how all you ladies are getting on. I called the hospital today because I haven't heard anything. Spoke to the consultants PA and was told that there was a mix up and although he said he had applied for the funding, actually, he hasn't!!! :( something to do with someone else typing up the letters in stead of her so it never got sent off. She has done it today and it normally take 7-10 days to come back but with Easter I should get an answer in 2 weeks. So bloody annoyed, I didn't want to pester them sooner but I wish I had now! She also said they are really clamping down on approvals so not to get my hopes up. Oh the joys of the NHS. Hope you are all doing good, still enjoying reading all of your stories. I hope expand on my own very soon xx

Waiting.... and waiting.... and waiting

Well the 18 weeks had come and passed now and still waiting for a decision. My request is still with the funding woman and apparently she has many to go through. I have dropped nearly 4 dress sizes now and desperate for some new clothes but I have been holding off until I know what is decided. Hopefully I won't have to wait too much longer. Hope all you lovely ladies are ok x

Wait for it............

I'VE BEEN APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I am so happy :) :) it's just become very very real and I feel slightly sick lol! I am officially on the waiting list and been told it will be no more than 18 weeks! :)

Title update

Feels good to be able to update my title! I think I'm going to be even more obsessed with boobs now. I'm already looking at the smaller size bras in the shops, they are SOOOO pretty :) I haven't let myself get excited up until now because of not knowing if it would go ahead. Now it's full on excitement, I'm going to drive my husband mad up until I have my surgery, god help him!

No date yet

Still waiting on a date to come though, they sure like keeping you waiting but I am happy to. I'm just glad that I will (eventually) be having it done. My lower back pain has been ok recently, been getting twingies now and again but no where near the amount of pain that I use to. The epidural injection seem to have done the trick, for now anyway. My upper back and shoulders are still very tight, especially if I correct my posture and stand up straight. It pulls right between my shoulder blades. I'm hoping this is something that having the surgery will help with. I'm due for another bra fitting but I don't really want to go as I will feel obligated to buy a new bra and I don't really see the point in spending £30 on 1 bra when it will be useless soon. Keeping having to repair my 'fav' bra as the wire keeps popping out.
Not really much of an update as there isn't much change at the moment.
Oh I have started a step challenge in work where I have to walk at least 10,000 steps per day. Hoping it will shift the last of my weight and get me a little fitter for when the surgery arrives. I have been for my evening stroll in the rain this evening. You gotta love the British weather lol. Take care all :) x
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