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Hi! Im looking to have my BA & uplift done...

Hi! Im looking to have my BA & uplift done soon and im looking at Spire Manchester. Most companies offer at least 2 years aftercare and cover for capsular contractor but iv heard Spire only offer 12 months which is not long at all! Can anyone tell me the aftercare policy they received from Spire?

Spire Breast Aug and Lollipop Uplift 300cc

So I had my first consultation with James Murphy at Spire Manchester back in January, as soon as I met him I felt comfortable, safe and I just felt like I trusted him. Everyone says you know when you find the right surgeon – as cringey as it sounds its true! He was lovely, he listened and actually asked me what I wanted before he told me what he thought or what he couldn’t do. He asked questions like ‘do you want to be bra dependant?’ things I hadn’t even thought of and that no other surgeon ever asked or considered for me. He looked at all my photos I brought in too and seemed interested in my wishes not just what he thought was best. I was borderline lift and very unkeen on the scarring so James told me to go away and think properly and visit other surgeons and see how I feel.
I visited many many other surgeons from Hospital group (I saw 3 here) and Transform where I saw Dr Clarke.
The hospital group were a let-down, I can’t remember all the surgeons I saw but my favourite out of the 3 was Mr Mileto who I saw in May, however even he quite short with me, there was no effort to establish any sort of relationship with me, he kept going silent and seemed rushed, and was not majorly reassuring when it came to fixing my asymmetry, his answers were mostly 'maybe you will be happy' 'you should be happy' and to me, for nearly £6000 that is not a good enough answer!! I saw Mileto 2 times and after my second visit to him with my mum, we sat down with my PC after to discuss the costs, surgery dates and deposit. I knew I had no intention of booking it there and then, I wanted to think over summer time but still we needed to know the costs and information. However as we didn't put a deposit down my PC lost all interest, she took 4 weeks (3 emails and 2 phones calls) to reply to me regarding what implant sizes Mileto had recommended, even then her reply was around 2 words long. There was no follow up support to see what my worries were just simply ignored as I wasn't ready to book. I also told her I am extremely needle phobic and asked if there was a possibility of them providing me with gas and air before they put me to sleep (I have this at my dentist and Spire Manchester also offer this so I know it’s available) I have had pre-meds before for my needle phobias when I have needed dental treatment (Diazepam) and it does nothing, my body just overrides the drug and its useless, I honestly cannot explain how physically petrified I am of needles, to the point my entire body shakes and I have nose bleeds and god it’s just awful! - myself and my mum tried to stress this over and over again with my PC that tablets were not strong enough and she assured us she understood and would push for gas and air. I then again had to email her several times and called to find out if she could get me the gas and air, after 3 weeks I got an email saying “Patient with needle phobia will be comforted and be offered a pre med before surgery. I have emailed Mr Mileto but will be in touch once he has got back to me. X” – as if she had completely forgot I had told her pre-meds DO NOT WORK FOR ME and sent me a generic email that isn’t even written in proper English, and I never actually heard anything else after that apart from generic ‘are you still considering surgery?’ emails that they send to everyone. Now, I know it’s not nice for companies to be pushy and call 24/7 and pester you to book however I just felt like I was another quick job for the hospital group, they wanted me to book in within a few weeks and be gone and when that didn’t happen, I wasn’t important anymore.
After this I decided to wait for my summer holiday to see how I felt in my bikinis, buy myself some great push up bikinis and then decide when I got back what my decision would be as myself and my partner want to go travelling so how I feel in a bikini is a very important factor for me. As you can guess on my first day on holiday, as soon as I put on my little bandeau bikini and saw my saggy wonky boobs I thought my god I need to get this fixed – for me its not just about having bigger boobs, my breasts are so noticeably wonky, there is only so much a push bikini can do to help! As soon as I got home I booked in to see Dr Clarke at Transform, my friend had hers done by him and her results are amazing and iv heard good things about him correcting asymmetry. He was lovely, he suggested a donut lift and implants but after researching the donut lift and the risks there is not a chance I would do that! He said he would do the uplift if that’s what I preferred. I liked him but there was just something telling me to go with James at Spire. If for any reason I couldn’t go to Spire or the waiting list was too long, Dr Clarke would 100% be my second option. My PC at Transform was lovely (Sue) she hasn’t hassled or pestered me at all, she always calls me back or emails me within the same day, she’s excellent, no faults with Transform at all.
I decided to book back in with James Murphy as I still felt like my gut feeling said to go to Spire. I went back to see him yesterday, his assistant Sue is lovely, so helpful and again always calls you back or responds to emails quickly. I went with my boyfriend this time and I spent around 45 mins with Mr Murphy, he included my boyfriend in the whole consultation, asked how he felt and his thoughts on me having the op which I thought was lovely as although I’m doing this for myself, of course your partner’s opinion will matter somewhat to your decision. My boyfriend of course had typical ‘man questions’ like ‘will I see the implant if I squeeze them?’… yep, really. He asked if my goals had changed since I last saw him, how I felt about the scars now etc and looked at my pictures. He understood that I will want to wear nice little bras and triangle bikinis, I would be gutted if they were too big and I couldn’t wear nice dainty underwear anymore. He even said ‘il keep the little triangle bikini in my mind’.
Mr Murphy offered me Motiva, Natrelle and Polyurethane implants (the furry-Brazilian implants) 300cc over the muscle with a lollipop lift. My larger breast is being lifted and reduced to match my smaller one however we agreed on scars on both sides to create a symmetrical look. He will reduce my breasts to the same size so we can use similar size implants in each. He showed me the results of the mastopexy on the 3D machine he has and my god it’s weird!!!! He was very keen on using the Motiva implants however these have not been around a very long time and im very wary of this as no one knows what the implants could be like in 10+ years whereas Natrelle has been around for a very long time, however capsular contracture rates with Natrelle is higher than Motiva and they also don’t cover you for cc, Motiva do.
The implant I would really like is the polyurethane, I know a few girls with these and the results are amazing and the cc is less than 1%. I have a few months until I go back to see Mr Murphy for my pre op and planning consultation (January 4th) so I will be researching all these implants to death to make sure I choose the right ones for me! If anyone has any advice or has had the poly implants I would love to hear how youv got on with them, did they fluff or drop at all etc??
My surgery is booked for February 2nd 2017! The aftercare at Spire differs depending on the surgeon; I found it very hard to find info on the aftercare on the internet. Mr Murphy has told me Spire as a hospital cover you for 12 months but as each surgeon is independent they offer their own aftercare so he has said if I’m not happy or he feels something needs fixing he will do it even outside Spires 12 months which is very reassuring.
Another thing I liked was this was my second consultation, even though it 10 months since my last I assumed I would have to pay as your first consultation is free with him then it’s £150 for your second (this comes off your surgery costs) – however we did not have to pay! I assume it’s because I left it so long… (I will have to pay for my planning consultation in January) but James could have easily charged me yesterday or even given me a quick 10 min consultation like most surgeons do when it’s free but he took his time, answered all my questions and nothing was rushed.
So far I’m very impressed with him and Spire and I’ve not read any bad things about the hospital itself. Spire is moving to a new location in Manchester between Christmas and New Year so il be having my op in the brand new hospital one week after it opens!! Can’t wait and will keep updating on how I get on :) x


So today I had my pre-op at the whalley range hospital - this is due to close next week when Spire reopens at princess parkway in didsbury which is where I will be having my op on the 2nd Feb!
So today we discussed surgery - I arrive for 7am and will be taken for surgery at 8am - first on the list! One of my biggest fears was walking into theatre and being put to sleep. Dr Murphy advised me that I won't have to walk into theatre instead I will be given my gas and air to knock me out in the anaesthesiologist room, once the gas and air has knocked me out il have the cannula inserted and then il be wheeled into surgery! This was fantastic news for me because it means I won't see any needles at all which is my biggest fear in the entire world, I can't even be in a room with a needle without having a panic attack so I really appreciate and i am extremely happy with how dr Murphy has helped with this :)

He explained to fix my asymmetry which I will post photos of, he is going to reduce my larger breast down and also reduce some of the smaller breast so they are both a similar size and perfume a lollipop uplift, by reducing them both he can get them to a similar size to then insert the same size implants to achieve the best symmetry possible using around 300cc implant.

I have chosen the Motiva Ergonomix implants, I was very wary of motiva as I read a few girls who had uplifts and motiva and were not happy as the felt they were bottom heavy and caused sagging which un-did their uplift. After reading the reviews and researching uplifts and implant size I found that if you have a large implant your breasts will sag again after an uplift no matter what brand of implant you use, you cant have a 600cc implant and an uplift and expect perfect porn star boobs, the weight will undo all the uplift (from the reviews I've read most seem to be unhappy within a few months) however the reviews of girls who had an uplift and a smaller implant (mostly no bigger than 400cc all seemed happy and had nice perky results and no sagging) and as dr Murphy told me, it's the surgeons not the brand of the implant that causes unsatisfactory results. So after researching everything to death I emailed dr Murphy a few weeks ago asking questions and my worries regarding the motiva implants and he simply said try to stop researching because there's so much information out there it's confusing, which is very true. I stopped researching (I literally got to the point that I was reading surgeons lecture notes) and it's completely calmed me down, you have to remember that a lot of the forums and realself etc mostly contain questions or reviews from people who are not happy and need advice, so constantly reading these things can make you worry or in my case make you think 'is anyone actually happy after surgery?'

Stopping researching allowed me to enjoy the build up and get excited for the surgery rather than worry about all these potential complications. I went to my preop today and I was happy to go with whatever dr Murphy suggested. I feel very safe with him and I trust his judgment so I'm happy to go with motiva. They also cover you for 10 years on capsular contractor and rupture and have an extended warranty programme which I believe is around £200? And if you were to get capsular contractor or a rupture they would replace the implants and pay for your surgical costs which to me was very important.

He showed me progressive gel and the ergonomix - progressive gel round implants keep they're volume so get more upper pole which was what I wanted and what I thought he would suggest but from my wish pics I showed him and not wanting to look too fake he suggested ergonomix as they fall like a natural breast, when your stood up they have the beautiful slope and fullness towards the bottom like a tear drop implant and a natural breast has but lying down they go to a nice round shape. They were also soooo soft they felt like real boobs! From what I read on the motiva website and from girls who had ergonomix they are all happy and all comment on how natural they feel and how great the shape is. The ergonomix have the same look as a teardrop however no risk of rotation as they are actually a round implant, the volume / weight shifts depending on how your stood - if that doesn't make sense read the motiva website because it's hard to explain ????????

Today has completely put all my fears aside and I cannot wait to be there on the 2nd now!! I will be in the new spire hospital so I will do another post of my hospital stay and the rest of my boobie journey :) 28 days to go!! ????????

Current asymmetrical wonky boobies - large C and small B

2 days to go!!

So surgery is on Thursday morning! Iv taken today and tomorrow off work, spending today doing a full clean of my house and bedroom, washing etc and then going to my boyfriends for the night. Then tomorrow iv booked myself a massage, facial and body scrub to have a good relaxing day then lunch with my best friend after! Everything i can to stay calm and not freak out! I cannot believe its actually going to happen, its surreal. Nail vanish all gone off my nails and toes, got my 'booby box' ready for next to my bed with my creams, straws etc basically anything iv read girls have bought iv bought! My boyfriend says im acting like its the end of the world but i cant help it!! I have to be organised! I started taking arnica tablets from today - 2 every 2 hours for today as another lady who went with my surgeon advised me :) going to pack my hospital bag later than its just waiting! Doing as much as i can to keep busy today and tomorrow because the waiting will just killllll meeeee!!!!!

4 Days Post Op

My god, thursday was the scariest morning of my life. Im so extremely petrified of needles or anything medical like hospitals or the dentist that when we arrived at spire at 7am my entire body was physically shaking. I had my op at the new spire hospital in manchester, it opened last week and its amazing, the rooms are actually like a hotel suit and the bathrooms had little minis and a huge shower like a hotel - none i actually used but still helped making it feel less like a hospital. No medical smell which was so helpful for me, maybe because its new but it didnt smell like a hospital. So at around 7:45ish dr murphy came to see me and draw on me etc, i had my mum with me until about 8:15 when they came to get me. We got in the lift and i had to get out on floor 2 my mum stayed in and left - both sobbing when i had to get out! The nursers were incredible. From start to finish, not one made me feel stupid for being so scared or crying, one nurse even came over and gave me a hug when i got out the lift. Megan who was with me before and after surgey held my hand and they all kept me so calm. Nick the anaesthetist was amazing, as i walked towards the room for my gas and air i said 'please make sure theres no needles on show' and he was laughing saying 'its a needle free zone come in!' They were all just fantastic. I had 5 breaths of the gas and thats all i remember! I woke up in recovery, i was freezing so they put a heater under my covers and after 10 mins i was taken back to my room. My mum was waiting and stayed with me for half an hour then she had to go as dr murphy has a strict policy on no visitors after surgery, he just wants you to rest which at first i was a little worried about as i thought il be out by 11 il want to see my mum and my boyfriend but i was actually glad i was on my own! I chose my food before i went down to theatre, the menu was amazing! I chose a chicken caesar sandwich which came with some Doritos for my lunch, then for my tea; cod with carrot ribbons and crushed potatoes, prawn cocktail and Creme brulee! I was amazing! However... Iv not been put to sleep since i was little so i didnt know how i would react to the drugs but after my lunch i was sick within an hour then after my tea i only managed 2 bites and i was sick again which is horrible when you can barley move as it is, i just rang the nurse buzzer and they came in with a pot for me and just sat with me until i felt better. Although the menu was amazing it probably isnt best to choose the options i stupidly chose! My advice would be choose the plainest food possible, even just toast! The nurses said its stupid to offer fish etc but i was so hungry i didnt think! I couldnt stand up on my own for nearly the whole day, my blood pressure was low so i had oxygen on at one point, anti sickness tablet which didnt work and then a shot of anti sickness into my IV. Which was traumatic enough!!!!! So for me recovery was not great, i felt like death all night and hardly slept! I woke up at about 3am and i asked to get up and all the dizziness had gone thanks to the anti sickness in my drip, and luckily my mum packed me some orero's so sat up and eat those and wasnt sick! i envy the girls who can just get up and feel fine after their op. However without the nurses Hannah and Megan i think it would have been 100x times harder. They made me feel so comfortable and when i felt sick and was refusing the drugs in my IV they calmed me down, they didnt make me feel stupid for being scared even though there was no need to be in the end. The next morning dr murphy and Nick came back round to check how i was and then his nurse Jackie came to book my post op appointment, again she was lovely she stayed chatting to me for ages! Then my mum came back for 9am, i had a croissant with jam and got given my drugs to take home and we left!

The drive home again was horrendous. In fact i would actually go as far to say that was the worst bit haha! I had a pillow over my chest but i could feel every single bump, crack - even pebble in the road. It was hell. My mum had to pull over because i went white and i just cried it just couldnt bare the feeling anymore it was sickening, i went so dizzy i was going to blackout. Again when iv read other peoples reviews, i thought recovery would be so easy but for me the first 2 days were horrible :( you really dont realise how much you use the tiniest muscles in your chest, even though i went over the muscle i still couldnt pull my pants up or down, push a door open, lift my arms higher than my chest, and the worst was sleeping because when you slip down in bed unless you can shuffle up with you bum your gonna have to get out and try again - everything is just a massive massive effort and its frustrating. However.... each day is so much better. Yesterday i could shower on my own, today i could wash my hair on my own by tipping my head upside down, i can get my arms just past my ears... just so much easier. I had my mum with me for 4 days after which has been a godsend and today i was on my own when she went to work and iv been fine! My V pillow from Dunelm mill is amazing, doesnt slip down and comfiest way of sleeping. The lack of sleep and general movement is the worst bit, iv had zero pain with my actual boobs just some numbness but otherwise nothing! The things i recommend you MUST get before; firm v pillow - squishy ones are no good, you end up with 100 pillows propping it up if its just too soft, its basically useless. Heat pads and hot water bottle - my back and neck were in bits after 2 days of sleeping upright, i had a big knot in my neck you could see sticking out!! So hot water bottle on all day and then sticking heat pads to my jamas at night have actually saved my life. Straws - my friend bought me a plastic drinking cup from New Look with a long straw and its perfect, not heavy as i struggled lifting glasses for day 1 and 2. Body wipes - showering or shallow bathing isnt as hard to do as you think but getting the water under your arms is hard when you cant raise them, Carex do some body wipes which were great for freshening up.

So thats me up to now! Post op and dressing change on Thursday, 1 week after. I love my results so far, dr murphy advised me he would use around 300cc Motiva Ergonomix Demi profile (as we wanted a wider base) over muscle with lollipop lift - he ended up using 255cc in what was my largest breast which he removed some tissue from to fix my asymmetry and then 295 in the other side. So glad i stuck with the demi profile - i did ask him weeks before if we could do higher profile so i had fuller upper pole but he said it maybe too narrow and wouldnt give me the wide base i wanted. So far i had exactly what i asked for - perfect size and i know as they fluff they will get a bit bigger!
Right now i just cannot wait to be sleeping normally again and be back to the gym and doing everything as normal!!

PO Day 8

Yesterday i had my dressings changed, wasnt bad - a bit sore pulling off the stickers, then a quick wipe to clean the wounds which from what i could see were neat. I was half lying down so all i could see was my nipple incisions, i was with my friend and she asked if i wanted to see my full scars and take a photo but i said no... i dont know why but i dont want to see them just yet. I feel like they will look raw and messy and scary and i just dont want to feel anything negative towards my new boobs just yet. I worry over everything and if i didnt like the scarring (which obviously i wouldnt only a week post op) i know i wouldnt think like a normal person and think 'it will get better' it will just play on my mind that i have scars and il be upset sooooo i havnt seen them yet. Il see them soon when i do my tape change in 3-4 days but i can do that on my own and judge them on my own. Otherwise i loooooove my boobs, shape is perfect and size is perfect! I hope they stay like this! Also they are so soft already!! I know some girls have super hard rock boobs straight after but from day one mine have never been hard. A week post op and they are as soft as my friends natural boobs (to be fair, she has the most perfect firm perky boobs iv ever seen) but i know mine will be so squishy and natural when all is settled. I was advised to do some ice packs for my swelling and then il next see dr murphy in a month. So fingers crossed things get easier with sleeping and i can keep being patient! I just want to see the final result nowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Day 10 booby progress

Booby progress at day 10, i have tape on my incisions now until i see my surgeon again in a month. Im to change the tape every 3-4 days. One is very numb (the right boob) and feels so swollen compared to the left, its a bit red as i had just finished doing an ice pack! My boyfriend saw and felt them properly yesterday and he was amazed at how natural they are starting to look, they are so squishy already and feel really full and wide. His words were 'wow they feel so wholesome!' Hahaha! But he loves them. I hope they stay similar to this shape, i like the slight roundness i just want them to soften and drop nowwwwwww!!! I never had 'frakenboob' from day 1 thankfully, maybe because i didnt have big implants.... also havnt had 'morning boob' either! Will keep doing updates

Week 2 update

Love them!!!!!!! Im so happy best thing i have ever done!!! My right is taking a bit longer to start dropping and feels more numb and swollen still, my left is slowly dropping and getting that nice slope down and isnt so numb. Neither of my nipples are numb! My nipple are slightly different at the moment and im hoping they even out but in person its not that noticeable, none of my friends could see what i meant when i showed them but i suppose thats due to my asymmetry before my op! Doesnt really bother me though, their so soft and already jiggly and bouncy :)

3 post op photo & scar treatment

Heres my 3 week post op, was taken first thing in the morning so slightly swollen. Hopefully will be starting my scar treatment from my next appointment with dr murphy on 7th march! Im going to try the ScarAway silicone sheets (i bought extra long ones so they cover my whole scar and my nipples) for a few weeks to flatten the scars then il use Kelo-cote to try and fade them :)

Forgot to add photos to last post...

1 month post op

1 month post op today! Cant believe how quick its gone!!! This time last month i was just coming round in hospital :) not much changes still need my right to drop more but its beginning to get softer so hopefully wont be long. First post op appointment is next week with my surgeon. Iv been told i can go back to the gym now but nothing that makes my boobs bounce so stationary bike and no weights yet. So far iv only had to email my surgeon once (to ask about the gym) and i had a reply within a few hours :) very happy so far!

6 Weeks post op

so im 6 weeks post op today! still no problems - keeping my tape on for as long as possible dr Murphy said to make sure scars stay nice and flat. he said I can start scar treatment but he recommends I keep the tape on until the latest end of April. I'm used to seeing them with tape on now so I don't mind! my right is still really tight and not dropped much, back at the gym and doing all my leg workouts including weights as normal but arms felt a bit weird the other day - feels like my right muscle just won't stretch out so I stopped. hopefully it will drop soon... not been measured yet as they haven't fully dropped so no point! love them more than anything, just booked Ibiza in July which I would never have done with my wonky boobs!! bikini time!

6 week photo

Scar sheets

Todag i started my silicone scar sheets. I was told to try and keep my micropore tape on until end of april (3 months po) or stop if my skin started to react. Which it did... it became red and really shiny probably because after changing tape every 3 days your taking off layers of your skin! So now at 7 weeks po i decided to use my scar away sheets. My plan is to use these for 2 months (i bought a 2 month supply) then kelocote gel after. The sheets come in a regular length or extra long - i bought the extra long as i wanted the sheet to cover my whole scar and my nipples which they do, i even have just less than half i need to cut off which is great as they will last me longer! I cut them to size and stick them on then put my bra on, so far no peeling off. The box says one sheet can be used for 14 days and you should wash them daily (guessing with just water) to keep them sticky and then reuse. As you can see from my photos today was a bit of trial and error - i stuck the strip down and using the spare bits i stuck them over the tiny edges of my nipples that the long strip didnt reach! Will let you know how i get on after a few weeks of wear!

Scars - 7 weeks PO / 2 days using silicone strips

Scars - 1 week of silicone strips

My scars after 1 week if silicone strips. Faded a little i think, they dont budge once their stuck on and not unstick throughout the day. When iv washed them and let them dry over night iv applied kelo-cote on the scars so theres not really been a point in the last week that my scars have been uncovered they have always had a strip or kelo-cote on :) not bad for 1 week!

10 week PO

3 months PO today!

Still waiting for my right to drop a bit more - still slightly firmer and nipple is a tiny bit lower. Been told to push my right breast firmly to the side to try and help stretch the breast pocket and help the muscle relax. Iv been doing this for a few weeks now, 5-10 mins every day and im starting to see a difference :) hopefully it will drop by my holiday in July! Iv read that at 3 months they should have dropped however its not uncommon that they will drop between 4-6 months so i havnt lost faith in them yet!!! I love them either way and its not too obvious!
Manchester Plastic Surgeon

I couldn't be happier with my results, I never ever dreamed my boobs would be this good. Iv had the smoothest recovery with no issues at all with my boobs, no pain from the moment I woke up from surgery. I was extremely nervous for being put to sleep and the needles but James made the whole process so easy and understood how scared i actually was rather than brushing me off as being pathetic like most doctors have in the past - I would do it all again tomorrow! James was fantastic from my first consultation, he listens to you and what you want. I trusted him straight away and was happy to go with all of his recommendations for my surgery and im so glad i did. His team are brilliant, they reply to emails within hours, so helpful and lovely ladies. The new spire hospital feels more like a hotel and the nurses at Spire were amazing and looked after me all day and night. You're made to feel like the only patient with James and with Spire as a hospital, unlike other cosmetic surgery companies where your 1 of 10000 girls and the surgeon couldn't care less about you. There isn't a single thing I could fault and I recommend James to everyone! Please see my profile for photos and an in-depth review of my whole experience.

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