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Hi! Im looking to have my BA & uplift done...

Hi! Im looking to have my BA & uplift done soon and im looking at Spire Manchester. Most companies offer at least 2 years aftercare and cover for capsular contractor but iv heard Spire only offer 12 months which is not long at all! Can anyone tell me the aftercare policy they received from Spire?

Spire Breast Aug and Lollipop Uplift 300cc

So I had my first consultation with James Murphy at Spire Manchester back in January, as soon as I met him I felt comfortable, safe and I just felt like I trusted him. Everyone says you know when you find the right surgeon – as cringey as it sounds its true! He was lovely, he listened and actually asked me what I wanted before he told me what he thought or what he couldn’t do. He asked questions like ‘do you want to be bra dependant?’ things I hadn’t even thought of and that no other surgeon ever asked or considered for me. He looked at all my photos I brought in too and seemed interested in my wishes not just what he thought was best. I was borderline lift and very unkeen on the scarring so James told me to go away and think properly and visit other surgeons and see how I feel.
I visited many many other surgeons from Hospital group (I saw 3 here) and Transform where I saw Dr Clarke.
The hospital group were a let-down, I can’t remember all the surgeons I saw but my favourite out of the 3 was Mr Mileto who I saw in May, however even he quite short with me, there was no effort to establish any sort of relationship with me, he kept going silent and seemed rushed, and was not majorly reassuring when it came to fixing my asymmetry, his answers were mostly 'maybe you will be happy' 'you should be happy' and to me, for nearly £6000 that is not a good enough answer!! I saw Mileto 2 times and after my second visit to him with my mum, we sat down with my PC after to discuss the costs, surgery dates and deposit. I knew I had no intention of booking it there and then, I wanted to think over summer time but still we needed to know the costs and information. However as we didn't put a deposit down my PC lost all interest, she took 4 weeks (3 emails and 2 phones calls) to reply to me regarding what implant sizes Mileto had recommended, even then her reply was around 2 words long. There was no follow up support to see what my worries were just simply ignored as I wasn't ready to book. I also told her I am extremely needle phobic and asked if there was a possibility of them providing me with gas and air before they put me to sleep (I have this at my dentist and Spire Manchester also offer this so I know it’s available) I have had pre-meds before for my needle phobias when I have needed dental treatment (Diazepam) and it does nothing, my body just overrides the drug and its useless, I honestly cannot explain how physically petrified I am of needles, to the point my entire body shakes and I have nose bleeds and god it’s just awful! - myself and my mum tried to stress this over and over again with my PC that tablets were not strong enough and she assured us she understood and would push for gas and air. I then again had to email her several times and called to find out if she could get me the gas and air, after 3 weeks I got an email saying “Patient with needle phobia will be comforted and be offered a pre med before surgery. I have emailed Mr Mileto but will be in touch once he has got back to me. X” – as if she had completely forgot I had told her pre-meds DO NOT WORK FOR ME and sent me a generic email that isn’t even written in proper English, and I never actually heard anything else after that apart from generic ‘are you still considering surgery?’ emails that they send to everyone. Now, I know it’s not nice for companies to be pushy and call 24/7 and pester you to book however I just felt like I was another quick job for the hospital group, they wanted me to book in within a few weeks and be gone and when that didn’t happen, I wasn’t important anymore.
After this I decided to wait for my summer holiday to see how I felt in my bikinis, buy myself some great push up bikinis and then decide when I got back what my decision would be as myself and my partner want to go travelling so how I feel in a bikini is a very important factor for me. As you can guess on my first day on holiday, as soon as I put on my little bandeau bikini and saw my saggy wonky boobs I thought my god I need to get this fixed – for me its not just about having bigger boobs, my breasts are so noticeably wonky, there is only so much a push bikini can do to help! As soon as I got home I booked in to see Dr Clarke at Transform, my friend had hers done by him and her results are amazing and iv heard good things about him correcting asymmetry. He was lovely, he suggested a donut lift and implants but after researching the donut lift and the risks there is not a chance I would do that! He said he would do the uplift if that’s what I preferred. I liked him but there was just something telling me to go with James at Spire. If for any reason I couldn’t go to Spire or the waiting list was too long, Dr Clarke would 100% be my second option. My PC at Transform was lovely (Sue) she hasn’t hassled or pestered me at all, she always calls me back or emails me within the same day, she’s excellent, no faults with Transform at all.
I decided to book back in with James Murphy as I still felt like my gut feeling said to go to Spire. I went back to see him yesterday, his assistant Sue is lovely, so helpful and again always calls you back or responds to emails quickly. I went with my boyfriend this time and I spent around 45 mins with Mr Murphy, he included my boyfriend in the whole consultation, asked how he felt and his thoughts on me having the op which I thought was lovely as although I’m doing this for myself, of course your partner’s opinion will matter somewhat to your decision. My boyfriend of course had typical ‘man questions’ like ‘will I see the implant if I squeeze them?’… yep, really. He asked if my goals had changed since I last saw him, how I felt about the scars now etc and looked at my pictures. He understood that I will want to wear nice little bras and triangle bikinis, I would be gutted if they were too big and I couldn’t wear nice dainty underwear anymore. He even said ‘il keep the little triangle bikini in my mind’.
Mr Murphy offered me Motiva, Natrelle and Polyurethane implants (the furry-Brazilian implants) 300cc over the muscle with a lollipop lift. My larger breast is being lifted and reduced to match my smaller one however we agreed on scars on both sides to create a symmetrical look. He will reduce my breasts to the same size so we can use similar size implants in each. He showed me the results of the mastopexy on the 3D machine he has and my god it’s weird!!!! He was very keen on using the Motiva implants however these have not been around a very long time and im very wary of this as no one knows what the implants could be like in 10+ years whereas Natrelle has been around for a very long time, however capsular contracture rates with Natrelle is higher than Motiva and they also don’t cover you for cc, Motiva do.
The implant I would really like is the polyurethane, I know a few girls with these and the results are amazing and the cc is less than 1%. I have a few months until I go back to see Mr Murphy for my pre op and planning consultation (January 4th) so I will be researching all these implants to death to make sure I choose the right ones for me! If anyone has any advice or has had the poly implants I would love to hear how youv got on with them, did they fluff or drop at all etc??
My surgery is booked for February 2nd 2017! The aftercare at Spire differs depending on the surgeon; I found it very hard to find info on the aftercare on the internet. Mr Murphy has told me Spire as a hospital cover you for 12 months but as each surgeon is independent they offer their own aftercare so he has said if I’m not happy or he feels something needs fixing he will do it even outside Spires 12 months which is very reassuring.
Another thing I liked was this was my second consultation, even though it 10 months since my last I assumed I would have to pay as your first consultation is free with him then it’s £150 for your second (this comes off your surgery costs) – however we did not have to pay! I assume it’s because I left it so long… (I will have to pay for my planning consultation in January) but James could have easily charged me yesterday or even given me a quick 10 min consultation like most surgeons do when it’s free but he took his time, answered all my questions and nothing was rushed.
So far I’m very impressed with him and Spire and I’ve not read any bad things about the hospital itself. Spire is moving to a new location in Manchester between Christmas and New Year so il be having my op in the brand new hospital one week after it opens!! Can’t wait and will keep updating on how I get on :) x
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