Breast Lift (No Implants) and Tummy Tuck at 48 - United Kingdom, GB

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Ok so you may notice I'm from the uk (hope you...

Ok so you may notice I'm from the uk (hope you don't mind) but love this site!
I am due for my op in less than 2 weeks but still not sure what I am doing with my very saggy boobs,
I wear a size 36c at the min, unlike most people I don't want to be any bigger so it NO implants for me. Trouble is my sister (she had large implants) keeps telling me I will regret not going bigger!!! Grrrrr so flustered because I love to run, go for long bike rides, gardening and hate wearing a bra :( smaller perkier boobs would suit me and my lifestyle, I would ideally go for a 36b with my tummy tuck?
I am no spring chicken but want to feel comfortable, I am 5ft 4" 135lb
Has anyone gone a little smaller?
Had anyone had friend/family input?
I will put some pictures on asap,

Only 4 more sleeps before my TT and BL woop woop

Only a few more days before I get my new body, not sleeping well at all i an so excited and nervous!
Still not sure if I should get a small reduction with lift, I really don't want implants. They do look lovely on others but I personally prefer a smaller breast shape also I love to run, horse ride, garden and go without a bra! :)
I will keep updating as I know how helpful this site has been for me.
I hate my pictures but adding to compare before and after , any advice on reduction will be great :)

3 days pre op .....

bad sag boobs

25 years of weight gain and loss, 2 ten pound babies and sun damage = baggy tummy

Broken my foot!

Due to go in for MM in less than 2 days now I have had a fall and broke my foot!!! So upset as I am now in plaster cast From toes to knee :(
PS said he needs to put compression stockings on me so if I can't have my cast off by Saturday I can't have my op ... Sooo sad! Hubby got 2 weeks off work house pets everything organised for surgery Saturday .
Won't know till I see fracture clinic tomorrow if I can walk on it by Saturday with a short cast on ???

Anyone had surgery with a cast on???

May still be ok for surgery in the morning

Back to fracture clinic about my broken foot and was told I need another plaster putting on OMG I was so sad :(
I told the consultant about having cosmetic surgery in the morning but can't with a plaster cast on my break because of wearing the surgery stocking to stop me getting a DVT.
He was lovely and said to the nurse, "if she can walk without the cast on put her a removable blow up cast on" then turned to me and smiled saying "will that do?"
I could have hugged him, but did a height 5 instead lol
So it looks like I will be on for the morning, so going to get my bag packed and keep my fingers crossed that my fracture stays stable ..... Wooop woop!


Woke up after TT no pain at all! Amazing. Bit dopey but feeling good and trim :)

MM not TT lol to much gin in my water

Can't get photos on, so will do when hubby arrives in the morning

day of MM 4hours post op!!!!

new rockets!

Umm, they seem a bit bigger than I wanted but time will tell :)

3 days post op

Back home in my comfy bed!
Still no pain, had my drains out this morning as I have not been draining anything (thank goodness) they are a bit of a pain when you are trying to move around. pulling them out just felt a bit sore not really painful for saying how much pipe they pulled out lol
I am very swollen and feel massive! Wearing my biggest joggers


I perhaps should not have weighed myself but I was curious ... Umm gained weight lol, not really eaten much since Friday (4 days ago) so it must be fluid? Funny how being stretched makes you feel full all the time.
On the whole I am bored because I can't do anything but really pleased I have no pain, I feel quite tired so am sleeping on and off but still walking for a few mins every hour or so round the house. NO REGRETS THOUGH, I really don't care how long it takes to feel back to my old self I am just really proud of myself for having the guts (or not as it happens now) lol to get it done!
I can't see much at the min because I have to keep bandaged for a week, then my stitches are dissolvable. I don't have any wraps or strange bras to wear so I feel comfortable in just a baggy t-shirt.
After a week I have to wear light support (pictures to follow) lol

To be continued ......

Dressings off tomorrow !!

Can't wait to get some dressings off tomorrow, I will get to see more of Mr Yii's handy work. The tummy tuck stickers are pulling at pubes I can't shave off lol
I popped to the shop with my husband this morning and had nothing at all that fit me, even my biggest trousers I had the zip down and button undone, with a huge sweatshirt over the top! Not my best look :)
Hard to believe this swelling will ever go down to look normal?
Also I am very gassy, top and bottom end ... Yuck! Tummy feels like I am carrying a litter of kittens, but still laughing about it cus no pain ...
Oh hang on, do you know what it's like to sneeze when you've just had a tummy tuck ,, well I don't swear but ...... ...... ......Being stabbed by a red hot samari sword then twisted around could feel similar ----- DON'T SNEEZE or COUGH ! My husband thought I was dying lol

swelling and itching

I know why it's called swell hell now ----- ouch! It really is uncomfortable. I am trying every trick in the book I think, drinking loads of water, cut down on salt, don't do to much, short walks, but no binder (Doc said pantie girdle)
Swelling at its worst in the evening, I have taken some pictures in the morning so swellings not to bad
'Any regrets yet?' ----- not at all :)

new body!

day 7

Best day so far

Well what a difference a week makes!
I am now able to sleep on my side (with plenty of pillows)
Fit into my bigger jeans uk12
Walk perfectly upright :)
Back ache? GONE!
Been shopping, even with my broken ankle in plaster lol
Swelling gone down loads, more a problem later in the evening.
Scars are itching a bit, but a cool shower helps a lot, (tip, drying myself with a hair dryer on cool setting as its important to get the scars really dry before getting dressed)

oh the joys!

I have to say that before I had my MM I read just about everything I could about the procedure, good and bad. So if your reading this before you decide or leading up to your surgery my advice would be ....

it's nowhere near as bad as you would think if you find a good CS and do as your told! I have been very very surprised how little pain I have had, ....... my anethatist did give me a pain block during my surgery so I felt nothing when I woke up!
Both my surgeon and anethatist said it SHOULD NOT be painful
As pain relief I had paracetamol and occasionally ibuprofen for the first week.

a day walking around aroundthe shops

It's so lovely to get out and watch the world go by!
My house is in a field so I really don't see anyone (other than husband) from one day to the next. I haven't told anyone about my MM so it's been very quiet for days at home lol ;)
When is it safe to drive? (I feel fine)
Not sure at 2 weeks post op what I can do without spoiling my surgeon's handy work. I am due to see him in a couple of weeks but I am so bored!

Bit of an itch!

Still doing remarkably well considering .... (broken foot)
As I am still not sure what I should and shouldn't be doing (seems like we all heal very differently) I phoned the hospital and asked what I can do with out causing problems, I came off the phone beaming lol
I can have bra breaks as I have no pain or soreness whoop whoop, as it's very hot here at the moment!
I don't have to wear tight spanks!
I can walk as long as I'm comfortable ( I have a walking cast on my foot )
Starting to feel a bit normal again..... BUT still bigger than before surgery :( oh well .... But I am still very happy with results :)

keeping up with the bio oil

Had my Botox sorted yesterday!

Been filled and spiked in a vain attempt to hold back the years, I have had Botox a few times but I was well over due as I had moved areas so had to find a new girl to trust. Hoping the awful '11's' will be gone in a few days (crease between eyebrows)
I REALLY AM ON A MISSION (this is my year lol) whooop whooop!

How quick the time passes

It's my months check up tomorrow, the time has flown by, some of it in a haze but mostly boring lol
Had my cast (broken foot) taken off today so hoping my PS will sign me off as fit too :) not sure as I have had a very small leak from under left beast, can't see a hole or anything but will check it out tomorrow.
I may have over stretched putting the washing out, weeding the garden, ironing, and potting on dozens of veg plants lol ;) Oh well rest now ... ZZZzzzzzz

PS checked at one month post op

Yesterday I saw my PS to do my months check up....
Happy to report all good!
Bumpy scar? normal! ----

minor leak under boob 1? Normal! -----

can I start running yet? no! ----

Do I need to wear all this support now? Not all the time! -----

When can I do gym workout? I can do arms, legs, another month before full work out! -----

Told its been a big op and should take my time, I should be fine gaining a few pounds, as I don't feel pain and I have to be careful not to over do it, Back in a couple of months for another check unless I need to phone clinic!, whoop whoop!

28days post MM

Leicester Plastic Surgeon

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