34 Years Old and Unhappy with Deflated Breasts - United Kingdom, GB

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My goal is to regain the size and shape of my...

My goal is to regain the size and shape of my breasts which, following a period of weight loss and coupled with the natural effects of ageing, appear saggy and wrinkly. I am really keen that the final result looks as natural as possible and ideally I don't want them to be significantly bigger in size, just positioned in a more youthful place. I had hoped that implants alone would be sufficient to fill out the excess skin and give the appearance of a lift but having had a few consultations I understand my sagging is to pronounced for that option... so a lift it is. My surgeon has recommended an anchor lift with small implants to achieve the look I want. My biggest concern is the extent of scaring you get with this type of lift. However, after lots of consideration, and discussion with my surgeon on methods to minimise the appearance of scars I have decided to go ahead.

Day of operation

Just a quick update to say I i'm out of theatre and all in all I'm feeling fine. A little bit dopey and feel like I've been punched in the chest but other than that so far so good and minimal pain. I haven't been brave enough to remove the surgical bra for a peek yet but have taken a few pics of what I can see so far: they look huge and feel very solid but all to be expected at this stage. X

2 days post operation

2 days in and I'm feeling generally fine, still pretty stiff but not in any significant discomfort albeit I'm still taking the prescribed pain meds and being super cautious with any sudden movements. I finally plucked up the courage to un zip the surgical bra today and have attached a few pics. They are sitting very high as expected but the shape looks good. I can't believe I have to wait another 6 days until the bandages are removed and I can see how my incisions are healing ... I hate not knowing if everything is ok underneath all of the bandages!!! I've been told not to get them wet or tamper with them myself until then: I envisage a frustrating few days ahead!!!

5 days post operation

I thought I'd provide a quick update on my post op progress so far: I had a breast lift and 240cc implants over the muscle. In terms of pain I've been pleasantly surprised. I was given a morphine drink straight after coming out of theatre and then have been taking paracetamol and ibuprofen, coupled with codeine as needed: I've only used this before going to sleep just in case but probably could have gone without. I have gradually reduced the pain meds over the days following surgery and stopped using them completely yesterday. I've not really suffered from any significant pain. By far the worst part was the removal of the drains which was unpleasant but thankfully brief. Overall, my experience has been more uncomfortable and restrictive than anything else. For example, I'm scared of moving too much, And have only recently been able to raise my arms above shoulder height, I still can't fully stand up straight due to the fear of putting too much pressure on the incisions as everything feels so tight and I never expected to feel so bloated... I've gained 7lb since the op and the implants only weigh c.1lb. I also keep feeling a tingling/burning sensation in my breasts and nipple (left only so far) which feels odd but not painful. I have attached a recent picture but I don't think much has changed in terms of position and softening since day 1-2. I just can't wait to get the dressings removed in 2 days time ????.

10 days post operation

Bandages were removed and replaced 2 days ago so finally got to see how it's all looking. The nurse was happy with how I'm healing which is great news, although I'm not going to lie it looks just as scary/ugly as I was expecting at this stage ????. I had 2 more days with the dressings and was told I could remove them today. It's such a relief as the adhesive has given me a bit of a rash/inflammation. I've been told to continue wearing the surgical bra for the next 2 weeks with non-stick dressings inserted for a little protection. I've seen many ladies use 3M micropore tape so I've left a message with my surgeon to ask if I can try using this instead and to also confirm at what stage I should start massaging the incisions: in his view daily massaging is the best way to minimise scars!!! Happy healing everyone. J

19 days post operation

Just had my first week back at work and not going to lie, it was hard work. By the end of each day I felt tender, very sensitive and grateful to lay down when I got home. That said, things are gradually getting less uncomfortable but I can't wait to feel back to my old self. Changed my tape today so thought I'd add some close ups of progress so far (I've always found other RS close ups helpful for reference). Frustratingly I think I've accidentally removed part of the scab under my right when removing the tape: hopefully I've not done any lasting damage but decided not to reapply tape in this area for now to give it a chance to dry/heal over. Happy healing everyone.

4 weeks post operation

Here are a few progress pictures. Healing well and delighted with the results so far. Still applying 3M tape and my surgeon has said I can now start massaging the incisions to help soften the scar tissue. I may wait a few more weeks until I start using silicone tape as there are still a few scabs here and there that need to drop off.

2 months post op

I've not posted an update for a while as changes are minimal so here are a few pics of 3 weeks vs 2 months post op for comparison. I'm Still really happy and they are feeling more and more natural every week. My only slight complaint is that the left is slightly higher and areola slightly bigger but to be honest what natural boobs are a complete replica anyway! My focus is really on scar management at the moment and so far everything is progressing as expected: they are looking quite red. The skin gathering at either side of the informatory incisions is still lumpy but daily massaging plus silicone sheets seem to be softening and flattening them... keeping me fingers crossed that I continue healing well. So far I'm really pleased with the results and that I went ahead with the procedure.

I have had three pre operative consultations and have been really impressed and pleased with my surgeon so far: informative, factual, balanced and importantly honest and easy to talk to.

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