29 YO 3 Children Breastfed Getting Lollypop Lift and Mentor Implants 400cc Hp Undecided - United Kingdom

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Hiya :) im 5'4 138lb 29 years old so I'm booked...

Hiya :) im 5'4 138lb 29 years old so I'm booked for breast lift and enlargement on the 12th November 2016! About 6 years ago I wanted breast enlargement,after looking through magazines of girls with the big perfect round boobs..so i went for a consultation with the harley medical group and that's all I really remember...(guess it was just a young thaze) since then I have had 3 children all very close,and breastfed all 3. Now that my youngest has just turnt a year my boobs have paid the price I'm a 34c but just so empty :( therefore I decided to get in touch with the harley medical group once again (this time because I needed it) I have had my nurse consult and met my surgeon Dr Steven Thrush. He agreed that I need a lolly pop lift and 400cc high profile mentor implants under the muscle. I have been very happy with my decision untill today! I think I'd rather a 450cc as I'd hate them not to be big enough... I've booked to meet him again on the 29th September to see what he thinks and if he would be happy to change my implant size. I've uploaded a pic of me now,my boobs both hang the same...pic makes one look a little lower but it's the angle I'm stood. What do u guys think would suit me??

Anyone had there surgery at highgate hospital London???

Hiya just wondering if there are any ladies had there surgery at highgate private hospital???

Tomorrow is the big day

Settling into the premier inn now then off to highgate for 1.30 tomorrow afternoon very excited ????

New boobies

Morning after op

What a couple days can make

425cc hp mentor unders lolly pop lift


My right breast is very swollen and hard. I had terrible pain yesterday right under boob every slight movement felt like a sharp stabbing pain I was told by clinic it's nerves and the muscle reacting to the implant.
Another thing...has anyone hear a bubbling popping sound coming from there implant area???

9 days post op

Went to have my bandages off yesterday and I almost fainted. It was such a horrible experience. My boobs look lovely but incisions are not totally healed so had to have more plasters put on. My right boob has been higher since day 1 and the most pain full. Iv not been told to do any massage?? Should I be??

10 days post op

Healing nicely

Loving them

I'm loving my new boobs so much. Only thing Iso my right boob underneath has gone very dry and itchy...what can I put on it??? Is it good to let the air get to it???

What is this thread coming out??

I guess it's a stich but it only appeared a couple days ago...y has this happened??

Before and after

From above

Couldn't resist

Had to try this on and I'm very happy with my results

Love them

Love them from this angle healing lovely

7 weeks post op

Dr Steven Thrush

Iv not yet had my surgery but dr thrush is a lovely man and listens to what patient wants..will review more once surgery is done

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