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So after stalking RealSelf for a couple of years...

So after stalking RealSelf for a couple of years and constantly reading reviews, I figured hey.. Why not start my own! I decided long ago that I knew I would have a BA, the reason being that I never was comfortable with the size and shape of my breasts, and when I say never, I mean NEVER. Even when I was younger, around the age of 14, my breasts still sagged and were cone shaped!! Oh how I always wished I would just have normal breasts.. They didn't even have to be large, just a normal shape. My breasts are small, yet they still sag and my nipples basically point down. Now I have the money and I feel so much more informed (so much thanks to all of your reviews) I feel like I am finally ready to take this exciting step in my life. Sorry about how long this is!! I just have so much to say.. Anyway, I will stop ranting now and... Ughhh.. Will try to get the confidence to upload my before pictures for tomorrow. So not looking forward to that! :(

Consultation May 13th!

I'm really nervous for this consultation, excited of course. A few months ago I had gone for a consultation and travelled 8 hours to Liverpool on a coach..How I survived that, I'll never know.
So I was so excited, I'd been waiting for so long, I travelled so far just to get bad news. It was such a let here is what happened..
I get to the Clinic, I fill out the forms, everything is going as expected. As soon as I get in I feel unwelcome by the Doctor. He takes a look at me and I feel as if he is judging me. We sit down, I take off my shirt, the usual.. He looks at my breasts and measures me and then he tells me I can't get away with just implants, I was a bit confused as I really didn't know I needed a lift, but regardless I would have been willing to go through with it, as he is the surgeon and I'd trust his judgement. I tell him this and then he proceeds to tell me that he wouldn't be able to do the surgery or a lift, WHEN HE JUST SAID HE WOULD... he said the reason why he wouldn't do it was because he wouldn't be able to carry it out at his clinic, bla bla. No, I'm pretty sure the real reason was that I had payed in advance all the money for a surgery WITHOUT the lift and he didn't think I would be willing to pay for the lift as well. My mother was with me at the time. He then proceeded to ask me questions about what do I do for a living and what does my mother do and my father.. obviously trying to see if I had enough money to squeeze out for the lift. He was so rude about the way he asked, too. But that's not even the worst part.
at the time I worked at a little corner shop, it's an honest job, and I don't see why it should be his or anyone else's business as to what I did. Once I had told him that he said to me that I should do something better with my life and that it was a dead end job. He doesn't even know me, my plans for my future, anything, yet he had the audacity to say that to me. Never in my life have I been so openly insulted by someone. He also made me try on the implants in my bra..Why would he do that if he knew he would not operate on me? I don't know why I was still in there, at this point, to be honest. At the end of the consultation he gave me his number, and get this, he said he could be my life mentor!! Guess where that number went... :)
I was so disappointed. I didn't even get a "sorry" or "thanks for coming this far". It's been 3 months and I still think about it. Some people don't know, but words really do hurt!
I'm really honestly afraid for my next consultation.. I'm just scared I am going to be treated like that again by the Doctor. This is supposed to be an exciting time for me. Shouldn't he try to be impressing me? Sigh.. I just hope may 13th will be the day I hear some good news, fingers crossed.


After sitting on a bus for 3 hours (my poor butt! ouch) , going through the London underground, walking for ages to get to Harley Street, I FINALLY had my consultation..and it was great.
After all that I swear I will learn to drive.....ughh

So at first, the waiting room was so crowded and I had to wait about 30 minutes more than I should have to see my Doctor.. I thought I would have missed my bus back home, but I didn't.
once I was called in he asked what look I was aiming for, I showed him a few pictures and he said it was possible. He examined me and it was kind of awkward, my face went red..aaah. But he assured me he was used to it, but still....It didn't help that he was a little cute. hehe. I knew I would need a lift. He said he would be doing an anchor lift, which is basically what I expected and I know it will give me the best results.
My surgery isn't anytime soon, it's on September the 2nd..but it gives me some time to prepare and book my flights. Anyway, time flies, it's crazy.
I should upload my before pictures and my wish pics, that's next to do. :)

Before pictures

I'm still working on my courage to post nudies :).. Without a bra they sag..with a bra I can tolerate them. I want upper pole fullness, I've never had that.. I don't know the exact size I am getting, but he said he will figure it out once he sees me again. I'm pretty tall, about 5'8, so I'm confident in the size that we selected.

Andddd my wish pics! :)

I love the way these look! They're big, yet they suit their frames.

I told my boyfriend!

I really held off on telling him for a long time, and last night I finally told him.. I just felt a little weird about telling him. He was cool about it, though. I wish I told him sooner. He says he thinks I am fine, but he will support me and wants what will make me happy..and I think deep down, he's a bit excited. ;). I'm just so happy everyone close to me has been so supportive.

Deposit paid

It's feeling more official :)
My boyfriend is coming to stay with me for a month in July, that'll make time fly a bit.

Weight loss

So I've gained about 10 pounds and I want to lose it again.. But it's sooooo hard. How do people get the motivation to do it?
I love food!!
Dr Frank Plovier

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