35 Yrs Old, No Kids, 320cc Moderate Profile Anatomical B-Lites - United Kingdom

I've decided to document my BA because there seems...

I've decided to document my BA because there seems to be a distinct lack of reviews about the new B-Lite implants and at some point I expect they will become the 'norm'.

I was very interested in the B-Lites because they are 30% lighter in weight than traditional implants and given that I enjoy training in the gym with the occasional run I don't want the weight to pull unnecessarily on my ever ageing skin.

As these are relatively new to the market there is currently only one surgeon in the UK using them, so I haven't had to shop around. Having reviewed him as much as possible I am very confident in his abilities and having met him, even more so. During the consultation I was given a traditional implant to hold in one hand and then he placed the B-Lite in my other hand....WOW!!! The difference in weight is seriously noticeable! To keep me in proportion and not looking fake he suggested either a 255cc or 290cc moderate profile teardrop implant. I've opted for 290cc as I'd rather have more than less. I am naturally a 32 large A/ small B cup so post op he estimates I'll be roughly a full C (wouldn't mind if I end up pushing a D though to be honest!)

My BA is booked for the 7th Nov so I'll be sure to post more updates then

Weeks of online research = obsessive behaviour!

So here's a little tip...unless really necessary, don't wait 2 months until surgery because believe me you will become obsessed with boob research and it's actually becoming a bit annoying now, haha!

Having said that it has given me the opportunity to really process the initial consultation and I have been having real doubts that I didn't express what I wanted. I went in with no pictures of wish boobs to show my PS, I literally just said I wanted B-Lites, teardrop and natural!

After looking at a ton of photos and chatting to a couple of women who have had similar size BA's, I realised that as much as I want a relatively natural look (hence going for teardrop and moderate profile) I do want a bit of sex appeal and also a small bit of side boob just to give my boyish torso a bit of curve! I have since spoken to my PS and after looking at my measurements again he has said that he believes 320cc would give me that extra bit of volume that I desire, but doesn't recommend going any bigger than that. I'm really happy with that and feel a million times better about the surgery now. I think if I hadn't spoken to him again and just gone with 290cc I would have always regretted it. 30cc extra really is nothing in terms of size, but psychologically it makes a difference!

3.5 weeks till the big day...it can't come soon enough!!

I've uploaded some pics of me as I am now and some wish boobs of around the same stats as my BA will be.
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