26yo, 2 Kids, Having 270cc Ultra High Profile, Going from 30a to 30b/c - United Kingdom

I have been pondering BA since I was about 18 but...

I have been pondering BA since I was about 18 but I got to like my then B cup boobs as I got out of my teenage years. Then I had my two lovely children and my breasts have just literally deflated. They are barely an A cup. I feel so self conscious and just hate them. As I'm getting married next year it's been playing on my mind more and more to just go for it and get a BA.
So I took the first scary plunge and booked a free consultation. I had that in August and have had my first surgeon consultation today. He has advised for me to get 270cc ultra high profile, under the muscle. He said as I'm so petite and my measurements small id need ultra high to get a better projection as I wouldn't get it from a moderate smaller cc implant. If that makes sense.
But, I still felt like this was too big when I had the sizer on but he reassured me that they won't stick out that much when under the muscle. And it will give me the B cup I want. I was happy after talking to him and went with it. But now I'm so worried that they are going to be too big. I'm also really conscious that everyone will really notice, especially people at work, when I've suddenly got massive boobs after a week off. I'm sure these are all doubts everyone has, I'm just panicking wondering if I've done the right thing. And I know because I'm so small now, the 270cc will feel huge on me.
Has anyone had 270cc ultra high profile implants and can offer advice or anyone in similar situation?
3 weeks today till op-day! OMG.

2 weeks to go!

So full of mixed emotions... One minute I'm so excited and cannot wait, next I'm absolutely scared to death, then there's the guilt. That's the worst. Constantly feel so guilty and selfish about going ahead with it. I'm panicking about the size, just don't want to end up too big. But I've got to trust my surgeon.
Omg 2 weeks till op day!
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