Removal of PIP Implants Without Replacement - United Kingdom, GB

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Hi all, just want to say its been wonderful...

Hi all, just want to say its been wonderful reading all the reviews, I'm finding them so helpfull, so big big thank you :)

I have a date for my operation and I've mixed emotions, mainly nervous and worried about everything ( I'm quite a worrier ) I know I'm doing the right thing for my health and I'm also looking forward to be all natural again. In 2007 I had the awful pip's 260cc in right and 245cc in left under the muscle, they did increase my confidence as I really didn't like the way I looked before, 32A and to be honest I didn't really fill that, I just didn't seem to develop as a teenager, all my friends did but me, well the day never came :( so after my 2 boys I decided to go for it at the age of 26, 6 years later they're coming out! If they were good quality implants to be honest I wouldn't be putting my self through another op, but these horrible things need to go!!

I've decided not to have them replaced as I don't want to risk having further operations in the future, plus it will fill empowering to love me for me, not fake boobs! I feel as if I've grown as a person a lot these last 6 years, I'm in a happy place with life and family, who cares if I've small breasts :) 6 years ago I would never imagine I'd be able to say that lol

Roll on the 20th just want this over with!!

I'll add some pics soon

With implants

This is how I look now, not for much longer

Feeling confused

Hi all I feel very mixed up today, went out with husband last night (which is rare lol) and really enjoyed getting all dressed up, but as the night went on and after a couple of cheeky wines it really dawned on me that I'll probably never wear this dress again, I know it sounds silly but I'm scared how I'll going to feel, will I still have confidence?? Will I still feel sexy?? I was so very flat before, just hope I can cope, it will be nice to get rid of these hard cold balls lol but I know I'll no longer fill my clothes...worrying times :(

With implants

Feeling positive

Just wanted to up date with a much better positive out look, I was really becoming stressed out about returning to a 32a but feeling a lot better now, at the end of the day my husband agrees I'm doing the right thing (he wishes I never had it done in the first place) and deep down I know I'm doing the right thing, we are all beautiful, big or small boobs plus I'm looking forward togo shopping for some cute little bras :) so feeling positive is the only way from now on! It's a good thing getting rid of these and that's what I'm holding on to :)

Its done :))

Hello ladies its done and I feel so happy! My surgery was this morning it went really well I'm so relieved, just waiting for hubby to pick me up, I'm completely flat as I have a compression garment on (which I've been told I need to wear for 4 weeks) but its fine, already feel the need to shower so its going to be a rough week but feel so good :)

Day 2

It's day 2 and I'm very sore! I'm on the maximum dose of Co-codamol and can't move, thank goodness my husband has this week off work or I dont know how I would manage, no regrets but very sore! Just want this week over with.
Wounds are getting checked next Tuesday, looking forward to have a look at the new me.

Day 5

The pain has subsided and I'm feeling a lot better which is such a relief, I've had a little peek under the tight garment I'm wearing and wow its the real me lol the skin feels so soft and warm good bye cold hard balls and from what I can see I look fine I feel so happy just need to get rid of this tight horrible thing I'm wearing so I can shower and have a proper look roll on tuesday!

feeling down

Well its not been a good couple of days, at first I was so relieved to be rid of the Pips and felt happy with what I'd done however after my check up with the nurse on tuesday and seeing myself for the first time I can't help but feel quite upset, think I had forgotten just how flat I really am, basically I look like a boy and not sure I can post any pictures. I know natural is best but really how can I have so little? Feel rubbish, maybe things will get better, the nurse said give it time so that's what I'll do.

feeling better

I'm feeling a lot happier with my new look sorry I've not been on here for a couple of days but I've been getting my head around what I've been through and the changes with my body, I've decided to post some pics, I'm still wearing the compression garment :( which I'm sick off, but it's a must, still very flat no fluffing for me yet.
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