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Hi everyone this site is brilliant! I had my...

Hi everyone this site is brilliant! I had my 380cc saline implants in 2003 going from a 34b to a 34d. I was young & stupid (25) & so wish I listened to my mam. I've seen 2 consultants to date - 1st was positive * said no need to remove capsule and I should be left with good boobs. 2nd refused to explant & said I would look horrendous. I've read loads of your reviews and pics and you all look much better post explant but I'm really nervous now. See consultant number 3 on Monday & very anxious.

had my 3 Rd consultation on Monday

Well I saw another consultant on Monday and I was very nervous given the last one told me I'd look, and i quote 'horrendous'. This one at spire hospital was fantastic. He really listened to my reasons for wanting explant. He didn't really comment much about what I would look like afterwards only that I would have to bear in mind I've had implants for almost 10 years and they are large (380cc high profile) so I may not look like I was beforehand. He then examined me and said the implants and incisions were very very good and the surgeon who put them in was clearly very experienced. He confirmed I don't need a capsulectomy removal or work on the capsule. It will be straight forward and I'd be treated as a day patient. He said I could have local anesthetic but didn't recommend it because I have mcghan implants which he did say are excellent implants but unlike others they stick almost like Velcro to the skin and he will physically have to put his finger inside my breast to pull the implant away from the skin. He said no amount of local pain relief will stop me from feeling some discomfort. So if I go through with it I'll be opting to be put to sleep. He said he'd be more than happy to explant but he asked me to have a free appointment with his physiologist as he is worried my lack of self esteem may be the reason why I want them out and his worried I might be even more unhappy at explant. I thought this was really good service (free physiologist app) considering his consultation cost me £150 whereas the previous 2 were free. So I'm waiting for a date to speak to his physiologist and if I still want explant he will oblige. But the earliest he would be able to fit me in would be 21st dec. What really pleased me was he said as its simple removable I will be good to go to the gym and swim 2 weeks after op! I think I'm still adamant i wasn't explant but happy to see physiologist just to make doubly sure! Sorry I haven't uploaded photo yet I'll try get this done at the weekend x

I've seen the psychologist and she said 'go for it'!

I had my appointment with the psychologist today. My consultant wanted me to see one as he was concerned about my lack of self esteem and worried i would want further surgery aftet ex plant. I agreed to see a phycologist reluctantly but had the appointment today and I'm glad i went. I explained the reasons I got the implants, which really was the same reason most others have done so, to improve confidence, thought my 34b boobs were to small, sick of people constantly telling me i was too skinny etc etc...Then went onto explain the reasons I want them out - don't feel they really improved my confidence, if anything Im probably less confident now as I worry people look at me and think 'that's her with the plastic tits' etc also due to back and neck problems I don't think these implants are helping in that department combined with the fact I'm suppose to go swimming to help my back but feel embarrassed of what people think given my boobs look hugh in a swim suit. Also discussed what a previous consultant said to me in that I'd look horrendous after ex plant. Anyhow after all that taking she explained the reason my consultant refered me to her was to see if I was suffering from body dismorphia. She said I wasn't (thankfully because had she of said I was apparently the consultant wouldn't perform the surgery) and she was happy that I'd done a hugh amount of research into pros and cons and I had a realistic expectation in that, although no one knows what our breasts will be like after ex plant I am aware its unlikely they'll look like they were 10 years ago prior to getting them. She also thought it was good, in an odd way, that a previous consultant said I'd look horrendous - although she was surprised by his bluntness she felt that as I was still determined to ex plant after such a negative comment she was happy that this is something I have prepared myself for. In light of all this she thinks I will probably feel better once the implants are out but she also warned me not to be surprised if I'm shocked or even have a little tear post surgery as I have had the implants for 10 years it may take me a little while to get used to them not being there. She also suggested that after ex plant if I'm not happy with the size of my boobs maybe see her to discuss the issues opposed to further surgery. Anyhow sorry for waffling on! Or and as I was leaving her office she said 'go for it I think it'll do u good'. Strangely although I no I'd made my mind up prior to seeing her I feel glad I went to the appointment, I feel I have got her blessing. I don't know what I would have done if she'd told me she thought I was doing the wrong think and advised against it. Anyhow I have to ring consultants Secretary tomorrow to finalise price and confirm date for surgery! X

here are my photos

HereS my photos x

photos continued

I don't know why but I'm having problems uploading my photos but I'll keep trying!

I think I'm getting there with the photos

Well I think I've managed. I'm not good with technology and I have no patience! I don't have any pics before implants. This is them now. I've never had any problems in the 10 years I've had them but I think they look like inflatable balloons! I don't no what I was thinking about when I got them in. My surgery is booked for 21st December and I can't wait to be natural again and to be able to sleep on my stomach! X

the pencil!

I forgot to mention the reason for the pencil - I've now spoke to three consultants and none of them have mentioned I need an uplift (mind you I've not mentioned it to them either on the basis I wanted them to suggest it). Anyhow I've read somewhere that if you place a pencil underneath the breast fold and if your nipple hangs below the pencil your likely to need a lift. I'm guessing seen as my nipples dont hang below then I wont need a lift! I'm becoming obsessed. My poor husband thinks I've lost the plot! Haha

Having mixed thought's!

Hi everyone. Well I saw a friend today who has had her implants for about 4 years. I told her about my imminent surgery and she looked at me as if I'd gone mad! She then composed herself and went onto say she thought my boobs looked great and very natural. I explained my reasons and she eventually said I must do what feels right for me etc. I'm now having second thoughts - should I be messing around with something that's not even causing me problems? But then again it's always been the mental problems I've suffered from in respect of my implants not physical problems. I'm a little confused at the minute - am I doing the right thing? I am so sick and tired of boobs, I'm sure it's all I've thought about for months now! I see the consultant again on 6th December to finalise things, so I hope I'm more sure about my decision by then x

It's all confirmed!

Well I had my pre op consultation yesterday and it went well. Firstly my op date has been brought forward to 14th December, a week today! I'm nervous but excited to get rid of these things. Apparently I shouldn't expect to be in too much pain, the only pain is likely to be from the incisions. I'll be having general anesthetic and internal dissolvable stitches with surgical tape over the incisions then a water proof plaster so I'll be able to shower. The hospital will provide a surgical bra too. Ps doesn't expect any problems with capsule but if work is needed he'll deal with it, if not the capsules will be left inside me as they dissolved naturally in your body within about 6 wks after ex plant. I don't need to take any meds before the op, when i got the implants i was advised to take arnica tablets for bruising but this ps doesn't rate them so I'll not be bothering with them. The hospital will provide me with pain relief meds when i leave. I won't need drains and I'll be good to go back to work on the Monday (16th December) and I should be back to normal for Christmas. I'm so pleased.

...continued. ..

I forgot to mention the ps asked about my views on seeing his phycologist which as I said in an earlier review I thought it was an excellent idea and very beneficial for myself. I have been offered a further appointment if required post ex plant. I think this is superb service. Anyone in England considering any type of cosmetic surgery I would recommend spire health care, they're service has been fantastic compared to transform group and the hospital company of which i visited both companies re my ex plant and in comparison to spire their service was terrible. Just thought I'd share my views. .......

I'm having a little panic attack I think!

Ok so I think all of the reviews I've read on this site relate to explant of implants placed under the muscle, I don't recall reading any from ladies having had them over the muscle and removed. Mine are over the muscle, is there a difference in healing and appearance? Are my boobs likely to be extra saggy and wrinkly? I no this sounds so vain but we'll I'm starting to panic a little! X

bra size?

So I thought, out of interest and curiosity I would pop into m&s and get measured. Prior to implants i was 34b, Immediately after implants I got measured and I was 34d. Lately, over the past year or so, I've put on bit of weight (about 20 ish ibs) and noticed my bras have become uncomfortable but never really thought to much about it. As my surgery is approaching i thought I'd pop into m&s and get properly measured. I deliberately wore one of my 'best' bras knowing it looked nice and fit well, or so i thought. I was wrong. The lady looked at me and before even measuring me said 'that bra is far too small'. She then measured me (around my chest but under my bust), asked what size bra I was currently wearing (34d) and then confirmed I was a 34 but said I should try 'dd' but id probably be an 'e' cup. I didn't have time, nor did I intend to try on any bras given im explanting on Saturday and thought this would be a waist of time. However I'm very pleased, given I was originally a 34b but with implants went to a 34d. Since then, today's measurement would suggest my boobs have grown. I'm now hoping that after explant I should be a little bigger than a 34b? But time will tell. If I end up 34b I'll still be very very pleased. Fingers crossed x

ups and downs. ...

Well Saturday is the big day and today I've been having many mixed emotions. My boobs have been on my mind none stop all day. I am panicking really badly to the point I feel sick and my neck is tight with tension. I wish I could say its the pain of the surgery im worried about but it's not. I'm terrified im going to be left looking deformed and I feel awful for being so vain and thinking like this when women out there dont have any choice re this kind of surgery. Now I'm questioning if I am doing the right thing. I'm so worried my boobs are going to look concave and 'horrendous' as I've already been told. Considering a ps told me they would look horrendous am I being the just plain stupid for thinking he wasn't a good ps for saying this or is it because at the time I thought I knew better than a ps! If only id never had these balloons put in I wouldn't be suffering like this. I guess everything happens for a reason.
Anyhow for those of you who live in the uk, I live in Leeds but my family live in the northeast. I think on a previously update I said i was having my surgery in Leeds. That was a mistake on my part I'm sorry. I'm having it done at spire Washington. I'm having straight forward removal, incisions under the bust and the consultant doesn't think I'll need any work on the capsules but he will have alook and if I do he will deal with it then. The surgery has cost me £1450.00 which I'm very pleased with considering transform wanted £3900 and the hospital group wanted £3500.
I'm going to take more photos tomorrow which hopefully I'll be able to upload then. Thank you for all your support x

they're out!

So I had the implants removed yesterday and heres how it went:

I arrived at spire hospital at 7.25am. I was shown to my own room which was lovely. It had a large plasma tv, magazines and on suite bathroom. About 20 mins later the nurses came in, one taking my blood pressure whilst the other asked a series of questions. I was provided with stockings for my lower legs to prevent blood clotting and I had to do a pregnancy test - lucky that was negative! The anethnatist came in shortly afterwards and asked another series of questions. He told me I was due to go into theatre about lunch time. He left and a few moments later the ps came to see me. He went over the process again and said he wasn't sure where I was on the surgery list but regardless he would be operating on me first so I could go home the same day, I was so pleased about that. At 9 am I was taken down to theatre. The anethnatist tried to put a canular in (to administer the anesthetic) my left hand but I was so cold, probably nerves he couldn't find a vein. He managed to put it in my right hand and so far (is now almost 24 hrs post op) that was the most painful. I was then knocked out.

When I woke up I felt warm from where they had placed a large disposable blanket over me. Although I was tired I was surprised that I had no pain anywhere! I was wheeled back to my room just before 10am.
After What seemed like a few minutes but was actually an hour the nurse came into my room with a jug of cold water which was lovely as I was so thirsty and my mouth very dry from the anesthetic. I was then given toast and jam and a cup of tea. After this the nurse came back and took my blood pressure and helped me into a surgical bra. This was the first time I could see my boobs.

Well I was surprised. Obviously they were alot smaller which I was expecting, the nipples are smaller to which I'm Ok with but the right boob is rippled, there seems to be an indentation just under the nipple. I'm confident that in time this week correct itself though I'm not worried. But I'm almost certain they are smaller than my pre implant boobs. Given I've gained weight I was expecting them to be a little bigger than my pre implant boobs but I don't think that's the case and bearing in mind I'm swollen they're only going to get smaller so I am a little disappointed about that. But I felt immediate relief in the tension I've had for so long in my neck and shoulders I can definitely feel a weight has been lifted. Also I now know what other ladies meant by being able to breath properly. Whilst I had the implants I never noticed problems when taking a deep breath but now it's as if my lungs have grown weird. Overall I am very pleased with my decision to ex plant and delighted to be in almost no pain - I get an occasional shoooting pain in my boob which lasts about 1/2 seconds and that's it. I'm moving around the house without any difficulty. To the touch my boobs feel extremely soft a bit like a babies bum. With time I'm hopeful that they'll fluff and the indentation I've described will disappear.

My advise to anyone considering ex plant would be positive, I feel so much better knowing I am no longer fake and the immediately relief of tension in my neck and shoulders has made it all worth it.

I took some photos yesterday about 6/7 hours post surgery which I'll upload although I used my mobile to take them so there not great quality.

To those of you who mentioned the price I've paid:
Prior to going to spire I'd seen two ps who both told me I did not need any work on the capsules. As I've mentioned previously the hospital group said I'd look horrendous, well I don't think I look that bad! Transform quoted £3900 & the hospital group £3500. A friend of mine has implants from spire. They were the dreaded pips and when the pip scandal broke spire were the only company I'm aware of who replaced them free of charge. My friend found spire to be excellent at everything they had done for her. My reasons for not going straight to spire was because I knew their consultation were not free whereas the hospital group and transform were. So once I was told I did not need capsule work and both the hospital group and transform I would have had to travel out of the area for the surgery and stay there overnight I decided out of curiosity I'd give spire Washington a ring. I was told a consultation with a ps would be £150. I was then given two set prices for the surgery -£1450 if it was just a simple straight forward removal and £2600 of capsule work was required. I suspect it would be more expensive again if a lift was also required but I didn't ask for this price. So considering the price difference I took the chance and booked the consultation. The ps confirmed capsule work wasn't required. His secretary then sent me a written quote via the post confirming the cost to be £1450 which is what I have paid. I can not understand why the prices vary from different spire hospitals given they're all the same group but maybe it's a geographical thing I don't know. But my advise would be ask them if the have difference prices depending on whether or not any capsule work is required. Hope this helps.

Thank you to everyone on this site who has supported me through my journey. I will keep you posted with regards to my recovery. Thanks again x

Here's the photos

8 days post explant!

So its been 8 still my explant and I can definitely say it was worth it. I feel like a new woman! I wish I'd ex planted years ago. Over the last 8 days I've had minimal pain, just the off shooting pain, nothing to really complain about and nothing that's required pain relief. The indentation in my right boob disappeared after a couple of days. Although they still look a bit empty and on close inspection a little wrinkled I'm hopeful with time this will improve but if it doesn't I'm still very pleased with my results. The relief in my neck and shoulders is incredible, the fuzziness in my head seems to have disappeared too! And it feels great knowing I'm natural again. I had my checkup with my ps 6 days post op. It was a relief to find out the stitches are dissolvable. He told me the pain went well. The capsules and implants were fine. He re dressed the wounds and told me in the more days I can take them off and start using moisturizer. He wants to see me again in the mid of January. Here some pics. I'll post more in a weeks time x

photos 8 days post op


2 weeks post surgery

Hi everyone. Hope You b all had a fantastic Christmas. I haven't really got much to say with regards to progress. I removed the dressings a couple of days ago and I've sine more photos today. The incisions look very neat v and seen to be heading well. I'm absolutely delighted with my results. Above the nipple on both boobs is slightly concave but this and the wrinkling has improved. I bought some bra silicone enhances from m&s and if I wear these my bras fit me fine so I'm hanging off buying new brass until another few weeks have part in case I shrink a bit. The photos make me look bigger than I am but I did try on a few bra's in m& and I was a small 34c which I'm very pleased with. Occasionally I feel an odd kind of sensation in my boobs but I think this is things 'nitting' together and possibly the 'fluffing' many ladies have mentioned as they seem to have firmed to the touch a little too. Here's my photos and I'll update again next week. All the best to everyone for 2014! X

3 weeks post op!

Firstly I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year! My boobs are doing very well although I think they are shrinking a little bit and looks slightly smaller than the other, something I don't recall prior to getting implants. But things are still settling down. I've taken a few more photos, I tried to take them at different angles to provide a truer picture but I'm using my phone which isn't that great I'm afraid. The photos I updated last week make me look alot bigger than I am. Prior to my ex plant I would often read reviews on here and some ladies would say the same - their photos made them look bigger and I used to say to myself photos don't lie, well now I no they do! Mine are definitely smaller than in my last photos. But I love them. They are still a little indented above the nipple which doesn't really show in the photos but today I started massaging them with bio oil so this may improve. You can see the oil on the photos. The wrinkling has improved. They still feel a little tender when I lightly squeeze them so I haven't tried lying on my stomach just yet (plus I'm afraid I'll squish what little tissue I have haha). The tension in my neck and shoulders has completely vanished, clearly it was the implants which caused this. The fuzziness in my head has also vanished and my memory and concentration seems to have improved. I'm so very happy with my decision to explant and I've no regrets x

3 weeks post op photos. ...

2 months post op.

2 months post op.

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't updated for a while! Well today is two months since I explanted and I'm delighted with my results. My boobs have fluffed nicely and I think they look great. I've bought a few knew bras and I'm wearing a size 34c but I've got some silicone bra inserts which if I wear them some of my old bras fit! I would definitely recommend explant and I can honestly say it was pain free. My only point of note and advice to anyone considering explant would be - make sure to do plenty sit ups and try to tone your stomach before explant. My boobs were so big I rarely caught sight of my stomach but following explant I see it daily and although it's not that big I wish I'd toned it a bit! But hey it wouldn't be normal if we didn't have something to moan about eh?! Ha ha. I wish everyone well who is about to explant, I'm so glad I went ahead with it and re the second consultant I saw who said I'd look horrendous, well I'm happy with my results and I don't think I look bad at all! X

a few more pre explant photos!

Looking at these photos now I can't believe I once thought they looked good, they look horrible - hugh plastic balls!

18wks post op update

Hi everyone, hope your all doing well. I'm doing great! And here at approx 4 months post op I feel great and think my boobs are doing great to. My pictures don't really show much difference since the last ones but my boobs are changing ever so slightly still. They have definitely firmed up and the top of my boobs were tingling the other week and I've started to notice the top part is starting to fill out. I've recently bought new bikinis for my summer holidays, I did find this difficult. With false boobs I could buy swimwear and bras off the shelf without having to try them as I knew they'd fit. With real boobs you have to try before you buy! However that said I have no regrets whatsoever in explanting and my posture and confidence have improved greatly. I feel like a new woman and I'm loving it. Anyone wishing to explant should do it! Thank you and good luck to you all x
transform, the private hospital, spite

Transform - guy was v positive but they want £3700 fixed price and aid capsule didn't need removing. The private hospital - guy refused to do explant as aid boobs would look horrendous! Go to spire on Monday - their fixed price for explant without capsule removal is £1450 - big difference in price!

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