59 Year Old Wanting Explant En Bloc and Uplift - 26 Years Old Silicone Gel Implants.

I am 59 seeking implant explant. No children. ...

I am 59 seeking implant explant. No children. Implants appx 25 yrs old silicone gel. I've had 2 consultations and I am returning to both surgeons. I am in need of reassurance because the surgeon I want to go with does not use drains. I haven't asked how many of his patients return because of complications but feel I need to next time. Although my plan was to just have them removed and wait for my breasts to settle, I've decided to have an uplift at the same time. The surgeon will use a lollipop scar. Hope to have the op in the first half of October. Feeling anxious - not wanting fluid to build up in the space left after removal of implants. ANYONE out there whose had a no drain technique? I would be so pleased to hear :-) Also by using a lollipop scar for uplift what can I expect in terms of skin recovery around the wound?
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