59 Year Old Wanting Explant En Bloc and Uplift - 26 Years Old Silicone Gel Implants.

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I am 59 seeking implant explant. No children. ...

I am 59 seeking implant explant. No children. Implants appx 25 yrs old silicone gel. I've had 2 consultations and I am returning to both surgeons. I am in need of reassurance because the surgeon I want to go with does not use drains. I haven't asked how many of his patients return because of complications but feel I need to next time. Although my plan was to just have them removed and wait for my breasts to settle, I've decided to have an uplift at the same time. The surgeon will use a lollipop scar. Hope to have the op in the first half of October. Feeling anxious - not wanting fluid to build up in the space left after removal of implants. ANYONE out there whose had a no drain technique? I would be so pleased to hear :-) Also by using a lollipop scar for uplift what can I expect in terms of skin recovery around the wound?

Oh my word! Just 4 more days to go including today!

I'm 59 whoops now 60 (Sat just gone). Preparing for a capsulectomy and breast lift. I've had 2 consultations and my pre assessment in Worcester. There is a breast surgery TIPS list on this site which I find so helpfull. I'm making sure that I have a pillow for the journey home in the car to soften any rough road bumps etc. and I'm off to buy some paper plates to avoid washing up and small milk bottles to avoid uneccessary lifting. My lovely surgeon has advised how important the 'aftercare' is and I aim to adhere to his written and verbal instructions accordinly. As I recall I didn't take much pain relief after my original implant op in 1991 - this time I'll be taking some for two weeks regardless. I'll be losing breast tissue unfortunately but realise that this is what it will take especially as I am a bit asymmetrical and do not want another implant. Currently 36 DD one side and about D possibly C the other. Hey ho I'll let you all know. One of the biggest things is that these blasted implants are coming out and my body and psychologically I will be 'free' of them. No more discomfort and awareness of them. Just natural breast tissue...but YIKES the surgery is around the corner.
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