57 Year Old British Very Ill from 21 Year Old Implants. Need Them Removed En Bloc - United Kingdom, GB

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21 years ago I made a terrible choice. I went to...

21 years ago I made a terrible choice. I went to see a PS because after breastfeeding 2 children my breast looked awfully saggy. I only wanted a lift but allowed the PS to convince me that I needed implants. I had them put in over the muscle. The first few years I was fine and enjoyed having large breasts. But over the years, I've started to have problems like constant infections, pain in my chest and under my arms, hair loss, brain fog ie forgetting words I use all the time, constant burning sensation, sores on my scalp that don't heal, weight gain and bloating abdominal pain even when I eat nothing. The pain recently has got worse to the point I can't sleep on my back, side or front. Even with strong medication like Naproxen, codeine and Tramadol Im still in constant pain. I went to my GP who insisted none of my symptoms was related to my old implants. When I got worse, I was admitted to hospital because my muscle enzyme blood results over 3000 when the max should be 50 concerned my GP. I had an ultrasound of my breasts which was inconclusive. The NHS refuses to do an en bloc explant. So Ive seen Dr. At Aurora clinic who said he couldn't do en bloc. I spoke to a Dr in Ohio who was only interested in my money. I couldn't afford her price anyway. I don't know what to do or who to turn to. I feel like I'm dying and I just want the pain to stop and be over with it all.
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