31 years old, 3 children. Currently a 34A/B. Going for the natural look with 360cc moderate plus Naturelle implants. From UK.

Hey guys, I've booked for my surgery in two...

Hey guys, I've booked for my surgery in two months, always wanted natural looking boobs. But now if finding myself researching all negatives about having BA. And finding all the risks etc...was everyone else like this? And what got you though it to proceed with BA? I'm confused and it's really draining me :(

Doubts of going ahead

Hi guys...so just to make it clear I'm having bad signals about having a BA done :(
I've always had small boobs, and always wanted to have natural looking boobs that fit my body. Wanted BA doing so I look better in clothes etc. I like the boobs I have now...JUST WISH THEY WERE BIGGER!! But now I'm having doubts!! Keep thinking am I doing the right thing?? What if I'm unhappy with the result? What happens if I get more complications in the future? It's really getting me down thinking all the negatives! Does everyone go through that?

Hi guys! So I've finaly done it and booked in for...

Hi guys! So I've finaly done it and booked in for my surgery in 4th October!

I'm now struggling on what size to go for! I'm 32yrs old. I'm 5ft 4. 9st 3lb. I'm currently 34A/B. I have broad shoulders. I told my surgeon I wanted to have a natural bust. So she recommended that I have 345cc moderate implants over muscle (as I have a little breast tissue). The size looked nice and natural when I was trying it on. But now I'm thinking will they be big enough!! I wasn't to make sure I have a very nice bust, I don't want to look small and want to look in proportion with my body....so don't want to go stupidly big either! So hard to decide on a size :(

Breast Augmentation...pain after surgery and having children to deal with

Hi...just wanting to know....what is the pain like for the first few days after a BA? And I have children...age 11, 6 & 12months! So I don't know how I'm going to cope....as I only have help for the first 4days after my BA.

Getting Nervous About Surgery!! Help!!!

Hi guys, I would love to hear about other women's story about their surgery day. Where you nervous about the day? Did you have second thoughts? And How was the pain after? Can you describe how the pain felt? I've herd it's like when your breasts are full with milk they hurt like that! Would much appreciate your feedback. Super nervous as the days keep going down!

12 Days To Go!!!

I have 12 days left until I have my BA done! It's going to come round very fast! I'm not nervous...I've been keeping busy and just keep thinking positive! What they going to look like after...so feeling happy! Going to buy some comfortable pillows at the weekend...buy some more post op bras...and some other bits I will need!
My partner will be back in time (he works off shore) to look after the kids! So everything is good :)

I will make another post next week just to show others what my breasts look like before I have surgery :)

No turning back ... Aaaaahhhhh

No turning back now. Been for my pre op today and all paid in full :)

So excited! A week to go :)

Before pictures 34B (small)

So I only have 5 days until my surgery :) and here are some of my before pictures.
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