39 Year Old Finally Getting the Breast I Want. (500cc Mentor implants, Overs) - United Kingdom

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Hi all, I am a 39 year old mother who has wanted...

Hi all,
I am a 39 year old mother who has wanted larger breast for a very long time, I have had my consultation and book for surgery in 8 weeks. I am 5ft 5inches, 10 stone 8lbs (around 67kg I think) and currently a 36 large B small C.
I would like to be a full DD or larger as I am quite wide on the shoulders, I have chosen 480cc moderate plus, Nagor over the muscle but now think it may be to small (boob greed already).

All suggestions and advice welcome

Deflated boobs

8 weeks and counting, Nagor implants over the muscle.

Boob wish list

A few wish list photos, I will be showing them to my surgeon next week. I am over excited and finding
It hard has I haven't told anyone except my mum. I will be having my breast enlargement at The Private Clinic Harley Street, a gift to myself.

2nd a final consultation, changed implant and size :)

Today's update, I had my 2nd consultation and finalised my implants and size. I'm going with 500cc moderate profile mentor implants. I previously chose 460cc Nagor moderate high profile but had boob greed and wanted a larger size, for the size I wanted I had to change implant brand (costing me an extra £900). My surgeon said 500cc would be the largest he would go with me so im trusting him lol.

My stas are
5ft 5inches
10 stone 11 lbs (68kg)
36 b
Moderate profile
Over the muscle

This site is helping me through the boob journey as I haven't told my family only my mum, I hope I am able to help others.

My current breast

7 weeks and counting, bye bye

Help & Advice please

Hi everyone, I'm booked for a BA in 6 weeks time (I can not wait) and I'm not sure if I have chosen the correct size. I am 5 foot 5 inches, 10 stone 11lbs (68kg) and a 36b/c, I have chosen 500cc mentor implants moderate profile over the muscles. Has anyone else had 500cc? I want nice large breast but not large that it sags. Will 500cc be to large?

460cc moderate plus vs 500cc moderate

please help, does anyone know if there is a big difference between 460cc Moderate plus and 500cc moderate??? I want a full firm natural look.

7 days and counting

7 days to go, I'm excited and can not wait. I've booked 10 days off work, ordered my shopping in and will pick up the final bits over the weekend. I brought my post op bra from House of Frazer for £32.80 (currently in sale) and a sports bra from Asda for £8, I will pack a small bag to bring with me ( day case). I'm having my BA at The Private Clinic Harley Street with Dr Davood Fallahdar, 500cc mentor, moderate profile and over the muscle.

I've finally done it, YES

I had my BA this afternoon at the Welbeck Hospital in Mayfair, my admission time was 7.30am and I went to theatre at around 12 and was back in my room by 3pm. For lunch I had an omelette and yogurt which I presume ordered in the morning.
The lovely nurse came to check my blood pressure every hour and to see how I was, my surgeon Dr Davood Fallahdar came to see me and told me that everything went well.
I had a look and I'm loving them already, in have Mentor, moderate, 500cc over the muscle. I'm still a bit sleepy so will update tomorrow and add photos.

Before and 2 hours after surgery.

I am 1 day post op and feeling good, I had a soild 4 hours sleeping sitting up lol ( I was so afraid of waking up laying on my front). I have only slight pain mainly in my left breast and so far have only taken 2 pain relief. Dr Fallahdar said I only have slight swelling.

Day two with new boobs

This is my second day having boobs and I'm still loving them, the pain is bearable 5/10 I'm taking codydramol twice a day and resting well. I'm currently wearing my post op bra and strapping, the strapping is uncomfortable and itchy. My breast are still slightly swollen and I can feel tingling every now and again, I feel most of the pain first thing in the morning and at night when I first get up in the morning my breast feel extra heavy lol but once I'm up its fine. I slept sitting up again last night but couldn't get comfy and woke up with back pain, will try and get soon sleep during the day.

Numb bottom and sore nipple

Day 3 - Does anyone else wake up with a numb bottom? I didn't get much sleep last night as I couldn't get comfortable. I woke up this morning with one sore left nipple and a totally numb bum, I had a look at my new additions and they are still swollen but looking good.
I took the strapping off for 5 minutes and it felt better, hoping that I can get rid of it at my one week check up. Also took off my beautiful stockings that I had to wear for 3 days.

Day 4 - The Good & The Bad

OK everyone this is sooooooooooooo real. As I was brushing my teeth i actually banged my boobs on the sink lol, I have been in the house since my BA and decided to go out with my mum today - WELL not one of my tops would fit hahahaha I was so funny seeing the difference already. I know I'm only 4 day post op but I'm hoping the size doesn't change to much. We ended up going shopping for new work clothes, I brought a few blouse from H & M in a size 14 and they fit well. My old H&M blouse were a size 12 (with my extra padded bras).
I was out for most of the day and did start to feel pain towards the end, I didn't carry any bags and kept my keys, phone and purse with my mum. I will be resting up now as I think I might have over done it, I can feel sharp burning pain under my left breast :( by my incision. I have my 7 day check up on Tuesday so will see then.
I'm still wearing my strapping but placed it over my tank top as it was cutting into my armpit.

1 week and happy

I had my 1 week check up and all is good, I no longer have to wear the strapping and I have changed into my sports bra. I have also been given some scar tape to put on after I shower, I feel small pain every now and again but nothing to bad and I've stopped my pain killer a few days ago. I'm loving the size and hope it doesn't get smaller lol.

10 days post op.

Just a quick update, I'm now 10 day post op and still feeling good, my incision are healing well (the left is better that the right so will keep an eye on it) I have been given scar tape and have been applying Shea butter twice a day on my breast. I still have to sleep on my back which I hate and haven't had a full 8 hours sleep since lol.
Not sure if either has dropped yet but both look even which is excellent as one was slightly larger than the other to begin with. I haven't told anyone about my augmentation and have been out and seen a few family members and not one person has noticed (I wore jeans and a loses blouse) I still love the size and think they suit my frame, 500cc was the right size for me, any bigger would look strange. The best thing is you can make them look as big or small as you like, for work I have purchased new blouses the next size up and it looks fine with the sports bra underneath. I have to wait 5 more weeks until I can get measured then will see if they look bigger under clothes in a normal bra.

incisions and side view

19 days old - I see stretch marks.

Just to keep you all updated, I'm still getting used to my new boobs. Everything is healing great and I am pain free, I get little tingling, itching and weird feelings (nerve re connecting and incisions healing). I have found some stretch marks not it's not that bad,
I am driving fine but still take it easy when getting my seat belt, everything else is good. I'm still sleeping on my back until my 6 week check up, I'm not sure if drop and fluff is happening???? or if swelling has total gone (I hope so loving the size) I have brought a few more sports bra (asda £8) and still wear them 24 hours a day. I am still also using the scar tape that I was given at my last check up, I haven't had a good look at my incisions by will try and take some photos soon. In the past I have keloid so praying this scar tape works.

Does anyone know if swelling has totally gone by this time.

19 days

3 weeks and a tiny set back.

Hi ladies, I've reach 3 weeks and doing well. Ive had a little set back due to the scar tape and changing them to often making my skin sore.
My left breast is fantastic and taking shape, my right seems to be a different shape and flat at the bottom and inna side? Has anyone else experienced this?
Some days I get a little boob greed lol but this size is perfect for my shape and frame.

6 week check up

I had my 6 week check up with my surgeon today, I have been given the all clear. I can go to the gym, wear bra's (non wire) and sleep normally. I am still loving my new breast and will enjoying buying new bra's. 500cc is the best size for me, they look so natural and are soft to touch.
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