39 Year Old Finally Getting the Breast I Want. (500cc Mentor implants, Overs) - United Kingdom

Hi all, I am a 39 year old mother who has wanted...

Hi all,
I am a 39 year old mother who has wanted larger breast for a very long time, I have had my consultation and book for surgery in 8 weeks. I am 5ft 5inches, 10 stone 8lbs (around 67kg I think) and currently a 36 large B small C.
I would like to be a full DD or larger as I am quite wide on the shoulders, I have chosen 480cc moderate plus, Nagor over the muscle but now think it may be to small (boob greed already).

All suggestions and advice welcome

Deflated boobs

8 weeks and counting, Nagor implants over the muscle.

Boob wish list

A few wish list photos, I will be showing them to my surgeon next week. I am over excited and finding
It hard has I haven't told anyone except my mum. I will be having my breast enlargement at The Private Clinic Harley Street, a gift to myself.

2nd a final consultation, changed implant and size :)

Today's update, I had my 2nd consultation and finalised my implants and size. I'm going with 500cc moderate profile mentor implants. I previously chose 460cc Nagor moderate high profile but had boob greed and wanted a larger size, for the size I wanted I had to change implant brand (costing me an extra £900). My surgeon said 500cc would be the largest he would go with me so im trusting him lol.

My stas are
5ft 5inches
10 stone 11 lbs (68kg)
36 b
Moderate profile
Over the muscle

This site is helping me through the boob journey as I haven't told my family only my mum, I hope I am able to help others.

My current breast

7 weeks and counting, bye bye

Help & Advice please

Hi everyone, I'm booked for a BA in 6 weeks time (I can not wait) and I'm not sure if I have chosen the correct size. I am 5 foot 5 inches, 10 stone 11lbs (68kg) and a 36b/c, I have chosen 500cc mentor implants moderate profile over the muscles. Has anyone else had 500cc? I want nice large breast but not large that it sags. Will 500cc be to large?

460cc moderate plus vs 500cc moderate

please help, does anyone know if there is a big difference between 460cc Moderate plus and 500cc moderate??? I want a full firm natural look.

7 days and counting

7 days to go, I'm excited and can not wait. I've booked 10 days off work, ordered my shopping in and will pick up the final bits over the weekend. I brought my post op bra from House of Frazer for £32.80 (currently in sale) and a sports bra from Asda for £8, I will pack a small bag to bring with me ( day case). I'm having my BA at The Private Clinic Harley Street with Dr Davood Fallahdar, 500cc mentor, moderate profile and over the muscle.

I've finally done it, YES

I had my BA this afternoon at the Welbeck Hospital in Mayfair, my admission time was 7.30am and I went to theatre at around 12 and was back in my room by 3pm. For lunch I had an omelette and yogurt which I presume ordered in the morning.
The lovely nurse came to check my blood pressure every hour and to see how I was, my surgeon Dr Davood Fallahdar came to see me and told me that everything went well.
I had a look and I'm loving them already, in have Mentor, moderate, 500cc over the muscle. I'm still a bit sleepy so will update tomorrow and add photos.
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