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Hello Had my initial appointment and feel excited...

Had my initial appointment and feel excited but riddled with nerves.
I have a very small chest and have always hated it.
I've no children but would like to have them within next 2-3 years. Looking for people who had their surgery pre-children and how it has affected the look of their breasts having had children / breast fed etc.

Less than 12 weeks to go...

Still riddled with nerves and questioning why I can't find contentness with my own natural look...
I get excited when I think about my first summer holiday with actual boobs to fit in my bikini but then realised my holiday is booked only 11 weeks post surgery. Is this long enough?

Starting to keep a diary of my transformation

Urgh... this reconfirms that I'm doing the right thing!

My wish pics

Not huge... just boobs to fill bras and bikinis :-)

2 months to go... eeek!

Spending more time researching, reassuring myself and really looking at what I want. My Dr has recommended 290cc anatomical under the muscle but after reading a few cases of rotation I'm starting to freak myself out. I want natural so I guess that's why he's suggested teardrop. Does rotation commonly happen?
Just when I thought I was getting there with my worries, I have another to add to my list.

3 weeks to go... aaahhhhh!!

Oh my goodness the nerves are kicking in big time now. Starting to look at bikinis for summer which is fun though. I just want it over. Words of wisdom required please...

BA prep

Soooo a week to go! I read somewhere about having a basket by bed with prep items. What would you recommend having close to hand? Thanks :-)

3 days to go... eeeek!

Urgh I'm in last minute freaking out mode. I just want it over with now!! Am I going to be able to have a shower after? How many days in bed until I'm up and about? Any advice welcome x

Goodbye to all my hugely padded and ugly bras. The big day is tomorrow and I feel so nervous I could be sick!!!

I'm in at 7am with planned surgery at 9.30am. I'm soooo scared!!!!

Bye bye little ones... (in order to draw a comparison - not because I like looking at them!)

I figured this experience would be more valuable having a before and after so I'm uploading more pics. This reiterates my 'prime candidate' status!

24 hours post

So we went with 300 round high profile. Op went well yesterday morning at 8am. Took a few hours to come round and mainly nibbled and sipped drinks yesterday. Slept fine with a cocktail of drugs and (apart from feeling like I have an elephant on my chest) I'm sitting upright and feeling sore but okay. I'll upload more pics later. About to be discharged.

Frankenboob - day 1 post op

Urgh I just think they look horrendous right now. Had a little cry earlier. Can't sit up alone which is a nightmare getting in and out of bed. I'm normally very self sufficient and active so not being able to do anything is driving me mad!! The side views of the photos are the worst!!

Day 4

I *think* I'm beginning to feel a bit better physically and mentally. Positives: I can just about get out of bed on my own and my arms have more movement. I'm also off the hard stuff (painkillers). Negatives: still very 'tight' and uncomfortable at times. Still have frankenboob and feel huge (bigger than I wanted). I can't sleep well or do much. I've uploaded a couple of day 4 pics. This little crop top has been my saviour. It's ugly but so comfy!!

7 days

Got my 1 week post op appointment in a while so a dressing change and look at the results so far. Think Frankenboob subsiding?? but still some swelling to go down and I'm certainly still very tender. I hope they settle into a nice natural shape ... all looks good so far to me but what do you think?

Day 10 pics

Go away yellow bruise!

Day 11

Drop and soften pleeeeease!!


Day 13 - stitches out tomorrow

Week 2 has been significantly easier than week 1 but still frustrating for little miss 'can't sit still'. My house is getting really messy and needs a good clean and as much as my other half tries, he needs a lot of direction ;-). Still back sleeping and this is really getting to me. How long until I can comfortably side sleep?? Able to shower, wash, dry hair and put make up on but left arm is still restricted with movements above head. Boobs are slowly softening but overall still quite firm. I'm sure once they soften everything else will fall into place!! I get my stitches out tomorrow and back to work the day after which is worrying me somewhat. I hope nobody notices my unusual movements (standing on tip toes to reach high things instead of just lifting arms etc)!! Not had any pain meds for about a week now apart from the odd time I've started to feel uncomfortable. Anyway, I hope everybody is healing well. Oh... and don't start reading horror stories, googling silly things etc etc... I did that yesterday and massively freaked myself out!

Day 14 - stitches out and a bath aaahhhhh

Yellow bruise going nowhere despite dowsing myself in arnica. Stitches out so allowed a bath. Yippeeee!

Found the cure to sensitive skin/nipples post op

This has literally been driving me mad past few days... sooooo... today I put a bit of bio oil on a cotton pad, put one on each nipple and cottonpads at both sides of boobs (basically wherever I feel tender) and NO TENDER SKIN TODAY! Hurrahhh! You're welcome ladies :-)

Day 16

Health Food Shop necessities

3 weeks deserves a treat!

... a new bikini. I can *almost* lie comfortably on my side and I *almost* forgot about them in work today. Roll on week 4. I think it'll be a turning point!!

3.5 week update

So going into week 4 things feel significantly better. I can sleep on my side (with a pillow for support) for a short time. I still have morning boob though. When does this go? Nipple and skin sensitivity is easing but still there. I've got full feeling in both boobs... no numb bits. I'm still trying to find a comfy bra so still in crop tops for now. Starting to soften but still kinda hard. Starting to become more fond of my new additions after a shakey start. They are a good size and shape for my figure and I think they'll turn out really well. I use Bio oil on my scars and I'm impressed with how neat my scars are. :-)

4 weeks progress

More shopping


Small but perfectly formed

5 weeks is a good place to be. Totally comfortable and falling in love now. Still don't feel 100% like they're mine but I'm getting there. They're continuing to get softer too. Sooo glad I decided on small ones, I've had no boob greed and think they really suit my frame.

6 weeks today


7 weeks

Life is so good at 7 weeks. The only thing I'm waiting for is further softening. I'll keep you posted :-)

8 week update

Lower pole filling out

9 weeks - 32C

More shopping

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