33, No Children, Pre-op Nerves - United Kingdom

Hello Had my initial appointment and feel excited...

Had my initial appointment and feel excited but riddled with nerves.
I have a very small chest and have always hated it.
I've no children but would like to have them within next 2-3 years. Looking for people who had their surgery pre-children and how it has affected the look of their breasts having had children / breast fed etc.

Less than 12 weeks to go...

Still riddled with nerves and questioning why I can't find contentness with my own natural look...
I get excited when I think about my first summer holiday with actual boobs to fit in my bikini but then realised my holiday is booked only 11 weeks post surgery. Is this long enough?

Starting to keep a diary of my transformation

Urgh... this reconfirms that I'm doing the right thing!

My wish pics

Not huge... just boobs to fill bras and bikinis :-)

2 months to go... eeek!

Spending more time researching, reassuring myself and really looking at what I want. My Dr has recommended 290cc anatomical under the muscle but after reading a few cases of rotation I'm starting to freak myself out. I want natural so I guess that's why he's suggested teardrop. Does rotation commonly happen?
Just when I thought I was getting there with my worries, I have another to add to my list.

3 weeks to go... aaahhhhh!!

Oh my goodness the nerves are kicking in big time now. Starting to look at bikinis for summer which is fun though. I just want it over. Words of wisdom required please...

BA prep

Soooo a week to go! I read somewhere about having a basket by bed with prep items. What would you recommend having close to hand? Thanks :-)
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