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I used to have nice, round, perky boobs. The kind...

I used to have nice, round, perky boobs. The kind I was proud of. 32DD. Then I had kids, and ballooned up to a F-cup at one point.... but once I stopped breastfeeding, I was left with much less boobs. Don't get me wrong, they're still an 'ample bosom' but I feel like I have no fullness at the top. I really like the rounded yet natural look, although I'm not really sure what size I want to go to.

I've spent the last couple of days *solidly* doing research, watching videos, reading this forum etc... and I think I can safely say I would want more than 400ccs. I currently wear a 34C bra, but I think this is probably wrong, I haven't had myself measured in forever.

I have wanted surgery for years. After losing my boobs, I also lost body confidence. When I split up with my kids dad, the thought of going back on the 'market' again with boobs like the ones I had, filled me with dread. Although, I am happily with another partner now... and although the boobs haven't been an issue, I still feel the same. It's just something I want to do.

I contacted both Transform and MYA clinics, as they were the two at the forefront of my mind. I filled out a questionnaire online, and within minutes, both companies had contacted me back for a chat and to book in a consultation. The lady from Transform in particular was really lovely, we had a good old chat and there was definitely no pushyness there. The MYA girl was nice, but I had already told her I would 100% be getting them done, and felt a little like she was trying to convince me I should get them done!? Anyway... managed to get an appointment with Transform for the following morning - result!

I went to my local clinic and met the patient coordinator - she was a nice lady, who had had surgery done and looked good. She explained everything I would need to know - the cost, the type of implants they use.. and let me have a feel. She explained the next steps... showed me some other before and after photos.... spoke about the private hospital they use... aftercare.... and asked if I had any questions. I didn't - she had covered everything. I didn't have to show her my boobs. She asked how soon I wanted them done - I told her asap, although have a holiday booked in September. She said I could have them done in July if I wanted, but I decided I wouldn't really want to have to be wearing a sports bra... as it will be still within the 6 weeks period. So.... she said she could get me in for once I'm back... which I'm pleased about.

Now, I had had a (horror of a) consultation a few years ago at a local clinic... he had definitely said something about an uplift, but I couldn't remember exactly what. The patient coordinator at Transform said that Dr Meleagros is good if I am on the border of needing an uplift. He has a technique of using a certain type / size implant to give an uplift without needing an uplift and the anchor scar. So... I've been booked in to see him on Tuesday.

I'd been watching some videos of boobs he has done, and to be honest, the smaller ones... although the girls have been thrilled by them, I wasn't that impressed with. It wasn't until I came here and saw bigger boobs, more like what I have in mind, that I was impressed. Now I'm really excited about Tuesday and meeting Dr Meleagros. I've also read that he's famous for his neat scars which is another plus point.

I also have my initial consultation with MYA on Tuesday, and The Hospital Group, which I booked in today after finding them on my researching travels. I wasn't as impressed with the service so far from Hospital Group though. I spoke with someone over their live chat function to book it in. She had no pleasantries at all, and certainly didn't seem like someone that should be working in a customer service based job! Anyway, she's not the one who'd be doing my boobs (well I'd hope anyway!!!!) so I'll let her off.

I really don't know how I will know which is the right place / surgeon for me? Maybe I'll just have a feeling....

Busy day Tuesday :D


Yesterday was a day of information which has left me confused!

First up was The Hospital Group. Brooke the PC was really lovely, had a good chat with her, and felt like I was having a chat with a mate. The price is really low, the cheapest I've seen (plus they have £500 at the moment). I met with the surgeon, Mr Samouris. He was very nice, made me feel at ease. My left breast is slightly bigger, which I knew, but he said my nipple is also lower by about 2 cm. He would advise an uplift on the left breast, and then implants. He said for my shape I could go up to a 510cc, and would put a slightly smaller implant in the bigger boob. He said if I wasn't worried about perfection, he would do it without the uplift, if the nipple issue doesnt bother me. It doesnt... but now Im thinking about it more and more. He said he would go under the muscle on me. Tried some sizers on with Brooke, liked the 510cc but they were quite big! I want to go to a DD... but don't want them to be ridiculous and want to still look 'pretty' not huge like f*ck mannnnn!! Aparently Mr Samouris is a microsurgeon and does the most amazing stitches / scars. I cant find much about him online. He seems to have done a lot of NHS which I gather is a good thing. The pics he showed me on his iPad looked good, but then, he would show me his best work. He said implants MUST be changed every 10-15yrs. He also said the surgery has changed from Allergan implants to something beginning with M (sorry, I cant remember now), that has made me not want Allergan any more!!

Then I went to MYA. I was excited about this one as I have seen and loved Dr Frati's work. I met the nurse Cassandra, again, lovely lady. She had a look at my boobs, and said obviously the surgeon would need to see me (booked in for next Wed with Frati - yay!), but she would think I would need an uplift both boobs, and implant! MYA is the most expensive, and suggesting I need the most work (well, Cassandra was saying... but again, need to wait for Fratis opinion) apparently he does work under and over the muscle, but she is a big advocate of unders. They also use the M brand of implant.

I feel like I'm not getting across properly what I actually want. Big but not ridiculous, natural but I do like the rounded look.

Then off to meet Dr Meleagros at Transform. Wow, he is very serious! My friend had met up with me by this point - she really liked his directness. I wanted a bit of opinion from him but he kept saying it was my decision. He would go up to 525cc on my smaller breast, and again, slightly smaller on the left. He said my left nipple faces outwards more. And that my folds are uneven, and that wont change with surgery. He didnt recommend an uplift. He would go over the muscle and told me how awful it was to have unders. He uses Allergen. I think I liked the 460 sample that I tried on the right side. The sizers looked a bit tubular because they were actual implants (the Hospital Group ones were like shaped chicken fillets so looked a bit more natural.

So now I'm left confused about sizing and uplifts and unders/overs. Very interested to hear what Frati says next week

Wish boobs

Surgery booked!

Today I met with Dr Frati at Mya. I had my heart set on him after seeing his work, so I ended up booking my op with him for 20th September. 68 days!

He said I don't need an uplift now, would advise using a bigger implant to fill the breast. But I will need an uplift at some point. If I go too big they will be heavy and sag. I said about doing it now if I'm going to need it done anyway, he advised against it.

It's annoying that Mentor (the implants they use) don't make a 475cc, as I feel that is what I would want! My left breast is smaller so we tried a 400cc in that one, and changed between 450cc and 500cc in the right one. He said he would order all the sizes from 400cc to try to get the best match size-wise on the day. I'm really undecided between sizes. The 50cc implant I tried on with Cassandra afterwards (450+50) was so small it was like two round teabags, which makes me feel like I may as well go for the 500. But 500 just seems so.... Big!!

I would like to try to find more examples of girls starting with a C cup to see how they have ended up looking with their sizes. I've added some photos with the sizers.... I think it's hard to tell though to be honest. How do you even make such a decision?! I don't want them to be the first thing people notice about me. Plus I'm not flat-stomached - I don't want them to make me look larger than I am.

He advised high profile, partials.

I think I will go back again to try sizes again before my pre-op

2nd Consultation

I went to see Dr Frati again yesterday. I just wanted to be sure on the sizes. I have read countless reviews where he just looks at girls and knows the right size - I wanted his opinion on that as I really was torn between 450/500cc. Anyway - 450cc wasn't even brought into the equation - he said if I went smaller than that, the fullness wouldn't be there and I may need an uplift. He warned me again that my nipple on one side will be lower (as it is now), but that doesn't really bother me. And he confirmed, yes, partials. I'm so glad I went again to see him, I feel 100% now in regards to size. 59 days to go!

Surgery Day

My admission time was 12.30 yesterday. I was taken up to my room pretty much straight away by a nurse who told me to get my gown & paper knickers on, and did a pregnancy test. Shortly after, another came in to do my blood pressure and got me to put on some compression socks. Then another to check all my details and got me to sign loads of paperwork which I think was basically me consenting to the surgery and knowing the risks involved. I kept being told the anaesthetist and Dr Frati would be coming to see me soon…. but the time just dragged and dragged without being told anything! My boyfriend and I chilled and watched Netflix and because I was so tired and weak from lack of food and drink I was actually much more calm. The anaesthetist came in around 3.45 to meet me, got me to sign something and told me Dr Frati would be in soon. Around 4 my PC Eka came to see me – it was the first time I had met her as my PC Cassandra left last week. Eka was soooo lovely, she was in with me for about 45mins just chatting like a friend, and was really good timing as my BF had gone to get food as he couldn’t hold out any longer! I laughed a lot with her and really took my mind off things. She told me that Dr Frati had been stuck in traffic for 2.5hrs earlier that day which was why everything was so delayed… but that there was an ‘easy’ one in at the moment and I was next. Whooooop!

Around 5ish Dr Frati came in to draw on me. I was having 500cc on my right side, and the left side was undecided – he had ordered 400cc, 425cc and 450cc. I was really hoping for 450cc as I didn’t think the size difference was *that* much, and he said that he thinks 450cc is what he was going to go for. He was smiley and happy which was nice. He took some photos and told me he’d see me very soon.

I was collected by some nurses who took me up a floor, where I met the lady who was working with the anaesthetist, then he came back out again (Dr Baht?!) and we had a bit of a laugh and joke, he made me feel calm. It was surreal walking into the theatre. I thought my heart would be pounding but it wasn’t. I had a quick look at the clock – 5.15. Dr Baht put the cannula in, which was a little painful but only for a few seconds, and was fine. He asked me a bit about my job then asked if I’d had GA before – I hadn’t. He told me to try to stay away, but if I felt to go to sleep then to sleep. I was the most worried about the anaesthetic the whole time – so scared of panicking etc. Anyway, I needn’t have worried. He told me to count to 10, then I tasted a horrid taste in my mouth then got to “one” and I was gone! Next thing I knew I was waking up in a different room and it was around 6.40.

The lady in the recovery room was so nice. She said I’d been in there about half an hour. I kept asking her if I could eat now, all I could think about was how hungry I was and how excited I was to drink! She put an oxygen mask on me – I kept telling her I felt like I needed to do a really deep breath, and she said go on then… but I couldn’t. I tried to stay calm and eventually I could do the big breaths I really felt I needed to. She asked if I was in pain – I said I was, about a 5 or 6 out of 10 so she put some painkiller (paracetamol I think) into my drip. It is a strange sensation – I don’t feel tight or anything like that. My nipple area and below hurt – but a weird feeling like someone ripping off a layer of skin! I asked if I had had a tube down my throat as it didn’t hurt at all – I had. I was expecting it to hurt, had brought Halls Soothers with me, but honestly would never have known!

Around 7 I was taken back into my room, I was still quite drowsy and talking rubbish – mainly about food! I still had some pain so was given oral morphine and icepacks for my chest, then brought toast and coffee. It was the best meal of my life, I told the nurse she was my queen etc etc. After that, my stomach was still rumbling so they offered me soup, but scared of being sick I said no and had 2 more slices of toast! The shift changed so I had different nurses, but all the staff that looked after me were really lovely.

It was getting late so I was asked if I wanted to still go home or if I wanted to stay overnight as I wouldn’t get out of there until 11/12. I told them I still wanted to go home. I laid there drifting in and out of sleep and just feeling mellow and chilled and then completely wired the next minute! Around 11 the nurse came to take out my drains. That hurt! The strapping coming off to do so hurt a lot, as it was so ‘fresh’, and the pain, although quickish (5 secs maybe), made me feel a bit nauseous. Once they were out I tried to do a wee, as I wasn’t allowed to leave without doing one. Sitting up made me feel sick. I took it very slowly to the loo and managed to wee so was allowed to go! The nurse helped me on with my Macom and we were off!

I walked with my BF about 5 mins to the car, I felt ok but a bit wobbly on my legs. The car journey made me feel a little sicky – all the movements, and roundabouts were the worst even though he was driving really carefully. As soon as we walked in the door I rushed to the loo and threw up. Another of my worst fears! It hurt my boobs and flushing the chain was a strain on my chest too. I had thought I wasn’t going to take any pain killers but after that I did. I have been given Co-Codamol as painkiller and an antibiotic too.

I slept ok, but would definitely recommend getting a neck pillow as well as a V pillow. My neck was sore this morning where it was just flopped about. Getting out of bed without using my hands is tough! I have developed a swinging motion with my legs that tips me up and out! The pump soap is hard to use. I’ve been flushing the chain with my feet! Pain is bearable, been keeping on top of my pain meds. Feel a tiny bit sicky but generally ok, just very helpless and tired.

I am documenting my journey on youtube, and recorded yesterday – depending on if I get round to it, the video will be up either later today or tomorrow. If you want to check it out, and see me on drugs, the drains coming out, the hospital room etc – subscribe to me https://www.youtube.com/c/supergorgeouscouk and I think you’ll get a notification once it’s up.

I have attached a before pic, and after, but can’t see much from the after as I have strapping. There’s a gap in my strapping so I stuck my camera there to have a little peek!

The First Two Weeks

I wish I had kept this more updated at the time, because the last two weeks have flown by!

The first few days were hard - I felt helpless - couldn't do much at all - still high on drugs though! I couldn't push down at *all* - opening doors, pushing the soap pump, flushing the chain... I got used to doing that with my foot! Once the GA had worn off slightly I started to feel actual pain... I'd say it was about a 6/10. The main area it hurt was from my nipples downwards, and underneath my right armpit, under my strapping. As the days went on, the boob pain went, but the under arm pain got worse and worse. It felt like my strapping was stuck on to 'raw' skin. I rang MYA to see if there was anything I could do, and.... basically the answer was no! I had to ride it out until day 6 which was when I had my strapping removed.

At no point did I feel this 'excessive pressure' that I hear people talk about - it definitely didn't feel as though there was an elephant sitting on my chest... it was more like a baby laying on me, but only a little one!

Day 5 was the first time I left the house, through sheer boredom... I went to the cinema and survived, but literally couldn't wait to get home and to bed. The Co-Codamol really wiped me out, I loved it! I was very itchy by this time too.

I would suggest ice packs to anyone else having surgery - more than one so you can rotate them. They were the best purchase, I even sent my OH out to get another as I needed one for under my arm as well as across my chest.

On day 6 I went back to MYA to have my strapping removed (which hurt!). It felt strange not being strapped up and supported. I was right, there was sore red skin under my strapping and bruising on that side. As I walked over to the wall for them to take pics, I walked past the mirror and it was my first chance to see my new additions. I wish I had been given longer to take them all in. It was weird, I had a new body!!! My initial thought was how big they were... they seemed huge!

The following week was ok. A mixture of emotions. Day 7 (which was also my birthday) was the worst. I felt my boobs were too big, what had I done, I look so fat etc etc... and I was highly emotional and teary. I think that with boobs this big you can't wear loose tops without looking bigger overall. Tighter tops look better.... but I am a little out of shape, plus the bloating from meds - so all in all it's just not working. I felt I had no clothes that looked good any more, nothing that worked over the sports bras...

I'm now on day 15 and feeling better. I just want to get to the gym as these boobs have motivated me to get back in shape. I'm going to check with my nurse if I could go to the gym for my lower half of my body. I have ordered a load of healthy, clean foods and going to try to better my eating habits as a start.

In terms of pain, today it has come back. The bruises have got darker, it hurts if anything touches them, the bra is irritating. I have shooting pains where the bruises are. Hopefully this is just healing.

Day 15 bruising

Day 16

I did a full days proper work today on my feet and OMG it shattered me!

Day 20

Owwww my nipples are so sore! Starting to wear cotton wool in my bra as even having my bra touching them hurts!

4 weeks post op

Yesterday I measured myself using an online sizer and it came out at 30GG ???????????? hopefully this will change as that sounds huge!! In terms of development, feeling loads better - they're softer, and I'm slowly getting the feeling back to the lower part of my breasts

6 weeks post op

I finally feel more comfortable with my boobs - no more pain and I'm getting a lot of feeling back. It no longer hurts to lay on my side (not that I would sleep all night like that, but it's very nice to do!) I feel a little more human in general but missing being active. I'm really looking forward to my checkup with Mya tomorrow and getting into normal bras and back to exercise!

3.5months post op

Can't remember ever not having them to be honest. But at the same time, think I had them done at the right time of year. Allowed me to get used to them before being out on show in summer!


I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while.

About a month ago I went in to see Dr Frati for my 3 month appointment (was actually at 4 months but the first appointment that was available as he's in high demand). He seemed happy, but then got me to lay down, where he squeezed my boobs and discovered the start of Capsular Contracture :( This is where the body rejects the implant and starts to form a hard layer of scar tissue around it. He squeezed so hard and 'broke' the scar tissue, it was disgusting - I could physically hear a pop and thought my implant had popped, even though I know that isn't even possible! I was advised to massage my boobs twice a day for 15 minutes to break the scar tissue down. It hurt so much, I left and burst into tears and had to take some nurofen.

It hurt for a few days afterwards, was a bit tender... but it's ok. Whats worrying is that I hadnt realised anything was wrong. I have been massaging now... but I feel like I am going to book another appointment to check all is ok.

Other than that, everything has been going well - I have been enjoying them a lot! They are still much bigger than I think I had thought they'd be... but I'm getting used to them! I've attached two pics of how they were at 4 months.
Dr Frati at Mya London Fitzroy

I chose Dr Frati after reading so many good reviews and seeing such good examples of work of his online. I feel completely confident in his hands.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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