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I have a 12 year old son, who I breastfed for 8...

I have a 12 year old son, who I breastfed for 8 months, and along with weight loss, I'm left with deflated boobs which have got me down for many years. I've decided that this is something I really want, after thinking about it for a decade!

In one week time I'm going to have new boobs. I am feeling really apprehensive at the moment. I'll upload some before pics soon, but I'm due my period soon and my breasts are bigger that usual and feel sore. I'm worried in case they're like this next week and impact surgery. I had my pre-op a couple of weeks ago, and I was told it would be fine. During my consultations with my surgeon, we discussed that possibly a lift would be the most beneficial, but I can't afford that, and also not comfortable with the scars at my age.

Before photos

I've updated with some photos of how they are now. I was born with a slightly curved spine and a displaced sternum, you can see one breast is larger than the other. I am bigger than I normally am due to hormones but I wear a bra 36B but due to lack of volume don't fill it well.

I'm very nervous that implants won't be enough to get the result I want - I'm trying to have realistic expectations.

My surgeon is going to use teardrop implants to move the nipples upwards and the size will be decided For sure on the day - he knows I want a realistic look in proportion with my body. Think we're looking at 300cc and 350cc and he will decide if he needs to go under or over the muscle when he's in.

I'm quite fit - do a lot of running and Kettlebells.

Nerves settling in

I'm feeling really nervous and unsure of whether I'm doing the right thing. I'm very hormonal, and snapping at everyone. Also very concerned that my breasts are so swollen and tender at the moment - I don't think my period will have arrived by Friday, which means the surgeon will be seeing my breasts as they are now, which isn't a reflection of what they normally look like.
I ordered 2 Macom surgery bras which have arrived. Just not feeling great right now.

2 more sleeps

I've not been sleeping very well because I feel nervous. I'm excited too. I need to stop looking at photographs though because I have to trust my surgeon.
I'm hoping my 2 bras I've bought will be adequate to start with, and then I'll go and buy some more after a week or so. I'm going on holiday for a fortnight 2 weeks post op and don't fancy wearing the very restrictive macom bras. I'll talk to my surgeon and ask for clues as to what I can buy. I don't mind lazying by the pool in a sports bra.

Results I hope for

I know I shouldn't, but still looking at photos. I obviously have asymmetry going on, as well as a misplaced sternum, which will make it more tricky for my PS and I am very realistic that there will still be asymmetry - without serious surgery my spine can't be corrected!

But if I have any results as shown in these pics, I'd be happy! Tried to find ones with befores as similar to mine as I could find.

Went and bought some button up nightshirts today and a couple of cheap sports bras from Primark.


Hi all

I'm currently resting up in my room at the hospital - I'm staying in overnight. I'm feeling much more with it so will try to explain the day, but won't add photos just yet.

Arrived here at 12:30 and said goodbye to my mum. I was taken to my room and told the theatre list had changed and I'd go in first. This made me happy as I was very nervous.

Nurse did my obs and I put on gown, paper knickers and stockings.

Anaesthetic came in and did my checks and then my PS came in to take photos, draw on me and do consent. I then walked down to theatre where I was chatting away and before I know it I was in recovery. I checked the time before I was put under and it was 1:45 and when I woke up it was 3:15.

I found it hard to breathe when I came to - in asthmatic and I can only describe it like having an attack, never happened before but they put me on oxygen and kept me in recovery longer.

I was very comfortable when I woke up - I've been given morphine and local anaesthetic too.

My PS came in after to say that something very unusual happened in the theatre - basically somehow, I caught fire! Just under my left breast, he was cauterising me and there was a spark and a flame. I'm ok and I'm not burnt but I've had the matron visit me too to say it's being investigated and I'll get a formal letter of apology.

I've got some fancy machines on my legs which keep inflating and I've managed to put my mentor bra on.

I had 270cc teardrop over the muscle so thankfully I'm not big at all. I never wanted big boobs - just to be filled out. PS says they look great but if I'm honest, I'm a bit nervous to have a proper look.

I've been brought my tea - cheese and onion toastie and a cuppa. My mouth is so so dry. Doesn't matter how much I drink, I'm parched.

I'll update with photos soon.


Not good pics because I have my bra on. I got a mentor bra, not sure if they're available in the States, but you just order your back size and that's it. It's done up on the tightest and feels comfortable. I've got a couple of £4 ones from Primark which go over the head, so I think I'll wear my mentor ones for a fortnight as they do up at the front, and then move to something a bit less sturdy!!
I've got to wear the inflatable stockings all night but they're kind of therapeutic...
I've been given some codeine and the pain is absolutely fine. I can move my arms, push myself up, lift my arms up - probably because I'm over the muscle. I had enough tissue to cover them. But looking at the pics I can see I've got volum at the top which is just fab.
I'm scared to look in the mirror with no top on though. When I looked down in recovery, my nipples seemed in the right place, but I'm so worried!

2 days - still swollen

So the night of my op I spent at hospital, and I slept quite well. I had my inflatable stockings on all night, and I had to get up at 2am for a wee - was still struggling to pass water, but thankfully I'm ok now. Then at 5:30am I buzzed the nurse for some pain killers. I had a nice breakfast and watched a bit of tv whilst waiting to be discharged and collected at 10:30am. I had a comfortable ride home and spent the day watching tv and chilling on the sofa. I've got paracetamol, codeine and ibuprofen to take which I took at regular intervals yesterday.

Last night I slept ok. I went to bed feeling really dizzy and sick, I think it was the medicine. But I slept upright and spent the night at my parents. I'm relatively pain free today - just taken some ibuprofen to help with the swelling. My left boob is more swollen than the right, but it's gone down a lot just in one night.

I've managed to have a shower, and feel clean and happy now. I was brave and had a good look with no bra on. It's still too early to know the final results as they're a bit swollen and misshapen - plus, still waiting for my period to come and go, as that really messes with my breasts.

Just to mention about my asymmetry too. You can see in my before photos that my left breast is significantly larger than my right - this is partly because of PMS, but I have quite a badly displaced sternum, so the centre of my rib cage is actually placed more to the right.

I'm seeing my PS on Friday, so hopefully all swelling will be gone, and I can question him about the sizing. I had 270cc put in both - my guess is that because of my rib cage issue, it might have looked silly having one size bigger and perhaps didn't solve the asymmetry.

I had mentor anatomical, tall height, moderate plus profile implants. I'm pleased with the placement of my nipples, and I hope that when they drop, they'll be a bit fuller on the bottom whilst still giving me volume at the top too.

I just hope the swelling in the left goes - I do have bruising that side too, so perhaps he rummaged about more than the other side?!

Happy so far

I had my 1 week post op appointment which lasted all of 2 minutes - my scars are healing nicely and that was that. That was with the nurse and I should see my PS on Friday which will be 2 weeks post op.
I'm feeling fine - still some discomfort, especially sort of near my arm pits if I try to reach high. But as I was over the muscle, I'm practically in no pain. Certainly nothing to take pain killers for.
Every now and then, I get a stabbing pain sort of behind my nipples which is odd. And I still feel some soreness in my left.
I like to keep the bra on, because when I take it off, I feel like my boobs will drop off..!!! They just don't feel natural to me yet.
They're starting to look a bit more boob like but still not perfect. I really hope they stay 'perky' although as I was filling loose skin, I have to be realistic.

Almost 2 weeks

I went and bought comfier sports bras yesterday - I was getting sore parts where the other was rubbing. I'm really happy with how they look. I spent a bit of time bra free today as I have had a bra on 24/7 since the op, and I need to know what it feels like for them to be natural. It gave a bit of relief from the bra too.

Feeling happy still

I'm on holiday at the moment and feeling very happy with everything. I'm sleeping on my side now and the tape is off and scars looking great. Feel very confident being able to fill out my swim suits.
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