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After considering this surgery for a huge amount...

After considering this surgery for a huge amount of time. I'm lucky enough that it is now happening 6th October 2016. I really need advice and help to put my mind at rest. Current 34a ish recommended under muscle 315cc PU teardrop implants. Anyone had anything similar? And "teardrop" is a haven't seen what they look like

Purchased surgery bra

PS just said any c cup bra obviously I don't have any being a a cup I have purchased a cotton no underwire and no padding bra. No idea if this is suitable?

6 days til surgery

After doing a lot of research on here I need to get - Bendy straws, v shaped pillow (ordered), x2 post op bras and constipation relief.
Any further suggestions?

Before boobs

I really have struggled to share this photo, here goes this is my before. I'm booked in for surgery next Thursday and am very nervous

More bras!

At my pre op I had advice to buy two bras one size you think youll need and a size up. Found loads in primark after searching most other high street shops

Two days to go until op

Wow time has flown by two days to go and a mixture of emotions

Wow the 6th October is coming around quick!!

I'm sure I could probably work it out in hours rather than days now!

Last minute nerves

Every one advice has been fantastic and I have purchased or taken note of dos and dont. Also what to buy and what not to buy.
I am really struggling today thinking about it being so close I'm not so much bothered about the pain but a mixture of emotions I feel guilt for being selfish. It's a horrible feeling with husband and 3 year old at home. Did anyone else go on there own and then get picked up the next day? I'm not going to have anyone with me and I'm beginning to get emotional about it. I think I just need to suck it up and get on with it.

Sudden panic help needed

I've not organised a "hospital bag", what do I wear there and what do I take with me and what do I wear home.... any help really appreciated xx

Tomorrow's the day! Thank you all

Just a quick one to say thank you for all of your advise I really would've been lost without it xxxx


Wow oKay! What can I say it was a long Thursday am to Friday afternoon, I didn't cope very well with the pressure in the brace.

Post ba bras

Looking for advise on post ba bras, anyone have a link for a front closing comfy bra that doesn't dig near incisions? Or how the bra should fit?

Struggling post op bras

I have four post op bras but the bands are so tight even though a 34 inch back when normally a 30-32inches. I sat up sewing a problem solver last night in the early hours of the morning. I have ordered these two bras any ideas? Basically the band on my ones is too thin and pushes in my incisions

PS follow up appointment tomorrow

Hey lovely ladies, I cannot believe my follow up appointment is tomorrow. It has flown by!!!

Questions on my list:

Are they "normal" not rotated or anything strange
Recovery bra - what is the right bra to wear! I'm taking all 6 I have to demo if necessary - I just want to keep these boobs looked after especially whilst healing
When can I start to do things, what are the triggers to feelings ready? Ie driving gym etc

How long do I have to wear the band

I did not ask near enough questions before my procedure I really didn't 15 minute chat I felt happy I then went to theatre on my date and time

More photos progrss

Post op appointment

Lots to take in and new. And positioning for the next week, I have been told not to buy expensive bras too

Post op appointment info

Dressing changed and replaced with tape take Tape off in 10 days.
Shower dry the tape with a hair dryer.
Bra day and night.
Band one more week in new position.

Sleeping on my back another 2-3 weeks

No hoovering another week or so
No heavy lifting

Appt again in 6 weeks with Mr Davison

How long til most people are back to "normal"

Hi ladies, you've always been super helpful. I'm in recovery 1 week post BA. I'm not about to push myself but I am just wondering when you ladies were able to:
Walk school run
Lift son out of bath
Have a proper "cuddle" hahha
Then when you felt totally normal?

1 week 1 day post BA - Boob clench

Over did things yesterday and boy do I feel it today. By over do it I mean, I stayed indoors all day with my 3 year old and took a couple of phone calls. I was exhausted and went to bed at 7pm after bathing my son. It's that or the fact my boobs are "waking up" I can feel all of them constantly! The keep firming up too - it feels like they are clenched! And doesn't matter how much I relax they stay clenched then relax later. I'm so aware of them. They are softening up though, when I touch them it feels like touching a dead leg still a bit numb ; )

The new band position is sooo uncomfortable but only for another 6 days, thankfully!

10 day update

So I have been okay, keeping up the pain killers but not as regularly. Morning boob is mean and achy.

My left boob seems fine and smaller same as before ba but my right one is still causing discomfort. The right one is also the one with bruising under. I wonder if it's worth icing them? Anyone had a good experience of this?

Other than that still look 6/7 months pregnant with bloating. Still resting a fair amount. Busy days are still wiping me out. My left arm I can reach and stretch etc my right not so much.

Photo updates:

Band only 4 more days
My right boob feels more square and more in the armpit?

Feeling so much better today

I have the ability to use my arms a bit more
Morning boob soreness still here but by this evening I felt so much better

2weeks today

So I drove yesterday - wasn't comfortable but wasn't painful. They are still really tending up sporadically.

But hey 2 weeks today and feeling much better

Removed micropore tape on incisions

It took me far too long to pluck up the courage to take my micropore tape off today. I was so nervous, however I think they look okay. Any tips on getting the sticky stuff off your skin? Also I'm unsure why the right ones incision is more on the boob than the left? Any ideas anyone?

Late period... normal after BA

Hi all I've been a little quiet as there as been no change. I'm still wearing my band as I heard it's best to leave it on as long as possible. Anyone else done similar?
Had a stomach bug so have been unwell however I'm now 4 days late on my period. Did anyone else have a late cycle due to surgery?

Photo update

Bought a new bra much more structured sports zip up front it's bliss from m&s but the seams have rubbed my incision. 34d too the bra was I thought I'd be a c cup, happy days

Healing incisions advice

Hi ladies so I'm after advice again. I'm not really sure what I should be looking out for as my incisions heal and timescales or healing and care side or washing etc or any information really.

All I know is that I was allowed to shower as soon as I left hospital on the 6th and take off the micropore which I did.

However I cannot get the sticky stuff off still left over from the tape. My incisions always feel tacky. All the bras stick to the sticky skin and my bras rub the scabs off my incisions. Is all of this normal?

Nearly a month ago - sticky tape help needed

Hey everyone not much to report. They are now itchy and pinchy rather than sore. I still cannot get the sticky stuff off any tips?

I'm obsesssed with my incisions it's all I worry about. Whether they look normal or not and how long it is until I can submerse myself in a nice hot bath.

The right one still feels and looks different in shape and size and nipple position
Photo update too

Over one month before and afters

Wow one month ago already

Right one still more swollen

Can do a lot more now

Oh before and after photos!

Starting to feel normal

I can now sleep on my side!
Open and close the car boot!
Be able to push a shopping trolley
Not have any pain killers and no aching
Yay so happy have my 6 week check Monday. Me only issue I have is the sticky stuff over and in my scars from the micropore tape, any advice appreciated

Oh and I tried on an old triangle bra that would've been flat to my flat previously now wow!

6 week check up and bra size revealed....

Great check up, ps cleaned up my incisions and they look much much better! I've uploaded new pictures, he used the zoff wipes and they worked so well.

I can now swim, bath and get back to excerise which is awesome!

Went to get measured at m&s and I'm a 30F!!! Crazy it still hasn't sunk in - I was a 30A! Wowzer! Still haven't found a bra to purchase and love the comfort of sports bras

Photo update

I'm happy!

So their too big for Victoria secrets bras - doh!

Went to Victoria secrets and 32ddd too small ????.... so couldn't buy bras before and now can only find bras in m&s 32f. Ideas welcome! I found some pretty ones though however the little bras look prettier now and mine look like granny hammocks - can't win! Sports bras for life - I have only found two to wear and waiting on 7day delivery, need to own bras.....!

Found bras

M&S bras!!! Bingo they now sell Brazilian style pants not big pants which I don't like.
30E and soooo comfy, feels weird in that it is less supportive than a sports bra but lush to wear bras again! I can only wear the plunge style, balconettes don't fit, but plunge I can wear 32E was closest I could get to 30F they don't make. Balconettes 30F or 32F but they really rub between my breasts and fit but just not comfy

Still getting twitches

Is anyone else still experiencing twitches

Some sensitivity has returned

I'm sooo pleased that some sensitivity has returned!!!
I'm still mostly wearing sports bras as other aren't comfy.

Softening how long does it take mine still feel very very firm and my husband really is not keen on them
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