30 Years Old - 135LBS - 2 Kids - 450cc UHP Mentor

Hey Everyone, I'm a 30 year old mum of 2 who's...

Hey Everyone, I'm a 30 year old mum of 2 who's never really had big breasts, always wanted bigger! So after doing lots of research I finally took the plunge & booked my procedure for a BA. I decided to go with the Harley Medical Group - Dr Mahadev - my procedure will take place at the Pall Mall Hospital in Warrington. UK. I'm currently a 34B - After trying on lots of sizes myself & my surgeon agreed on 450cc UHP Mentor - over the muscle. Well my Right breast will be 450cc but the Left 435cc. Hoping to Achieve a DD cup. My Surgery is this week Friday 23rd September. I'm feeling super nervous now, with lots of anxiety, the surgery don't actually phase me it's the whole "going under GA" that bothers me. All though i have had 2 GA many years ago & I was absolutely fine, I'm still really worried I not wake up.

2 days to go!! Love to hear from anyone else.

1 More sleep to go!

Well tomorrow's the day, I didn't sleep well last night, constantly tossing & turning, over thinking the procedure I think. Well today I'm going to clean through the house & do the last bits of washing whilst the children are at school. I am so nervous, I really don't know how I'm going to cope tomorrow up till surgery. I have to be up for 5am & on the road to travel up to Warrington.. Got to be there for 9am & all though I only live 2 hours away the traffic on the M6 in a morning can be terrible so we leaving earlier. My husband is coming with me.

Today's the day!

Well today's the day, I'm just sat in my room at the hospital, waiting to go up to theatre. Super nervous.

Day 1 post op

Well I'm alive!!! Had it done yesterday at around 12:30 was awake by 1:40 - felt very sore & painful at first so had morphine, which then made me very sick, my bladder also went to sleep took around 5 hours to be able to wee. Stayed in a hotel last night, which was nice, slept on my back as told, no pain in breasts just back pain. Really happy with the size, bigger than I expected but so please up to try. My surgeon & his team where fantastic, so caring & supportive. Didn't really like being put to sleep, not a nice feeling at all, but I'm still here. Any questions guys please ask. Going down for breakfast now I'm bloody starving!! X

Photos day 1

Not looking too bad, day one.

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