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So I have been debating weather or not to document...

So I have been debating weather or not to document my breast augmentation journey. However I have been completely addicted to this site for months now and it is so hard to find people with similar stats and goals to me.
So I thought I would go for it and hope that it can help a lot of other woman out there on the hunt for smaller implants like myself..
I am 5ft 4" around 99lb 7 half stone very petite size 4-6 with very flat chest.
I am thinking about 200cc Tear shaped (anatomical) implants ... my ps has told me I have no breast tissue and very tight skin and suggested these for more natural look!

I am so nervous this may not be right for me however I have my pre op today (only seeing the nurse) and I can try on a few and see how I get on!
My surgery is booked for 21st November so only 3 weeks away and the nerves are really kicking in now.
I will upload some pics but later after my appointment.

Nerves kicking in

So it's finally my week countdown to surgery eeek I am now getting so nervous!!
So I have recently stopped smoking (6weeks) ago due to having BA and for the past few weeks my breasts have been very sore and seem to be growing ????!!
We have decided on 200cc tear shape implants and hoping they are not going to be to big..
I am very small and petite and the worst thing for me would be looking too heavy or fake.
I will post some before pictures either tonight or tomorrow

Surgery day

So currently waiting for BA been here since 730am seen surgeon made final size decision and been marked up with marker!
So nervous right now words can't even explain! Here's a few before photos for you guess :-)
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