27yrs Old 5'5, 110lbs 255/275cc Textured Round Silicone Moderate Profile - United Kingdom, GB

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After spending months on here following other...

After spending months on here following other girls' journeys I can finally say that today is the day I will have boobs for the first time in my life! I've always been naturally slim and never grew in the chest department despite being told I would as all females in my family are well endowed and after many years of trying to gain weight, taking herbs, pills and trying pumps I finally made the decision to go ahead with a breast augmentation because none of that worked! I'm aiming for a natural look and have chosen 255cc in the right and 275cc in the left, moderate profile (Natrelle Inspira silicone round textured responsive gel) under the muscle. I feel like it's not really sunk in yet that this is actually happening today! As you'll see from the photos, not much there and one is smaller than the other hence the different sized implant. Trying not to think about how I'll feel when I wake up after surgery! I'll keep you guys posted :)

Age - 27, no kids
Height - 5'5 / 165cm
Weight - 110lbs / 50kg
Before - wore padded 32A just for shape
Implant: Natrelle Inspira silicone Round Textured 255cc (R) 275cc (L) moderate profile, Responsive gel. (I asked for the softest feeling possible) under the muscle which is the Responsive gel.

Post op Day 2!

Hello I made it to the other side :) I have boobs!
Day of surgery was a breeze I was amazed at how good I felt, no pain just a little tenderness. I stayed in hospital over night and the nausea hit me real bad at night but the nurses were able to give me something for that and again in the morning. I wasn't physically sick which I am so relieved about. When I first looked down at my boobs I thought they were so flat! It wasn't until I saw them from the side and without the bra on that I thought they looked huge and like torpedos LOL. I was allowed to have a shower the same night which amazed me as I've read about girls not being allowed to shower for at least a week!
Day 1 - when I got home I was quite tired, still not much pain I just felt tight. I've was only given paracetamol and ibuprofen but don't feel like I need anything stronger. Day 2 - I was so tired today I went for a walk and didn't last very long maybe 30 - 45 minutes, came home and had a very long nap lol my back started to hurt and I felt very tight and stiff, still not real pain though. It's a strange feeling.
I'm just looking forward to them dropping and getting soft as they are super high!
I'll probably post again 1 week post op :)

One week post op

Hello ladies, I am now one week (and one day) post op. I don't have much to update and feel like my one week photos look pretty much the same as day two photos. They look so flat from the front but from the side still have the torpedo look. I will admit that because they look so flat from the front I feel like I could have gone bigger...nooo I have boob greed lol. In clothing they look the same as when I wore my padded bras which is just what I wanted and anything is better than what I had before. I'm hoping they look less flat when they drop and fluff.

I have been out the house everyday since day two shopping and going for walks etc. On day 4 it was freezing cold outside and my chest and back were tightening up so much it was really hard to breath it felt like my whole chest was crushing the implants it was horrible. The tightness is starting to go but sometimes I do find it hard to breathe. I've also been experiencing morning boob! I stopped my painkillers yesterday but feel like I may still need to take them as Im starting to feel tender without them. They are softening up at the top but I try not to squish them too much as I have some tender spots down the middle and bottom half. The bottom half is also still numb it's weird feeling when I touch it. I'm looking forward to getting the plasters off during the week and I plan on treating myself to some cute bralettes and will post photos afterwards :)

2 weeks post op

Hello, I am now 2 weeks and 2 days post op. Not much to update other than I am still a bit tender and my nipples are super sensitive it's really annoying so I hope that goes away soon. They are softening up in places a bit more but down my sternum is still quite tight. They still seem quite high and they look different in different lighting. I'm trying to be patient but I just want them to drop and fluff so I can stop obsessing over whether I went too small, I don't like to admit it but I do have boob greed so I'm hoping when they look more like boobs and I can squish them together in a bra I will be much happier :) I have been given exactly what I wanted and what I asked for so it's annoying that I am now wishing I'd gone bigger lol I was just scared of it being too noticeable but they disappear in clothing and I don't look much different from when I wore a padded bra. When I feel like this I look at the pic in the coral bralette and that makes me feel a lot better lol. I had my first look at the incisions today and I am very pleased with how they look, very neat!

Happy healing everyone :)

1 month post op


Here are my one month post op pics. I do see some changes but still feel there is more upper pole and waiting on the bottom to fill out. Right still a bit higher than left. I am able to sleep on my side although I was told I could do this from day one but I was too scared to, I'm a back sleeper anyway and go onto my side when I wake up through the night. I am still numb on the bottom left but have most feeling back on the right. Nipples not as mega sensitive but even light clothing brushing against them is enough to make me shudder. They are getting softer, the left one more than the right and morning boob is getting less and less :)

Sorry if the photos are the wrong way round I will fix them when I get on my computer, I'm uploading from my phone.

3 month post op pics

Hello ladies,

I am over 3 months post op now. I would post more often but I really struggle to get good lighting to take photos in and it's always so cold I just want to stay covered up lol. I'll try and keep this short and if you have any questions feel free to ask!
- still getting softer, right side (I'm right handed) still firmer than left but softening gradually. There are times when they feel softer/firmer than others, maybe depends on what I've been doing that day.
- still feel as though my right is higher than left hoping it will drop
- I had my follow up with surgeon a month ago and he said all is looking great but that they shouldn't look perfect at this stage as they will drop some more. (Good!)
- I'm still numb on lower left he said feeling should come back
- morning boob disappeared after a month
- nipples still slightly tender which surgeon said was a good thing and said if there's not nipple sensation at all at this stage it's unlikely to come back :o
- occasional shooting pains
- I can feel rippling in cleavage when in shower or moisturising and if I lean a certain way it's slightly noticeable but no one sees them anyway lol and it's only if i deliberately put myself in an awkward position
- still wishing I'd gone bigger but at first I thought I'd rather be too small than too big! I don't think they'll ever completely touch when pushed together because they're not big enough to do that unless it's just because they're not fully settled/soft just now.
- I'm now wearing 32C bras! I'll admit I didn't get measured professionally I used http://brasizecalculator.eu which I feel is the most accurate calculator I've found so far and I tried on various different sizes and I feel 32c is most comfortable. I think that once they are fully settled though I might try 32B and see if it gives me better cleavage. I just feel that wearing a super padded/push up 32C makes them look a lot bigger than they really are which is deceiving, again not that anyone sees them in the flesh right now lol.
I feel as though I still have a long way to go but I have read that textured and under the muscle implants take longer to settle and I'm hoping my right side catches up with my left!
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