275cc Unders / Motiva LOW PROFILE Silicon / 27 / 34B-C / No Kids - United Kingdom

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So i'm currently in the recuperation period for my...

So i'm currently in the recuperation period for my breast augmentation with Mr James Murphy, In Manchester, UK.

275cc Motiva 'Mini' (Low Profile) Silicone Implants
Under muscle / submuscular / dual plane / sub pectoral
Crease incision
Natural size - 34B/C
BWD: 13.5cm
My height: 5ft7
Dress size 10

Pictures to come in the following days!

Straight after surgery!

Feeling great! Snuck a peek at them and they didn't look as Frankensteinish as I was expecting! 275 was the larger of the two sizes the surgeon was going to choose from. I told him when he was marking me up before the surgery that I would've preferred to go for the 245, but in the end I knew he would make the best call based on my anatomy.

My stay overnight in the Spires hospital Manchester was really comfortable and I was really well taken care of. Having done it, I would never want to be discharged on the same day of having a breast Aug (which I know is common practice) - even though I felt pretty okay after coming round from the anaesthetic, I only Felt truly firm on my feet the following morning.

Home and surprised and how easy this has been already!

I've been at home for a couple of days an the pain/discomfort factor is a thousand times lower than expected.

The only the pain I've been experiencing is a sharp discomfort from time to time on my left incision, Which only seems to affect me when I'm standing up, And as soon as I lie down it goes away. I'm able to walk around, sit, stand, lie down and get up with no discomfort.

I've been sleeping perfectly fine on my back, And seem to have avoided so called 'morning boob' which is great.

They seem to already be dropping into place and i'm really happy with the way they're looking so far.

Both breasts are still completely numb from nipples down which is actually quite an unsettling thing, hoping it comes back asap.

Some notes on my planning & implant selection

I knew I had a wide BDW (13.5cm) and so I knew all along I wanted low profile - not just because I didn't want much projection, but also because I knew i'd need a lower profile implant to match my breast width and not be massive!

I didn't even really wanted a size increase at all - my only motivation was to fill out lost volume, and get rid of the 'scooped out' effect in my upper pole.

So I got a vague of what size CCs and profile types would give me a small boost that would fit my BWD by looking at http://www.simplybreastimplants.com/breast_implant_sizes/ which provides the dimensions of many popular implants.

I then made some dummy implants using rice, tights and card cut into circles (how my boyfriend laughed) and came to the conclusion that I might prefer something in between 230-300cc in a lower profile. This was all before I started seeing surgeons - though I know that loads of them hate it when patients over-research before consultations, preferring to instruct them on what works best. I'm not the type not to over research when it comes to my own body though :)

So I took my proposal of 250ish CC low profile to a few surgeons, to see if they agreed, and to try sizers on. One surgeon (who shall be named and shamed in a subsequent post) scoffed at my idea, told me my boobs were too saggy to avoid a lift, and that i'd need to combine said lift with 360cc high profile implants to get a satisfactory result (according to his own narrow definition of beauty I guess) The rest of them agreed that a low or mod profile 250cc would work, and I liked the size of the implants when I held them against myself, feeling like I could imagine them 'fitting' in the space I wanted to 'fill up'

If you want smaller implants, get them! I've read loads of answers here on Realself cautioning people against going low profile and small but that's based on a goal of breast enlargement, and not everyone really wants to enlarge - some of us want to fix texture and shape and fullness.

Any Mr Murphy totally got that straight away and said a low profile would work well, and said we'd choose between 245 and 275 in surgery, and he chose the 275.

More photos

Pretty much back to normal

I have passed the six week stage and feel great! Numbness took a while to wear off but they're feeling mostly normal now! Aesthetically i'm very happy with them, which is a huge relief because I had some fear that perhaps the surgery wouldn't actually make me feel better, and i'd continue to have insecurities long term, and be cursed to an addiction to looking at this website forever! But to be honest, now i'm super happy with the way I look naked, i've been forgetting RealSelf exists! But i'll post a few more updates for the benefit of friends who wanted to see my progress diary.

7 Months! Pretty happy still.

It's been 7 months or so since the op - I never even went for my follow-up because my recovery was so simple - I may do at some point in order to talk about long term implant health with the Surgeon, but overall i'm pretty happy with the results. I got the upper pole fullness I wanted, without really going up more than a size - no one would notice I'd had the implants with my clothes on, at all, and I can still wear some of my old designer lingerie, which I wanted. But naked, I feel totally different about the shape and fullness of them! They're pretty far apart but they always were and i was warned about that being present in my results. Have attached another old pic for comparison.

I think there's scope in the future to size up, especially if I age more and get the snoopy effect (as they're under the muscle and my soft skin is genetically predisposed towards stretching) but for the most part I think about my breasts like, 80% less than I did. Which is great :)
Manchester Plastic Surgeon

I saw 6 people (3 in UK, 3 in US) and James Murphy stood out by miles as the classiest guy. Easygoing, tactful, didn't try and ram ideas or beauty norms down my throat, didn't put my body down. Nice offices (I travelled halfway across country twice for my pre-ops and didn't even mind) in a fancy private hospital in Manchester, which was where the surgery was. I received totally stellar care whilst there and was treated like royalty. Lovely guy, good portfolio of work, lovely staff. I got a free consultation but I would happily pay retrospectively for the patient and friendly and professional advice I got.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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