23yrs Old, 5ft3, 55kg, Athletic. 290 - 310cc dual plane, tall height, anatomical. MyBreast, UK 11th April

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Had a very successful 2nd consult with a surgeon...

Had a very successful 2nd consult with a surgeon locally who has made me feel very excited about finally getting my boobs done. Now I'm awake every night thinking sizes and shape!!

I have a prominent chest bone, lack of upper pole fullness and a wide cleavage. Currently a 32b/c hoping for a D.

I have been told I can go no more than 270cc round overs. Anatomical will lay funny on my uneven chest wall and any bigger than 270 will
Also emphasise this. I have added pics of my current situation.

I tried on the sizers and 270cc felt very Comfortable now just worried what look they will give me!

The doc I consulted with was Mr Barabas at My Breast.

My measurements...
Sternum to nipple - 13
Nipple to IMF - 7
Base width - 13.5
Areola - 4
Upper pole pinch 2.5
Anterior pull 2

Bringing the date forward ?!?!

So they have offered me April 11th now if I want it rather than July 15th!

The idea of having them sooner gets me so excited. The only down fall is that's the day I am due to go back to work after Easter holidays. I am wondering if I can take the week off. Do we reckon this will be long enough? Then the week after I will return but not dance just have my assistant help teach for me?
April seems so much more exciting as then we have 4 weddings throughout the summer to attend and I will be bikini ready for summer without worrying about wearing my sports bra every day. Help ?!?!

These are my wish boob pics btw :)

Eeeee date is booked! 11th April! 6 weeks to go

Wooo today I booked my date! 3 months earlier than planned but so so chuffed.

44 days to be precise. 1 week off work booked, cover sorted! Even ordered myself 2 zip front sports bras, v pillow, arnica supps and reusable ice packs today.

I have my 2nd consult on 16th March. I have now understood DD may be a bit of an extreme for me after seeing a few DDs so I am happy my doc said no more than 270. A few people have raised concerns about me being slim and having overs but 2 consultants have said I have enough coverage for them and unders may make my muscly chest situation worse.

Any recommendations for compression bras?

33 days !

7 days till my final consult... 33 days till Op!!

Rang my surgeon today as the gp has prescribed me iron tablets for iron deficiency and I wanted to make sure these wouldn't hinder my surgery or recover. All is good though and Mr B has said they can only help!

Bras bras bras
Iv had a 32d shock absorber zip front come
Then ordered it in 34d as it was looking like there was no extra room for swelling
A 32d non wired non padded M&S bra as recommended by my surgeon.
Multiple soft bras for when I can lift my arms.
Hopefully that will do the trick!

Iv started packing my boobie bag as I call it haha!

It's got my button front PJs in, a little bag of handy toiletries, extra dressings etc that I can keep within arms reach at all times. Also includes my comfy pants, some non rinse body foam (can't stand feeling grubby) and my anti bac shower gel for before I head to the hospital. And the V pillow is already in use on the sofa... So comfy!! Stocked up on ginger ale and chews Incase nausea strikes.

I'm still feeling confident with my 270cc overs choice. I had initially thought 250cc but now after reading a lot on here I would rather be that bit bigger than too small.

Already starting the prep talk in my head to try see me through recovery. Really don't want to dishearten myself when they don't look perfect straight away.

Pick of my new bikini that came! Just needs new additions !

Eeee let the count down begin!

Crazy last consult !!!

Went along to my consultation today pre op to confirm sizes etc and my surgeon informed me he had met with thee Patrick Mallucci (surgeon to the stars) and discussed my case in detail (my deformed chest bones) to choose a suitable implant and placement ... So I am now having 290-330 high anatomical dual plane implants!! He will decide on profile on the day. I originally thought I wanted anatomical so this decision is exciting and to have confirmation from Dr Mallucci even more so!
I have my pre op on the 4th April at the hospital booked and admission time of 11.45am on the 11th.


Wish pic

Wish pic- the same size, plane and profile as what I should be getting! Hope mine look like this!


19 days to go!!!!

Countdown is on!

Received my admission forms and hospital necessities list :) half packed my bag too!

I am to arrive at 11.45am and scheduled for an afternoon surgery. My other half is taking me and will wait for me until I return from theatre. So excited! I have told my Zumba class whom I teach and they are excited for me too! They've asked for me to attend class after 2 weeks off just to sit and tell them what to do bless them!
I now have 2.5 weeks off work thankfully so I can prepare, get my spring cleaning done and chill. I am going to train for the next week but have a week off pre surgery.

Anyone in similar date to me?

Post surgery bra!

If this isn't

Post surgery bra

If this isn't a reminder of why I am getting them done then I don't know what is! Flat flat flat! Boney, child like chest :(

Less than two weeks to go!

Probably my last before picture eeeeek. So excited and enjoying 2 weeks off work before surgery. Cleaning and shopping ! I have my pre op next Monday at the hospital so hopefully all is well.
I came off my contraceptive pill as the ps asked but haven't had a visit from "Aunt Flo" so started to panic. Had a little Google as you do and apparently it can take 3 months to get it back alongside a negative PT for reassurance! I will be going straight back on it but I'm starting to wonder if my 7lb weight loss is anything to do with my pill or stress/excitement. I probably won't post till the day now x

Bye little boobs!

Did anyone else do this?!?!...

I'm sat in the bath with 36 hours to go till I am in hospital just taking mental images of how my boobs look now and thinking bye little boobs! Haha

Fresh out of surgery

I was shown to my lovely private room at 11.45am and going down to the theatre at 1.30pm! I was the first op of the afternoon. After a lovely chat with the theatre nurse I was given a pain killer that was to make me slightly drowsy (not the anaesthetic though I was told) but then I don't remember a thing haha!
My surgery went well however I was in for an extra hour as my surgeon discovered my pectoral muscle had attached to my abdominal muscle so he had to cut and rectify this first. This is the main cause of pain atm!

I have 275 in one and 290 in the other as my chest wall protrudes on one side so he made them match.

I have dual plane tall anatomical implants to disguise a double bump in my chest bone.

Felt very confident going in and apart from the discomfort I am a happy lady!

The pain is mainly from my right rib but the rest is a heavy tight sensation all over my check. Trying to move to sit up or slide up the bed a bit is a nightmare but the nurses are so helpful.

My room is like a hotel with an ensuite and private dressing room with wardrobe and mirror!

I've ordered supper and breakfast and feel like I already have an appetite which i rarely have anyway so that must be a good sign.

I have weird boots on that inflate and deflate which aren't helping me get to sleep. I was initially very hot after surgery so had the windows open but I've just asked the nurse to close them now and take my gown off so it's like being snug in bed :)

Post op

24hrs post surgerh

Pic update now I'm home. Very sore and swollen but think I can see a nice shape.

1 week post op

Feeling much better but still very sore and achy. My back is killing not sure if this is from my muscle operation of normal for a ba. Maybe from sleeping funny! My right side is a lot more tense than the left atm as you can see in pics. Terrified I'm going to accidentally rotate one of them!

1 week 4 days post op

No bra!

My dress for Saturday night! No bra !

1 month post op!

After a re admission into hospital because I was allergic to my stitches and a course of antibiotics I am back dancing, jogging and living as usual! Love my boobies. No they will never be close together and yes my chest bone is still a bit weird but I love them!


2 months on

I love them! Healing nicely, amazing wearing clothes I would never have worn before. I threw every disaster possible at my surgeon and he handled it so professionally! I am truly greatful !

Bikini shopping with boobs !!!

Is some what tricky but so much fun!!! This is a size 14 top ???????? and a size 8 bottom! I have started wearing bras today which are a 32dd

Nearly 6 months!!

Can't believe it's been nearly 6 months already! Still as much in love with my boobs as I was post surgery... They now measure a 32e but this is so hard to find I end up wearing a dd which makes them look very perky! I've stayed in size 6/8 tops as long as they have some stretch which surprised me! They move more now and everyone says they look quite natural. Even my anti-surgery mother loves them!
I'm off to see Mr Barabas soon for some little injectables ! Haha just trust his opinion and work so much.
My scars are healing nicely. They aren't perfect but this is due to my body reacting to the stitch material. I am seeing him in Nov for a check up on these but should they not go down perfectly I may look into laser work on them.
I can exercise and dance as normal now. My left nipple has a bit of a mind of it's own and loves to stand to attention in sports bras in the gym haha!!
I hate exercising my chest muscles...not going to lie! It feels so weird I have avoided it all together.
Will try post pics soon xx

Pics as promised

I will always have a wide set , prominent chest. My implants are on uneven, abnormal ribs so probably won't look symmetrical but I still love them. Pic from front, bottom, side .
Cambridge Plastic Surgeon

I am very glad I chose Anthony Barabas as my PS. From the first consultation all the way through to aftercare he has been great. I wouldn't use anyone else now! Highly recommended.

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