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Well that's it! Finally had my BA yesterday and...

Well that's it! Finally had my BA yesterday and I'm now 11 hours post op. Not feeling too bad to be honest. Didn't sleep much last night..felt like jet lag from the anesthesia! Very pleased with the result and keep having a peek down my pj top ! The pain I'm experiencing is more muscle at the moment. It's bare able though with the help of meds

Post op 11 hours

1st day at home

Suffered with burning sensation yesterday afternoon and through the night in my left breast. Pain relief didn't touch it. The tightness that comes and goes I would liken to when your milk comes in after giving birth. Better nights sleep last night. Sleeping almost upright, finding that's helping. Breaststroke are softening slightly and have noticed swelling is stating to reduce. Still feeling lethargic so it's a definite do nothing day today

Day 3 post op

Had really strange intermittent buzzing feeling in my right breast last night. It lasted for an hour or so then disappeared. Much better nights sleep. Finding getting in/out bed or from lying to sitting is pulling around my armpits so have adopted some of the most obscure sliding techniques! Feel much more human today have managed to wash and put on my own sports bra! I have achieved! Still feeling tired though so just sleeping when I need to. Lovingredients the look of my breasts, the pics just don't do them justice. I'm liking the new areola/nipples look too, hoping that stays! As soon as I get a visitor I will post more pics

Day 4 Post op

Return of the sting/burn in left breast yesterday and noticed that because I'm trying to avoid using that arm that the muscle was stiffening and hand clench felt weak. Odd because the right side is recovering at the rate of knots! Felt up to and managed a slow walk out yesterday and felt good for it. Still no bowel movement despite the fluids/Prunes and senokot! Next stop rocket factory! No meds needed through the night, comfortable upright sleep , I feel it helps with gravity, moving about pain and meds free so far today. Breasts feels like they're becoming more me rather than glued on objects that are just in the way. Loving how good they're making me feel

Day 5 post op

So..last night my twins made it through the night with nothing to help either them or me sleep! Bowels have finally been opened, complete meds free for over 24hrs and a short walk in the sunshine to the coffee shop for an americano. Did receive some odd looks though as my hair that hadn't been washed for a week was neatly tucked behind my ears and I was sporting my baggy gym top and 3/4 leggings in 29° of heat...there was no way my unshaven legs were coming out as well as being in public with no makeup !! Who cares though?? I was out and nobody knew that the big grin was because I'm almost back in the land of the living and my top is hiding my precious new bigger/fuller breasts!!
Can't see any physical changes from yesterday so pic. Did notice that when I took my bra off that the "buzzing" in my right breast had made an appearance again. ROM in my left arm is almost as good as the right now a though will need the help of my boyfriend this weekend to shave both armpits as can't quite see how I can do that myself yet. Surgical stockings came off today as I'm more mobile now and am checking breasts lots for any changes positive or negative . At a bit of a paranoid stage thinking something may go wrong with them

Day 6 post op

I've gone into paranoia mode! Things have gone so well that I'm looking for problems now. I've become completely obsessed with looking at my boobs! I'm feeling slightly spaced out today and quite tired so instantly I start thinking there's a problem brewing..I've noticed that my left breast is definitely the slower twin in terms of swelling reduction. I've been for a gentle walk because I'm wondering if being stuck at home is heightening my sensitivity with everything physically and emotionally

8 days post op

Finally managed to have a bath yesterday after a weeks strip washing. Not because I couldn't but because I was scared to. I shook with nerves and shaving my underarms was an experience! Trying to do it when not lifting up too high was like trying to feel your way in the dark. Breasts felt strange just sitting there, they look like they belong but just don't feel like it. Today I went shopping with my OH looking at bikinis for our holiday in 2 weeks ..now that was exciting! I'm so so pleased with my size..I think it suits me perfectly and I don't feel I'm suffering with boob greed but I did think they were going to be a little bigger than they are at the moment ..just hoping I haven't got too much more swelling to lose. My left breast is still quite swollen in comparison to my right. Feeling pretty good today in the grand scheme of things, more energy and movement and so looking forward to enjoying the new me. For the first time ever I look at my body and think I look good!
Latest pic..my left nipple looks slightly turned out but it's not ..thinks it's the angle I took it at

Day 9 post op

Couldn't resist trying and buying a couple of sexy little bralet's to be kept in waiting for my holidays in 2 weeks. Never thought I'd see the day!! Thought they'd tide me over until I'm measured and have an idea of what my bra size will be. All good today, just a bit of sunburn type stinging, more so in my right breast which surprises me as this has been the best behaved of the two.

Day 11 - back to work

1st day back and so tiring. Driving was better than I thought it would be but I did cushion the seat belt strap. My back was aching a bit. Nobody noticed any difference but then they wouldn't..I've been wearing heavily padded bras. Apart from mild sunburn sting my breastson felt ok..Although the minute I walked in through the door my sports bra was off for some relief!! Post op appointment tomorrow

12 days post op review with consultant

Consultant very happy with result. Talked through before and after pics and concerns. He reminded me I'm still healing and despite being back at work to take things easy. Mega happy with result so far. Felt tired all day. Mild burning sensation all day in both breasts relaxing after work and trying to ignore the mounting dust!!

2 weeks and oh so happy

Happy boob day to me and my girls! 2 weeks ago today I want sure I could look at them let alone touch them (minor meltdown as foreign objects had taken residence in my poor excuse for mammary glands). My God I wished I'd done it years ago! Feeling sexy and confident. Went back to work this week but kept it simple and office based. Tired and bit achy at the end of it but loving the new me

Interim bra measuring instore

Decided today that I would pop along to have my new breasts measured to see where I'm at. I have been told I measure at a 34d but to use it as a guide as we all know that bra sizes vary from store to store. Odd thing was that I tried on 34d and 34dd in the same store ,same bra and fitted both nicely, don't quite know what to make of that! Be interested to see if my breasts reduce in size any more. I hope not they are a perfect size as they are now for me. Irritable burning sensation across both breasts all day today. I'm seeing that as a good healing sign . Got back into my pj's and spending the rest of he day resting up and watching tv

18 days post op

I've never been so obsessed with breasts! As soon as I'm home from work sports bra has to come off..the tightness is sore and restrictive. Thinking of switching to bralet's. Burning sensation has become more in the background today. Mild strangeness still to knowing these babies are here to stay! I've been lightly applying bio oil to the scars. Tried sleeping on my side last night. Slight stabbing pain but soon settled...did feel odd though. I put a pillow under my breast to support a little

I month post op holidaying in Turkey

3 weeks post op with the ok from my ps I took my beautiful girls on holiday to Turkey. I was very careful and applied factor 50 for the first few days then dropped to factor 30 with 50 on the scars and nipples. The heat made them feel like they had swollen more so initially but they soon settled down. Was such a great feeling sunbathing top less, I even stood up top less! And to top it i walked along the beach top less!! At 48!!. I'm out of support bras now and into pretty bralet's. My scars are healing so well. Bio oil is the way forward! Lying on my side still feels a bit weird but getting there. My OH is as pleased as I am. He can't believe how natural they look and feel. My confidence had soared. I'm happy beyond belief. I've a couple of people I considered friends who have been less than so, hard to get your head around, my OH thinks jealousy..I hope not. Still experiencing slight sunburn sting and boobs feel heavy in the morning ( holding them for a few minutes helps to regulate) little bit of bruise lie feeling just under left breast (rib area) from what I've read it's normal.

6 week post op review with PS

Normal service is being resumed! Post op review today and PS as happy as I am with result and recovery. Had a mini meltdown at the weekend as my boyfriend took a pic that made my boobs look a bit wonky, I panicked and it was all for nothing. Boyfriend now sacked from taking pics til he can do it properly!! Girls very much feel a part of my body now instead of being on the outside looking in. Practically full range of movement back in arms. No more morning boob or sunburn sting. Nipples still a little sensitive but I quite like that as I've never had any feeling before lol still obsessed with every little thing to do with my girls and love every inch of them. OH loves the constant stream of pics he receives on daily basis..bit like a new mom showing off every little change in her new born ! Hard to believe it's only been 6 weeks! Comfortably wearing 34dd underwired bras now . Look back at my old boobs and find it hard to believe that was me

6 week pics

Lying flat and side profile

8 weeks post op

I'm not going to bore you with a ton of pics of my girls in every outfit I've got . No pain whatsoever, my nipples feel normal again, in fact I've been lucky as had no feeling before my BA but now I do! Bonus! They are soft and feel great, perfect size for me, not as big as selfies portray but feel full in my hands (OHS too) looking down on them doesn't seem as big as looking at them full on. They're not as big as I conjured up in my mind before hand but am not disappointed in the slightest. No boob greed which is great and boy do I feel sexier! They feel like they belong to me now in every way.

Birthday shopping at 8 weeks post op

Able to squish and squash!

Soft enough now to make my boobs as big or as indiscreet as I want! They've been a little on the uncomfortable side this week after a slightly more 'adventurous ' massage with my OH last weekend. Still needing to remind myself I'm only 9 weeks post op and still fairly early days. I think because they've settled in remarkably easy I'm forgetting they're undergoing a massive change

Back to exercise !

Finally managed to push myself to get back out and start my running again. I'm coming up for 10 wks PO and had been cleared by my PS at 6 weeks. It has been a combination of laziness and fear of developing a problem that's stopped me. So am starting off by power walking to get my legs and my girls used to it again lol. Last night I incorporated light jogging in with the walking. It felt good to pick it up again and boobs feel fine. Have been wearing 2 sports bras together to make sure they go nowhere!!! Just for this week :)

Road testing my new running bra!

Couldn't wait to try out my new running bra! It came well recommended from a friend with larger (natural) boobs. It's for high impact activity from the SHOCK ABSORBER range on Amazon. My precious cargo did not move as the bra flattened and held really well and it felt comfortable and good to get back out there. My twins feel very much a part of me now

11hrs V 11weeks

Quick update at nearly 3 months. Life is very much back to normal. Dropping and fluffing seems to have occurred. To me my boobs are perfect now. They feel soft and squidgy like normal boobs. I can't feel the implants and neither can my OH. No pain, heaviness or anything. No boob greed just happy happy happy feelings all the way...long may it reign :)

4 months post op update

I really can't believe how quickly time has past a incentive my BA on August 19th. My final bra size has stayed the 34dd that is was when I first got measured at around 4/5 weeks. The only difference being they've dropped,fluffed and found their final resting place! They feel and look completely natural and to be honest I forget they're there most of the time (which is how it should be ) on the very odd (and I mean very odd) occasion they feel a little heavy. The feeling/numbness has all but returned now. Nipples can still have a mildly sensitive momemt but not painful or uncomfortable at all. In fact I have been lucky as I now have some feelings in my nipples that I didn't have before the op. I can morph my boobs into what I wan to suit any occasion which is fab! Low key for work and 'Hello boys' for a night out! My post op sports bras have not gone to waste either as when I feel they should have some TLC on it goes as despite the fact all is good here I'm still aware that they're still in their infancy. It's been such a fab journey and I've been very lucky :)

Anyone else??

I'm 4 months PO now and for the last week have been experiencing what I can only describe as the return of mild morning boob. My nipples have the return of the slight sunburn sting feeling and boobs feeling a little on the heavy side when my bra is off. Getting occasionally flickers of slight pain too. Noting that needs me to take any medication though. Just seems a bit odd as my body had felt all had returned to normal. Boobs are still soft, they haven't become misshapen in any way and there's no redness indicating infection. Could this be hormonal? I don't have periods as I have the mirena coil and I'm 49 sof who knows if I'm starting the menopause. Any one else experienced this or have any ideas?

Signed off and happy :)

Went for my final post op check up today. I'm 10 days away from 5 months now and very pleased with the outcome. I was reassured that the feelings I had in my previous post were normal (this lasted for about a week) my bra size has stayed at 34dd but I'm not hung up on what the label in my bra says tbh. The size I am is perfect for me and if my bras were 34c I'd still be happy because for me it's all about what suits me and my shape. I think we can get too hung up on cc size. If the size looks good and suits you be happy. My PS has done an amazing job and my recovery has been fabulous. Good luck to all those about to embark on what I can only describe as the journey that has changed my life so much so for the better :)

Calling on a surgeons perspective to why such variations in aftercare

I would like to ask the question to any surgeons reading this..why does post op information/aftercare vary so so much between surgeons?
Some patients are advised to ice, wear restrictive bandaging/bands, have exercise regimes to follow, are encouraged to massage their breasts to help them drop yet others, myself included, did not do any of this and yet the result is still a good one.
I'm just curious :)

6 Months Post Op Today!

Where has that time gone!? How do they feel now? Like they've always been there! They have completely changed my life...for the better. Don't get me wrong I still get the rare, very rare twinge or feeling of heaviness and that's when I think "oh yeah I had a BA" full feeling in both boobs, even underneath, no numbness and whereas I had no feeling sexually in my nipples before, I do now!! Weird eh?? rekon I was wired up wrong before and the BA put me back to how it should be ha ha. I've never felt sexier and my confidence in my own body has soared. No boob greed whatsoever and absolutely no regrets. It's a waiting game and those talented experts who perform the procedure are so right, changes have kept happening over the last 5 months I'd say, even small ones. It's been an exciting experience and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat :)

Bikini prep for upcoming holiday :)

Going away in a few weeks and can't wait to take the girls for their first proper trip out in a bikini!
Started out as 34b ( absolutely not a full cup)
Had 300cc over muscle Nagor silicone. Moderate profile. Now 34dd.
I will be 7 months post op on 19th March
Beauty being they can be played up or down.
Absolutely love them!

10 months post op

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

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