UK BBL with Dr Foued Hamza!

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I have been wanting a BBL from before I was aware...

I have been wanting a BBL from before I was aware there was such a thing (over a decade ago). Dr Hamza is incredible talented and caring. He actively listened to my needs/desires and was able to professionally establish whether this was attainable and realistic for my height/weight. Luckily for me, my goal was doable as I wanted nothing extraterrestrial but only somewhat of a correction as I naturally had an area that was in fat deficit on both hips - a hip dip.

He is very empathetic, likeable and genuine. His PA is equally as caring and approachable as well as being incredibly efficient. I did not feel rushed or silly for asking a million and 1 questions, they took the time to not only answer my questions, but to ensure I was completely happy with the answers given.
UK GIRLS - Please note, he is a great answer to those wanting the surgery here and not keen on travelling. He is also worth travelling for from overseas! I kid you not!

Journey through..

So my updates are delayed as I'm now 13 days post and feeling much better!

Day 1
The day of surgery was a massive haze. Generally pleasant. The nurses were great and I went with my boyfriend who was great company! I came out of surgery and was cold beyond any adjectives available. Warmed up after a while and after great efforts from the nurse. Was discharged and good to go home after I'd leaked a good amount of fluids (Dr Hamza doesn't use drains) and was able to pee.

I dived into the back of a cab on my stomach and got home in 1 piece. The rest of that day I pretty much slept.

Days 2-5
Slowly got better.. What I would say is that the recovery is not a linear positive correlation... Some days you'll feel like you've gone backwards.. But please note, this is normal, your body is just protecting itself.
Showering was hellish. I almost passed out about 4 times and needed my roommates aid to get out.

Days 6-12
Felt much stronger, pain killers completely stopped after about a week/8days. This is not by any means for everyone to do! I just hate taking tablets/pills so tried my hardest to ignore the pain. Showering is easier, albeit cold showers to avoid getting light headed again. Stiffness in the mornings are improved also, more flexible and can put on my own shoes and tie my laces.

2 weeks Post!

I feel much better! The morning stiffness is pretty much gone. Bruising on my inner thighs and some of my sides are still there but swelling gone down quite a bit.
My before and after pictures are crazy! It's hard to believe that was me. It's making all the different in my clothes - will post some dressed pics soon.
My current measurements are
32" 27" 42.5"
I was 32" 25" 39" before. But I suspect my waist will shrink as it has been slowly these last 2 weeks.

The bandages I have on my back are because I was holding quite a lot of swelling so they put these on me - at my 1 week post op appointment- to aid and support my lower back and hips. Things are generally shaping up quite well and I'm happy with my results so far!! No trace of the dip I had before and a plump natural bottom. Dr Hamza is a master at his work. Any questions, please give me a shout xx

Pics with garment etc

For a general idea of my new shape. With garment only and dress without garment underneath.

Hoping my butt keeps this size and my waist, thighs and lower back keep shrinking. Currently still sore around those 3 areas in particular. Some slight soreness around my upper back which was lightly lipo'd. Thinking of getting a waist trainer to help swelling along and getting a that snatched waistline! currently on the last clasp of the garment and it doesn't feel tight enough. Any thoughts? X

3 weeks..

So I'm officially 3 weeks post op.
That went by so quickly! My god!
I'm feeling much stronger, my body almost feels like it's mine again. I removed the bandages this morning and my lower back is still holding ALOT of swelling.. Im a bit concerned actually. Dr and PA are currently away but due back soon, so will be in touch about the swelling. It's probably nothing to worry about.

I keep waking up and checking if my booty is still there haha.. As if it's going to pack up and leave me! Oh the thought! Hah! I'm still tiring quite quickly. And when I walk for a while my legs start to swell.
My measurements are going in the right direction with an inch off my waist and hips the same.. They're yoyoing between a 42.5" and 43"
This morning I was 26" 43" - if I can get 1 more inch off my waist id be over the moon - bear in mind I'm 5"10 in height.

My bottom is SLIGHTLY asymmetrical, but whose natural body is symmetrical ey?
The left side has a hematoma which I'm massaging as often as possible but it is dissolving quite well :)

I've attached pics of me this morning and some befores also.

Same skirt.. Before and after

It's safe to say the squareness and hip dip are a thing of the past - I'm still very swollen though. Absolutely cannot wait for it to go all the way down and I can see my final result. Im standing straight in all my pics and not angling so things look bigger or better - it is what it looks like.. Ha.. I'm getting quite impatient and just want to be 6 months post op already. My lower back and waist and thighs still feel numb/tingly and not back to normal yet. Hopefully I lose a lot of swelling in my lower back so that my butt can look even more pronounced - although I'm happy with the natural looking shape and size it is now.

Measurements still the same 26" 43"

Where'd my pics go?

For above post with same skirt - 3weeks post

6 weeks Post.. Well, a few days away

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks but everything seems to be going in the right direction.
There are a few things concerning me and would love to hear from the ladies that had the op. Swelling on my upper, lower back, waist and thighs is still holding. My lower back especially swells during the day when I don't have my garment on. Is this normal. Pain is pretty much gone, apart from the lower back occasional soreness.
My waist is yoyoing between 25.5 and 26" and even 27" on a bad swelling day. Butt and hips not moved off the 43".
It looks natural and shaping up really nicely. I'm steering clear of any clothing that's stiff and tight like jeans and trousers, just because I'm paranoid and want nothing to affect my results as I'm still healing and don't feel like the 'taking' process is complete.
I haven't sat on it at all, not even slightly. Not on my sides or hips, nothing at all.. If someone even brushes past my butt, I wanna get WWE on them!!!!!!
My jeans are tighter (from trying on - because I'm curious lol) around my butt obviously but also around my thighs and calves. now, I don't know if this is swelling or I'm just putting on weight, whatever the case, it's frustrating me as my arms are also larger.. I'm pretty sure I'm putting on weight.
Furthermore, my body aches, even areas that were not treated in surgery.. I've used all excuses I could, like 'oh, it's the swelling' or 'maybe it's because you haven't been moving' or even 'maybe it's the monthlies' lol but no! I'm moving, I'm walking, things are getting back to normal but I'm still achy.. Is this normal??! I'm stretching and walking a lot and standing, so I don't see why I should still be feeling a general tenderness.

On the positives, I'm thrilled with my new booty. It's everything I wanted, my silhouette has improved tremendously and will continue to improve! I wish I got this done sooner.
Please note.. Lol my pics are taken on my laptop, and I took a pic of the pic on the screen this time, hence the bad quality, but the silhouette and general idea is there. Xx

6 weeks bod post BBL

6 weeks bod post BBL
HiyaaaaThis is the current dress I'm prancing around in.
Will not be wearing it out any time soon though as im jiggly and wobbly and round in all the wrong areas too lol. Video also attached because pictures sometimes just don't do it. This is a perfect diary!
I am also looking forward to working out again and getting this body looking tight as i've all in all put on about 4/5kg which is bizarre!!! Not understanding how.. Scales arent important of course, but when my coat is tight - that is important! LOOOOL!

2 month catch up..

I met with Hamza last week for my 2 month post BBL and he was thrilled with my results. He said they're perfect, and I genuinely couldn't be happier, the difference in my clothes is exactly what I wanted!!!! Although, in saying that, one side is slightly higher than the other but he reckons I'm still holding some swelling. I can see this is true as my lower back and knees are still numb-ishhhhh and don't quite feel like the rest of my body. I still have not sat down.. Lol crazy how I've adjusted my whole life for 2 months.. (9 weeks writing this) i have, however, laid on each side for 5 mins and MAN! IT WAS THE BEST 5 MINS. MY BACK REALLY NEEDED IT! Lololol. Im past the worry of whether it will stay or go, I just want to wait till 3 months and will start reacquainting my butt with the notion of sitting again, probably 10mins a time.

I am also going to do a light diet to shave of a little bit of weight that I gained in my early recovery days. Checked with my doc and his PA and they gave the green light. Nothing drastic, just maybe 3-5kg off. Would like to get down to 25" waist or possibly 24"?!!! 24" May look silly as I'm 5"10 lol. Currently still at 26"43"
Otherwise, all is well. Back to normal, energy level is completely back, don't feel tender anymore, stronger and it's about damn time!!!! :))))))

3 months!

As you can see.. The results are holding up. Just need to start exercising again and continue with my diet.

I've been dieting a little for the last couple of weeks now and making sure I'm S L O W L Y shedding. It's working. Shaking the kgs, even if it's a gram at a time.
Measuring W25.5" H43"

Want to get back down to the size I was before and get that body right! but keep the booty.. Is that too much to ask? GOSSSH!!! Lol ;P

6.5 months.

Hey ladies. I've had a few requests to update my review and here goes. My results have stuck! HURRAH! I've kept the same booty from about week 2/3. As I mentioned before (for those that actually read the review ;P) I had gained loads of weight and I've finally shed it. I have a few more kgs to go, nothing a few weeks can't fix! I don't feel pain or anything of the sort. Love my results and Hamza's work!! What I would say is that my lower back and tailbone are uncomfortable. I'm still not sitting for extended periods, but that's just because I don't think a person should sit for longer than an hour anyway! Currently measuring 25" 42.5" xxxx


Almost 7 months!!

More pics at almost 7 months and comparisons

Still measuring: 24.5" 43" xxxx
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